Can A Mercedes G-Wagon Actually Climb A 100% Grade?


Can Mercedes New 2019 G-Wagon Climb Up A Crazy Steep Hill?
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Mercedes has improved upon a legendary icon, the G-Class. The 2019 Mercedes G550 is an extraordinary machine, capable of incredible off-road feats, including climbing a 100% grade, which this video will discuss in detail. In order to climb a 100% grade, the right elements have to come together: the engine, the transmission, the 4WD system, the tires, and of course the overall package and weight distribution.
What is so special about climbing a 100% slope? What about the G-Class allows it to be capable of ascending such an incline? Can the G-Class actually do it? This video brakes it all down, from road testing to measure the vehicle's tires grip, to an analysis of the center of gravity. And to sum it all up, I provide 4 reasons why the G-Wagon is one my all time favorite vehicles.
Mercedes Press kit summarizes the off-roading prowess:
"The primary goal of development was to redefine the quality of the handling both on and off the road. This goal has been achieved: the new G-Class performs even better off-road, while on the road it is significantly more agile, dynamic and comfortable than its predecessor. The G thus remains a true G - thanks to its standard ladder-type frame, the three 100-percent differential locks and LOW RANGE off-road gear reduction.
The new suspension is a result of cooperation between Mercedes-Benz G GmbH and Mercedes-AMG GmbH. The result is an independent suspension with double-wishbone front axle in combination with a rigid rear axle. As part of their work, the engineers had the task of fighting for every millimetre, because off-road capability not least also means maximum ground clearance. The raising of the axles makes a decisive contribution in this respect, while requiring a strut tower brace in the engine compartment to achieve the ruggedness objectives.
The components of the double-wishbone front suspension are directly mounted to the ladder-type frame without a subframe. The lower wishbone's attachment points on the frame in Z-direction are positioned as high up as possible. This arrangement ensures good driveability beyond the asphalt. Specifically for the G-Class, the new front axle is designed in such a robust way that the off-road performance and off-road capabilities of its predecessor are maintained and partly even surpassed.
Equipped in this way and with a ground clearance of 270 mm to the front axle gear, the G-Class provides plenty of potential for maximum assertiveness and driving pleasure in off-road terrain.
The figures speak for themselves:
- Slope climbing ability of up to 100% on suitable surfaces
- Ground clearance between axles, plus 6 mm, now 24.1 cm
- Maximum fording depth now 70 cm when driving through water and mud, no less than an additional 10 cm
- Stable at tilt angles of 35°, plus 7°
- Angle of departure: 30°, angle of approach: 31°, plus 1°
- Break-over angle: 26°, plus 1°
Thanks to the independent suspension, it was possible to improve the rigidity of the body front end. A strut tower brace, known as a suspension bridge, now connects the front strut towers, which increases the torsional rigidity of the ladder-type frame.
At the rear, in contrast to the predecessor, the new rigid axle is controlled by four trailing arms on each side and a Panhard rod. This makes normal driving on the road even more comfortable. In off-road terrain, the rear spring jounce of 82 mm and rebound of 142 mm plus the ground clearance of 241 mm to the rear axle gear help to ensure a safe ride even in extreme situations."
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  • Starcloak Starside
    Starcloak Starside4 dager siden

    Unimpressed. I went up a 110% Grade in my 1982 Ford Bronco back while she was still completely stock in 2WH.

  • Dyggi Prahl
    Dyggi Prahl5 dager siden

    Drove the old school origional G-wagons back in the army. Soggy old lump with minimal power. Get the right gear and lock the rear diff, they would go up any hill thrown at them. 45° is in the book for the old 1980-1990' models. And these old things was manuals. Not E'merican auto turds with computers;)

  • Steph_ 777
    Steph_ 7778 dager siden

    Now, go try the G63 G-Wagon 6x6, his big brother

  • ben schumacher
    ben schumacher8 dager siden

    Yeah okay I could climb that in my civic

  • Aidan McCready
    Aidan McCready12 dager siden

    The normal force points upward and perpendicular to the surface, not down. Gravity is downward NOT the normal force. I thought you were an engineer.

  • J K
    J K14 dager siden

    every car can climb 100%. it's just 45 degrees.

  • Josh Hamelin
    Josh Hamelin18 dager siden

    In reference to the weight distribution at 6:33, what if it was in fact a 2WD, but the angle was such that the CofG was almost directly over the rear wheels, and there was negligible weight on the front (say 1 Kg to keep it from tipping)

  • dan mano
    dan mano20 dager siden talk 2 much !

  • Okak Okakiev
    Okak Okakiev20 dager siden

    This carr screams "owner is extremely wealthy".

  • mjoto
    mjoto23 dager siden

    A 45° wow. Thats legit not even something to make a video about. But whateve5

  • G55STEYR
    G55STEYR24 dager siden

    Actually you need less the fwd as the climb gets steeper. I wonder what is the maximum angle it could climb maybe 50 deg?

  • François Ouellette
    François Ouellette24 dager siden

    Do you also love the price? Good engineering also means making things practical and usable in real life situations. A $100k SUV is hardly practical, it's just show off! The army uses them in real life situations and don't care about scratching the paint.

  • Odessa Choppo
    Odessa Choppo29 dager siden

    Excellent video. Thank you.

  • Mobile Gamers Unite
    Mobile Gamers UniteMåned siden

    Not even a big deal. My Lexus rx400 has no problem doing the same thing....I'm sure many other trucks and suv can do the same thing....good tires and torque...done.

  • Chris Calvert
    Chris CalvertMåned siden

    Common sense says if you let go of the brakes, you will roll back.

  • 100willsame1
    100willsame1Måned siden

    The answer is yes, if the friction coefficient between the wheels, and the surface exceeds 1,0. That can happen for example between rubber wheels, and a grid metal ramp. Offroad? Never ever. No way.

  • GizmoMaltese
    GizmoMalteseMåned siden

    I've seen a Jeep practically go straight up. The G wagon makes no sense. The Jeep is a better offroad car. The Rover is a better luxury car. It's a car to show you're really rich.

  • Amund7
    Amund7Måned siden

    What would be super interesting is to see if it could drive up a 100% incline on asphalt. I am sure those ribbed steel thingys hook better than any real world surface. Also, this would merely be a tire test, but a very interesting one. I'd like to know if any off-road tire could do it, probably only soft-ish compound street tires can.

  • Ron Curtis
    Ron CurtisMåned siden

    I actually love your channel.. but I had to give you a thumbs down. What if your brakes are bad? You just tested acceleration vs deceleration.. mathematically it makes sense. But if a car doesn't even HAVE brakes, it could still accelerate up a hill (not necessarily a 45° hill)

  • Matthew Jeschke
    Matthew JeschkeMåned siden

    that looks like the ugliest box haha. Like a toddler designed it.

  • Napoleon Blownapart
    Napoleon BlownapartMåned siden

    Any capable 4x4 can climb that particular ramp. That ramp has those flaps and cuts for higher grip. G-Wagon did nothing impressive here.

  • jon h
    jon hMåned siden

    the jeep grand cherokee has the same demo video... it also has alot to do with the metal grading which has a grippy cheese grader like surface which obviously helps the traction

  • jon h
    jon hMåned siden

    so for starters a 100% slope would be straight up... literally vertical... in terms of math a 100% slope is a contradiction in terms because 100% would have no slope... it would be equivalent to a 90 degree straight up and down line. So half of 90 degrees is a 45 degree angle which being half would make it a 50% slope.

  • KingDoPerks
    KingDoPerksMåned siden

    Yeah I’m thinking of buying one for 150 Grand.

  • OmnomLP
    OmnomLPMåned siden

    Austrian engenering my friends

  • S85B50 Engine
    S85B50 EngineMåned siden

    Toyota did a similar demonstration with the GR Hilux where they took people on the passenger seat while one of their drivers drove over a very steep ramp to show what it can do

  • MO M
    MO M2 måneder siden

    Your talk is too bla...bla 😑

  • yamaha 1996
    yamaha 19962 måneder siden

    So basically this isnt a test of the gagon, its a test of the tires? There isnt a vehicle produced that doesnt have the power to climb a hill

  • Ali Hardi
    Ali Hardi2 måneder siden

    Is big that’s why

  • ANH Chanel
    ANH Chanel2 måneder siden

    اَللّٰهُمَّ صَلِّ وَسَلِّمْ وَبَارِكْ عَلٰى حَبِيْبِكَ سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ النَّبِيِّ اْلاُمِّيِّ وَاٰلِهٖ وَصَحْبِهِ أَجْمَعِيْنَ ☺️ 🤲🏻... ANH

  • The DocMack Car Channel
    The DocMack Car Channel2 måneder siden

    You are very knowledgeable.

  • Julian Felipe Granados Flórez
    Julian Felipe Granados Flórez2 måneder siden

    Even if all the first owners don't take it off road, people who'll buy it used will go off road.

  • Abcde
    Abcde2 måneder siden

    The answer is no. The steepest street in the world is Canton Avenue in Pittsburgh and it's 37% and many cars get stuck on it, their tires squeel and they need a running start. So, no way in hell can a car go up a 100% slope, which is 45 degrees. It's ridiculous that you should ask.

  • Bharath Bhushan Sirige
    Bharath Bhushan Sirige2 måneder siden

    You have to compare Jeep wrangler vs G wagon on all these test. Also please compare the locking differential 3 vs 2.

  • Vibhaas Singamaneni
    Vibhaas Singamaneni2 måneder siden

    2:53 How did you keep such a serious face while saying that? 😂😂😂

  • Bartosz Rzepniewski
    Bartosz Rzepniewski2 måneder siden

    g class aint SUV

  • SuzukiKid400
    SuzukiKid4002 måneder siden

    All the theory about maximum force that the tires were able to generate based on the coefficient of friction between the road and the tires was a waste of time. The actual hill climb was on a metal ramp which had protruding expanded metal fingers which produce amazing grip far in excess of his road braking test. I bet he could have climbed that metal hill in 2WD with the rear axle locked.

  • Daniel Burlachenko
    Daniel Burlachenko2 måneder siden

    My Honda minivan can drive up a 80 degree hill while it’s wet

  • Abubakar Yandiev,
    Abubakar Yandiev,2 måneder siden

    Is this a science class or math class ???

  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt2 måneder siden

    Can. because I was in the car. LOL. in a car show with the German MB Engineer. haha

  • Cleby Herris
    Cleby Herris2 måneder siden

    When you look at this you think “yeah it’s a box”

  • [23] ThunderSky
    [23] ThunderSky2 måneder siden

    So, just call it 45 degree xD

  • juju breeezy
    juju breeezy2 måneder siden

    My brain hurts🤯

  • tanghil007
    tanghil0072 måneder siden

    talk less

  • Andrea Tavenner
    Andrea Tavenner2 måneder siden


  • Spencer Cartwright
    Spencer Cartwright2 måneder siden

    ABS could also affect your braking speed so it could have over 1g of grip but ABS is preventing the full braking potential of the system.

  • Joe
    Joe2 måneder siden

    no one: literally no one: the genius science professor in the movie:

  • Vaughn Rhinehart
    Vaughn Rhinehart2 måneder siden

    I would argue that the braking test disadvantages the vehicle because ABS braking does allow for a bit of slippage. It brakes until it detects slippage and then releases. However, acceleration does not necessarily cause slippage, so it would make fuller use of the grip. Does that sound correct, or is there something I’m missing?

  • sdjavan
    sdjavan2 måneder siden

    "if you want to break things, get a Wrangler"...hahahaha

  • Robert Burr
    Robert Burr2 måneder siden

    Pretty sure the H1 are as aerodynamically awkward as this but will definitely out climb it. So you may have to take that climbing statement back.

  • Can Sevimli
    Can Sevimli2 måneder siden


  • Tyler Nation
    Tyler Nation2 måneder siden

    This guy reminds me of bill nye

  • Emotionengne
    Emotionengne2 måneder siden

    Between all that talk and trigonometry, geometry and all..I just wanted to see it climb. Change the thumbnail brah.

  • SammyB
    SammyB2 måneder siden

    if you have enough money to buy a g wagon you could have so much better capability with getting a tj or an xj or something like that and upgrading it to have better ground clearence, really good lockers, and the ability to go up like 150 grade

  • Unseenboys
    Unseenboys2 måneder siden


  • King Aryan
    King Aryan2 måneder siden

    Science lesson?

  • axel reynoso
    axel reynoso2 måneder siden

    Can it do 90°?

  • M7MD
    M7MD2 måneder siden

    Why is this vedio all about physics😑

  • Molly Daiser
    Molly Daiser2 måneder siden

    My dads Jeep Cherokee can do this

  • Alexander Drago
    Alexander Drago2 måneder siden

    Not a real g wagen. Basically a GL front suspension and steering

  • fade dza
    fade dza2 måneder siden

    i’ve taken one of these into a big yard lol it’s still comfy to drive

  • Magicbjørn
    Magicbjørn2 måneder siden

    12:55 "Yeah, the entire car rolls like 45 degree angle every time you make a turn"... Didn't you say it would tip over at 35 degrees a bit earlier in the video :P ?

  • Twana Mikail
    Twana Mikail2 måneder siden

    I thought this was forza horizon lol, did not know this was IRL

  • Andrea Ippolito
    Andrea Ippolito3 måneder siden

    Question: which other stock cars/SUVs can drive up a 100% grade? Curious... Thanks!

  • Robert van Ruyssevelt
    Robert van Ruyssevelt3 måneder siden

    This man should be an auctioneer.

  • Suki Yaki
    Suki Yaki3 måneder siden

    where part of climb?this video is fake!

  • Spencer
    Spencer3 måneder siden

    A friend of mine takes G wagons off road all the time! Of course those are painted full camo and owned by the government...

  • Yung Herb
    Yung Herb3 måneder siden

    14 minutes long and we didnt see him doing the action smh.

  • Borys Nijinski
    Borys Nijinski3 måneder siden

    MB GLK = baby G-Wagon

  • A Ahmad
    A Ahmad3 måneder siden

    I thought my computer was lagging at @5:56 lol

  • Jon Kirkwood
    Jon Kirkwood3 måneder siden

    Bugs love my Wrangler's nearly vertical windshield. None go up-and-over; it intercepts them all. Great visibility between the first and last hard freezes of winter. I do like the G-Wagon. I can see myself in one on the beaches of Hatteras Island during the blues' run.

  • Team Rocket
    Team Rocket3 måneder siden

    lol if you only knew how many take their G-wagon off roading, you'd be suprised.

  • the feels

    the feels

    3 måneder siden

    Lmao I asked one of my buddies who owns a 2020 AMG G wagon if he would ever take his car off roading and he just looked at me funny saying “nobody buys a g wagon for off roading unless you live in a middle of nowhere where there’s just a bunch of dirt and mud... people just get it for the looks of it” 😂

  • ꧁Belal ꧂
    ꧁Belal ꧂3 måneder siden

    people complain that who goes off-roading with it.... as if not half of Saudi Arabia do

  • MrMISH
    MrMISH3 måneder siden

    Not all cars have the same mass not. All cars have the same tyres not. All cars have the same anything. This test was only on controlled surfaces. And allot of cars are much better at driving on steep inclines and driving off camber

  • Eythor_XD B
    Eythor_XD B3 måneder siden

    And the man goes blah blah blah

  • William Edwards
    William Edwards3 måneder siden

    wheres his script hes been talking for so long like is he not out of breath?

  • Limitless Afghan
    Limitless Afghan3 måneder siden

    Reminds me of my physics teacher 😆

  • GreatNorthernTroll
    GreatNorthernTroll3 måneder siden

    Fan Boi, much?

  • Damon
    Damon3 måneder siden

    90% is vertical... so no. 50% is 45°

  • Kaaazzi


    3 måneder siden

    From Wikipedia: Using grade to specify slope; the numbers go from 0 for flat, to 100% at 45 degrees, to infinity as it approaches vertical.

  • shadow105720
    shadow1057203 måneder siden

    So my summarization of the video from all his talk about grip, it's just the tires. I'm sure power to weight and weight distribution along with suspension to keep it from flipping back, but tires.

  • Mbo Gaba
    Mbo Gaba3 måneder siden

    What in the name of MERCEDES is this guy on about...just climb the 45deg slope n stop talking.

  • Thato Dinga
    Thato Dinga3 måneder siden

    You talk too much we want the fun part not that Yada Yada Yada non stop

  • Valentin
    Valentin3 måneder siden

    Wanna see this with Tesla's Model X

  • JP du Toit
    JP du Toit3 måneder siden

    Using the metal bridge as a test standard would be cheating as the shaped holes claw into the tires and give it more grip than a normal road would. Most vehicles with poor tires would perform better than usual on that metal surface uphill.

  • Luke Warmwater
    Luke Warmwater3 måneder siden

    wait... you are impressed by a 45 degree angle?? my toyota will do that!!! in fact I am almost sure I have done a steeper angle than that so.....

  • Vlad Negrean
    Vlad Negrean3 måneder siden

    Mercedes may be able to climb it...but it cannot come downhill as spectacular as Nikola 😁

  • lightning guy
    lightning guy3 måneder siden

    All your G force math doesn't matter the metal 45° slop had fins that stuck out and gripped the tires... So do that obstacle in a Subaru Impreza

  • Martin
    Martin3 måneder siden

    Hmm. Interesting. Very interesting. So can a Tesla do this? What if you put grippier tires on it? 🤔

  • albert sparks
    albert sparks3 måneder siden

    I like the effort to please people like me who still measures slope in angles.

  • Tiktoks Arelame
    Tiktoks Arelame3 måneder siden

    Him: On a 45 degree angle a car will roll back if you let off the brake. Me: a car will roll back on a 5 degree slope if you let of the brake.

  • Arun Kumar

    Arun Kumar

    3 måneder siden


  • Tiktoks Arelame
    Tiktoks Arelame3 måneder siden

    Oh wow it can go up a 45 degree angle. Whoopi.

  • Bob Nob
    Bob Nob3 måneder siden


  • N English
    N English3 måneder siden

    Too expensive and too ugly to mean anything

  • Adam Green
    Adam Green3 måneder siden

    a good collection of race engineering - please repeat with a Tesla Model X (or Model S) … both brake (and accelerate!) above 1G … and the low battery creates an incomparably low CG.

  • ezmix
    ezmix3 måneder siden

    I want one now... thanks

  • A day in the life of a Yeti
    A day in the life of a Yeti3 måneder siden

    I'm pretty certain you should have done 30mpg in 30ft from standing start, not stopping distance. But as most of the fictional figures were exactly fiction, your results can only be irrelevant. Do a value of meterials and build costs against the price of vehicle.

  • A day in the life of a Yeti

    A day in the life of a Yeti

    3 måneder siden


  • Jim Diet
    Jim Diet3 måneder siden

    Would liquid ballast help vehicles climb steeper inclines? meaning the ability to transfer the liquid to the front when climbing to the back when descending and to the left or right when going sideways.

  • Okami Vezani
    Okami Vezani3 måneder siden

    I have random nightmares of cars rolling backwards when driving up a steep road. 😬😬😬 This video didn't help.

  • ASVP
    ASVP3 måneder siden

    The car I’m driving in my dream would not have enough grip for that 100% grade. I wake up when it starts to slide back.

  • Brett Schiewe
    Brett Schiewe3 måneder siden

    Is not this a 100 degree grade not 100% ?