Cadillac’s Giant 4-Cylinder Engine Has A New Dual Volute Turbo


How Dual Volute Turbos Work In Chevy's Massive Four-Cylinder Engine
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Chevy’s 2.7L I4 engine is one of the largest gasoline four cylinders sold today in a road car. It’s packed with clever technology, like a dual volute turbocharger, advanced three position camshaft, active thermal management, integrated exhaust manifold, and jumbo cylinders. The engine can be found in the Chevy Silverado producing 310 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque, and in the Cadillac CT4-V producing 325 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. Check out the video to learn all about the clever camshaft and turbocharger used!
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Thanks to BorgWarner for providing 3D animations of a dual-volute turbo!
Chevy Engine Animations From GM:
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  • david mcdermott
    david mcdermottDag siden

    My GMC 2.7 consistently gets 24 to 27 mpg on the interstate.

  • Bket007
    Bket0076 dager siden

    Best intro ever seee nice haha always good stuff

  • David S
    David S8 dager siden

    Will this engine work in a Truck?

  • Brandon Obaza
    Brandon Obaza15 dager siden

    Dual-volutin' and high-falutin'

  • Nicolas Holzschuh
    Nicolas Holzschuh16 dager siden

    I'm intrigued. I haven't been this interested in a caddi since the catera.

  • A B
    A B20 dager siden

    At the time I was going to purchase my Silverado, I was confused between 5.3 V8 and this 2.7 Turbo. I'm so glad I got the 5.3 V8 😉 Good luck if something happens to that turbo with 1 millimeter gap. A small chip from the engine can change it to 2 millimeter including thousands of dollars cost of repair/replacement 🤪

  • Lee Klingspon
    Lee Klingspon22 dager siden

    Just like first generation ecoboost, no duel port injection=sludged up intake valves

  • Slippy
    Slippy28 dager siden

    4G92 MIVEC MD

  • displayfireworks1
    displayfireworks129 dager siden

    Wow, I learned a lot for sure about this 4 cylinder engine. With that gas mileage I'm just not sure of the reason to choose it over the V-6 or V-8 . I see now GM moved this 4 cylinder as a build choice on the 2021 Silverado Work Truck model. Most fleet owner want the basic 6 cylinder is my guess.

    JOSEF BORGMåned siden

    This probably wins the award for the most unnecessary moving parts on an automobile engine yet created! I'll stick with my reed valve engine that gets 2 mpg less, sounds amazing @160,000 rpm, has only 2 moving parts and lasts forever. :-)

  • Collin F
    Collin FMåned siden

    If I was a GM powertrain design engineer, I would be sooooo wanting to develop an engine that's basically double this engine. 2.7x2=5.4, so GM could essentially develop a twin turbo dual valloot 5.3 Or 4.8 V8, now THAT would be an awesome engine.

  • Collin F
    Collin FMåned siden

    So it basically has double V-tec, that's cool.

  • Braulio R.
    Braulio R.Måned siden

    In conclusion, the math ain't mathing.

  • Topsul Tipsy
    Topsul TipsyMåned siden

    Is there a catch can on this?

  • Dirk Claes
    Dirk ClaesMåned siden

    What a load off bulls**t... A porsche 944 turbo from the 80’s has a 3L 4 cilinder engine with a better fuel economy then this crap.

    JZX TRDMåned siden

    So its just a twin scroll, ok.

  • Warped Perception
    Warped PerceptionMåned siden

    Is that engine for a TRUCK!?

  • David Thomas
    David ThomasMåned siden

    Correction. There was a 2.9 liter four cylinder in the first generation of the GMC Canyon/Chevy Colorado

  • robert martel
    robert martelMåned siden

    porsche had a 3,0 litre in the 968

  • Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies
    Friend of the One-Eyed LadiesMåned siden

    Time to "spool the turbo" on a 5.3L? Zero.

  • IKhan
    IKhanMåned siden

    Which is why I'm not convinced smaller and more advanced engines are necessarily better. Even IF they were to get better fuel economy by a good margin the amount the owner will be spending on out of warranty repairs and even maintenance will mitigate any sort of savings on fuel. Modern engines have direct injection but as a consequence they get carbon buildup which a port injected motor does not get so there's money that needs to be spent. Then there's the turbos which have seals that eventually fail along with things like the wastegate not closing. Also, modern engines seem to consume lots of oil between changes so now you have this expensive oil being consumed which means clogged PCVs and more carbon buildup to deal with. They also have high pressure injectors that fail easily compared to port injectors. I'll keep my port injected, non turbo, non direct injection car for as long as I can.

  • Almerinda Romeira
    Almerinda RomeiraMåned siden

    More cams instead of freevalve.... Shame on you Chevrolet!

  • Dig
    DigMåned siden

    Very interesting but why does the v8 get better highway mpg? Do electric (SynRM) motors have better torque and greater efficiency?👍 Thumbs up and subscribed!

  • Barbara Rios
    Barbara RiosMåned siden

    I still have an idea about eliminated the turbo by using the same piston to eliminate the log to have instant power

  • johnnybikesalot
    johnnybikesalotMåned siden

    This would be a very interesting engine in a mid size, body-on-frame SUV. Or in a Colorado ZR2. I bet it would be pretty fun to drive and would get a lot better fuel economy than it does in the silverado.

  • Rowen Akers
    Rowen AkersMåned siden

    New bmws now have the timing chains located near the transmission

  • Leonardo Cimarosa
    Leonardo CimarosaMåned siden

    there is the 3.0 engine of the fiat ducato

  • James Courier
    James CourierMåned siden

    GM gives you huge incentives to buy their trucks with this turbo 4. I wonder why.

  • Dan Flemmer
    Dan Flemmer2 måneder siden

    Had a Chev. Colorado with a 2.9 L 4 banger.

  • JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo
    JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo2 måneder siden

    Truck engines make great performance car engine platforms...... just ask the 2005-2006 era Ford GT and S197 GT500 Mustang...and maybe even the latest Ecoboost V6 powered Ford GT Supercar. "Blow and Go" engine repurposing. Genius !

  • john stewart
    john stewart2 måneder siden

    Porsche 968 was a 3.0 4cylinder but not in production any more.

  • Fit Fogey
    Fit Fogey2 måneder siden

    Great explanations on the volute and twin scroll turbos. I never knew any of that.

  • Modine
    Modine2 måneder siden

    All this showed me is GM has no clue what there doing!

  • \-StingRay-\
    \-StingRay-\2 måneder siden

    Russian UMZ 4216 engine, 4 cyl 2.89l, still produced)

  • Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose
    Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose2 måneder siden

    That's not a large 4 cylinder. There are bigger out there. 4-5 L engines.. ahh. You are taking about petrol engines. I don't waste my time with them

  • Dennis Clanton
    Dennis Clanton2 måneder siden

    Well a Cadillac is a truck for hauling older people lol

  • John Theurer
    John Theurer2 måneder siden

    I worked at a Chevy dealership in service. I noticed one thing in particular, Chevy 4 cylinders are SH!T. The V8’s are really their good motor anymore and even then, I’ve seen a lot that have issues that GM refuses to fix

  • Boss Sayur
    Boss Sayur2 måneder siden

    Yes for truck.. truck

  • gruberstein
    gruberstein2 måneder siden

    And in the end you have a electromechanical nightmare with many recalls and repairs in the future. No thanks!

  • Trump Won 2020 Election FACT
    Trump Won 2020 Election FACT2 måneder siden

    I wish GM would drop Cadillac already and focus on making Buick better instead of demanding Buick not outperform caddy cuz it’s the “luxury brand” Cadillac sales annually worldwide: 200k😬 Buick: 1.2million💦😫

  • when the hood drops
    when the hood drops2 måneder siden

    Chevys suck

  • when the hood drops
    when the hood drops2 måneder siden

    Ford did it first, 6.4 turbo.

  • Mahbus
    Mahbus3 måneder siden

    Why am I watching this. I dont even know anything about engine.

  • klesmer
    klesmer3 måneder siden

    This is nut's!

  • Ron Baldwin
    Ron Baldwin3 måneder siden

    I recall the Mitsubishi Starion also had a 2.6L turbocharged "truck" engine. Had a restrictive over the valvecover intake line that when replaced with something less restrictive, and with a little sensor manipulation could run up to 14 psi with premium gas. Still slow to spool up, never got real boost in 1st gear, but 2nd gear up, it was a beast! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  • Old & grumpy are you ready for your red pill
    Old & grumpy are you ready for your red pill3 måneder siden

    Still don’t care 🤷‍♂️ I’ll stick to my old suburban that can book it to 100 mph and still want more .

  • Ron Mac
    Ron Mac3 måneder siden

    Main reason to make this engine (IMHO)?: it is cheaper to build. 4 less pistons, rods, bearings, GDI injectors & ignition coils, smaller crank, 1 less cylinder head and simpler engine block.

  • Steve Redmond
    Steve Redmond3 måneder siden

    I want to see the tork and Hp sheets side by side. The turbo might be better. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel!

  • Steve Redmond
    Steve Redmond3 måneder siden

    Nothing like moving forward to go backwards! LOL

  • D.K. Gaming
    D.K. Gaming3 måneder siden

    Porsche had a 3.0L Inline-4 in their 944 and 968, Pontiac Tempest had a 3.2L Inline-4 a decade or two before it and the Fiat S76 had a whopping 28.4L Inline-4 long before they were even thought of.

  • S Shah
    S Shah3 måneder siden

    Did GM make this engine out of metal this time? Or can we expect it to blow up at around 70K?

  • Dj Johnny Storm
    Dj Johnny Storm3 måneder siden

    I'm a auto tech and yea i'm with u on that some of these engineers really are confusing

  • A J
    A J3 måneder siden

    bmw spools fast, 1300 rpm

  • John geezee
    John geezee3 måneder siden

    Need two of those turbos in a v8

  • Brian J
    Brian J3 måneder siden

    Try to change that timing chain in 100,000 miles.

  • Taylor family
    Taylor family3 måneder siden

    Engineers are in the business of producing migraines, anxiety, and blood pressure spikes in mechanics.

  • ZetaReticulli1
    ZetaReticulli13 måneder siden

    I feel smarter already

  • Justin MacPhee
    Justin MacPhee3 måneder siden

    You might find this interesting.. My boat has 3.8L 4 cylinders, it's essentially a 440 ford cut in half.

  • Jake love
    Jake love3 måneder siden

    Chevy 2.9 L inline 4

  • Don Desnoo
    Don Desnoo3 måneder siden

    We picked up a 2.4 d ohc 4 in a voyager 02 low miles it's quite fast and it gets 40mpg highway no problems 1 year 🤗

  • Aakashdeep Mundi
    Aakashdeep Mundi3 måneder siden

    This video is a fever dream while I'm also having a stroke. Thanks, would recommend

  • Marc Wolfe
    Marc Wolfe3 måneder siden

    I believe Mazda has a 3 liter 4 cylinder gas engine... maybe.

  • Jordy Noriega
    Jordy Noriega3 måneder siden

    CTSV’s have always had a truck engine in it so it only makes sense for them to want a ctsv to go fast.

  • EnlightenedSavage
    EnlightenedSavage3 måneder siden

    Porsche calls their EV turbo....

  • Mikhail Siderman
    Mikhail Siderman3 måneder siden

    Thank u!

  • Scot Coon
    Scot Coon3 måneder siden

    The hemi6 was designed for industrial and truck applications.

  • Toby W
    Toby W3 måneder siden

    Hi torque at low rpm is just the trick for luxury cars. High revving engines make buzzy noises that are not luxurious. Anything is better than a 90- degree six cylinder engine.

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson3 måneder siden

    In short, this engine will not be worth repairing once it's clapped out.

  • Etienne Malan
    Etienne Malan3 måneder siden

    Why can't we ditch the reciprocating engine and go onto a turbine engine?

  • Andrew Ward
    Andrew Ward3 måneder siden

    The variable cam profile is old technology, european cars have had this over a decade GM is way behind.

  • Daniel Nelson

    Daniel Nelson

    3 måneder siden

    I don't think anyone said it was brand new for this engine? It's just technology that is still relevant in certain applications... Don't know what you're on about. Turbocharging is old technology, European cars have had this for over a decade.. GM is way behind. See how ignorant that sounded? Yeah that was you basically.

  • JvJ JvJ
    JvJ JvJ3 måneder siden

    Seems like a bad thing, like the great deactivating cylinders in a Northstar. They should fix what they make first before pushing tech like audi does and depletes reliability.🤔

  • Freddie Flintstone
    Freddie Flintstone3 måneder siden

    Stick with a v8.

  • Freecycling
    Freecycling3 måneder siden

    It's nice, but I'm waiting for the "Big Galoot" turbo.

  • Adrian M
    Adrian M3 måneder siden

    UUUUGH if you can drive it on a normal license, IT IS NOT A 'TRUCK'

  • Lunakai_
    Lunakai_3 måneder siden

    MASSIVE 2.7 L 4 CYLINDER Laughs in Porsche 944 3.0

  • Jim Carney
    Jim Carney3 måneder siden

    Looks like a lot of extra rotating parts that wear and or can fail, not to mention the extra weight. Should this engine be named Northstar 2?

  • Soul Man
    Soul Man3 måneder siden

    Regardless of gas mileage, that ct4-v is a BAD ASS car.

  • Joe Gilbert
    Joe Gilbert3 måneder siden

    Lol. Shutting cylinders off probably makes the turbo less efficient

  • Meghan Griffith
    Meghan Griffith3 måneder siden

    Oh, I drive a 2000 4 cylinder Honda Accord still. It could probably use some more throttle or torque but that would probably be electrical work that never made it into a 4 cylinder.

  • nigelwoolfmobile
    nigelwoolfmobile3 måneder siden

    Interesting engineering but how much inefficiency is introduced by needing to include balance shafts? They must be responsible for some losses? Also given the resultant efficiency, which is worse than the V8 option, perhaps they should have gone with a smaller capacity engine with more boost pressure. Perhaps even two turbos (one large Volute turbo and one small conventional turbo). I guess what I'm saying is the result doesn't justify the engineering effort in this case. Perhaps the engineering decisions were driven by marketing and budget rather than performance and efficiency, who knows?

  • Chip Currey
    Chip Currey3 måneder siden

    Good luck convincing the public that a simple, pushrod v8 with far fewer parts and far less complexity achieves better mileage. Also: *Ford EcoBoost has left the chat*

    LEO ASHRAE3 måneder siden

    Some of us learned Newtonian physics and others of us continued on to be schooled in the physics of relativity. It seems that the engineers at GM learned their brand of physics from Seth Godin.

  • Cody Burns
    Cody Burns3 måneder siden

    Good demonstration though

  • Quan Davis
    Quan Davis3 måneder siden

    To make a muscle car you use a big block or truck engine

  • mbox314
    mbox3143 måneder siden

    I can't wait to watch hoovies garage 20 years from now when he covers this engine and all of its problems.

  • Ralph Lazio
    Ralph Lazio3 måneder siden

    Hm. Not impressed.... I’m doing 28-30+mpg on the HWY in my 2005 Lexus LS430 (V8 OFCOURSE) with 210k miles on the engine. And around town I average 19-20; with NO turbos.

  • dirty paws
    dirty paws3 måneder siden

    Marine engines. GM mercruiser 3.0 4cyl Go's back to the 80's

  • david tappe
    david tappe3 måneder siden

    Try a different strain, one not so creative. Try something that will let get by with only 1 marker and straight lines. Another very good video, videos good.

  • Chetan Jiva
    Chetan Jiva3 måneder siden

    Convolution induction engine

  • southpawl1
    southpawl13 måneder siden

    When chevy Colorado replaced the s10. It has a 2.7L 4 cylinder. They later upgraded it the 2.9L cylinder.

  • dustyt9
    dustyt93 måneder siden

    I bet it will hold a ton of power with a big turbo, considering its ment to handle so much power at low rpm its gotta be strong

  • Logan Wightman
    Logan Wightman3 måneder siden

    The biggest gas 4cyl I've ever seen is the mercruiser 3.7L inline 4. Although it was only used in marine applications to my knowledge.

  • Derick Turner
    Derick Turner3 måneder siden

    Soooooo where does the wastegate fit into all of this? Or am I blind

  • key thing
    key thing3 måneder siden

    if the exhaust valves are closed on the low end, wouldnt that hurt the piston, rings.or head gasket....from pressure build up?

  • Edward Spaccarelli
    Edward Spaccarelli3 måneder siden

    Techs in the service departments are gonna LOVE it!

  • Edward Spaccarelli
    Edward Spaccarelli3 måneder siden

    Caditruck or Truckillac?

  • EF-rything
    EF-rything3 måneder siden

    Simply put it has the exhaust manifold built into the turbo housing!!!

  • Oilhaze
    Oilhaze3 måneder siden

    At 3:10 he says “CTS4-V” and as a CTS-V owner/4 cylinder hater I am *triggered*.

  • falsehero2001
    falsehero20013 måneder siden

    Truck truck

  • Drew Davis
    Drew Davis3 måneder siden

    mercury put a 4L 4cyl in lots of boats. i blew one up shattered the output shaft end of the block, broke the cam in half. blew the starter right off the block .. epic fail