Are Teslas Really That Efficient?


What Is The Battery-To-Wheel Efficiency Of A Tesla Model 3?
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How efficient are Teslas? Now I’m not talking about MPG ratings here, anyone can look up efficiency ratings. The 2018 Model 3 Performance is rated at 116 mpg combined equivalent; what I’m curious about, is how much energy that starts in the battery, actually makes it to the wheels to push the car forward? What percentage of the battery power goes towards useful work? This turned out to be quite challenging, but the results are fascinating; enjoy the watch!
Calculating Variables
For aerodynamic drag, air density was determined using an air density calculator plugging in ambient conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity) for when and where the testing occurred. This results in an air density of 0.00245183 slug/ft^3 (whatever a slug is). The drag coefficient was determined using the frontal area of the Tesla Model S and relating to the size and shape of the Tesla Model 3, estimated at 23.69 square feet (2.2 m^2). Actual velocity was determined using GPS, not the onboard displayed speed; a correction factor (approximately 0.97 derived from 72.7 mph = displayed 75 mph) is applied to aerodynamic drag to ensure displayed speed matches actual tested speed. Tesla provides drag coefficient at 0.23. The total weight of the vehicle includes my weight, for a total of 4,225 lbs. A coefficient of rolling resistance of 0.01 is used. The very best “green tires” of recent history are around 0.006 to 0.007. claims a Crr of 0.0096 for the PS4S tire, so we’re assuming 0.01. According to Continental via, “there is no longer any difference between summer and winter tyres in terms of rolling resistance” hence I’ve used 0.01 for all Crr calculations.
Tesla Well-To-Wheel Efficiency
Car And Driver - Model S
Car And Driver - Aero Covers
Continental Winter Tire Rolling Resistance
Michelin PS4S Rolling Resistance

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained9 måneder siden

    *Important Note!* As many have pointed out (thank you!!) the video should state 266% *as* efficient, not 266% *more* efficient (will make sense when you get to that point). Also, a lot of comments about energy efficiency *before* the energy gets to the electric car - again, full video breaking this down here: And if you're perpetuating the myth that EVs run on coal and are worse for the environment, consider watching this:

  • N C

    N C

    9 måneder siden

    Pls stop talking about efficient... SInce it depressing when an Engineer continually miss uses that term... 😢

  • Aaron Heaney

    Aaron Heaney

    9 måneder siden

    Vlad Lu are you talking about 1 tank of gas or half a million miles worth of gas?

  • MrPizzaman09


    9 måneder siden

    Even better if you do it in both directions to account for grade of your road unless you have accurate surveyor data or live in a place with a very flat road. Going both directions will also help with the ambient wind speed to if there is any.

  • MrPizzaman09


    9 måneder siden

    I worked on calculating the rolling resistance and drag coefficient of a car (more specifically a supermileage car) by knowing the initial and ending speed at particular points on a road with known elevations. Since the quadratic air drag changes the speed of the car while coasting differently than the linear rolling resistance, you can change the values in your total drag equation for rolling resistance and drag coefficient until your car completes the course at the right speed and amount of time. I just did a F=ma calculation every 0.1s in excel over a period of about one minute while the car coasted down the road. I think you could do the same thing with a car, particularly a manual car if you put it in neutral or the Tesla with the coasting settings in the no-brake condition.

  • Richard C

    Richard C

    9 måneder siden

    Efficiency isn't what it cost's per mile. My old electric water heater was 100% efficient. Every watt of electric that went into the heating element went towards heating the water. My natural gas water heater (forced induction/high efficiency) claims 66% efficiency. So obviously the electric water heater is more efficient. However, because the price of natural gas is low, it is much cheaper to heat my water with "inefficient" natural gas than to heat it with expensive electricity. So a Tesla may be much more efficient than a similar ICE car, what is the real total cost of ownership? Considering the unsubsidized cost of an electric car, vs. a ICE car, it still may be cheaper to actually use a less efficient car.

  • Benoit Avril
    Benoit Avril12 dager siden

    what's the energy cost of recycling a battery?

  • Cypress Van Horn
    Cypress Van Horn23 dager siden

    Curious where you driving along the river. It looks familiar to me. Are you in Michigan?

  • Cypress Van Horn
    Cypress Van Horn23 dager siden

    What gas car gets 40mpg at 70mph?

  • Raam V
    Raam V3 måneder siden

    Just awesome

  • robert mccully
    robert mccully4 måneder siden

    The amount of Efficiency loss by driving a Tesla is never mentioned. One thing to consider.. Nothing large in your home was delivered by a Tesla, So you have to factor in any and all things that you have to pay others to deliver. This is purely a blind eye efficient test of fuel while driving only. The biggest con is electric vehicles are cheap. All they are are people movers that do no work.

  • Tim Lewis
    Tim Lewis5 måneder siden

    With your "105% efficiency" figure also consider you could have had a tailwind.

  • silversleeper484
    silversleeper4846 måneder siden

    Dude I love your videos on youtube... Can you please a video on why Tesla or other Electric Car Companies do not have Solar Panels on the roofs to charge the batteries or to use that power to use on accessories such as air conditioning/heating systems, infotainment systems? Also, can you do a video on why Electric Car companies can not use the cars motion to charge the batteries? For example like the alternator in a combustion engine charges and keeps the battery charged. Since Electric cars have regenerating power when they use the brakes, so why can't they connect a power charging systems based on the rotation of the wheels? Effectively making it able to run indefinitely.

  • Myk H
    Myk H6 måneder siden

    I can tell by the comments that there are a bunch of geeks that watch these videos because all attempts at humor are actually not funny. 🤣

  • Myk H
    Myk H6 måneder siden

    I'll stick with my Kia Niro.

  • TheManLab7
    TheManLab76 måneder siden

    I know this video is old, but wouldn't it'd be a lot easier doing all of your measurements and calculations in metric, instead of doing lots of fractions? 🤔

    MotorsPlus.com7 måneder siden

    I believe the published drag coefficient is based on the nominal frontal area of width and height.

    MotorsPlus.com7 måneder siden

    You can get a lot better aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance numbers by doing some speed/time coasting tests. The deceleration is higher at high speed and gets lower as you decrease the speed. The linear/constant part is the rolling resistance and the V squared part is the aerodynamic drag.

  • 12A23Vishnu S
    12A23Vishnu S7 måneder siden

    Then there’s me who knows F=ma

  • Michael J. Caboose
    Michael J. Caboose7 måneder siden

    Holy smokes! You're driving past my hometown of Green River, Wyoming at 1:50! I would know that landscape anywhere! ^_^

  • Michal Novák
    Michal Novák7 måneder siden

    Very good video, but please do in metrics :)

  • Rushin' Truckin'
    Rushin' Truckin'8 måneder siden

    What did I learn from this? I’m not nearly smart enough to be an engineer 🤣 I find it fascinating though

  • JacquesOfHearts
    JacquesOfHearts8 måneder siden

    Could you mod an electric car with some Protean Electric in-wheel motors?

  • n
    n8 måneder siden

    Just curious, why don’t eletric cars run on 2 batteries instead of one? You could keep the main battery healthy and cool while using a second specialized battery as a on-demand energy source. I ask this because i think that batteries are reaching their max energy storage capacity and we will have to be creative with its usage in order to get more.

  • Daniel James
    Daniel James8 måneder siden

    I don't understand anything but that guy ROCK 🤟

  • z1power
    z1power8 måneder siden

    uhh how do you call yourself an engineer and use miles and watts together?

  • EclecticBread NCircus
    EclecticBread NCircus8 måneder siden masochistic math fetish fulfilled.

  • woodcoast50
    woodcoast509 måneder siden

    The video covers the energy used during steady speed motion , however there is also the energy used in accelerating the car from zero to that speed.

  • Copper Key Racing
    Copper Key Racing9 måneder siden

    Complete BS. I just saw an efficiency test (by Carwow on YT) comparing a reasonably priced electric car vs a Tesla, and the car was twice as efficient. TWICE AS EFFICIENT! The Tesla used 6miles of range to go 3miles, and the other car used 3miles of range to go 3miles, going exactly the same speed and distance.... Myth proven, Zoe is better. It's all about efficiency, and the Zoe is twice as good for nearly a tenth the price. How is that you ask? Simple... How is having 500hp efficient? Do you need 500hp? NO. Absolutely not! You could be using half the size motors and half the size batteries. MUCH WASTED ENERGY AND EFFICIENCY RIGHT THERE! How about All Wheel Drive? Do you need All Wheel Drive to be efficient? NO! You could be using much less energy right there. How about having to convert Gasoline to Electricity at some power plant (which is done in some US states). Is that efficient? NO! Then, having to connect it to the power grid, with a power converter. Then, having to use more power converters where you connect your car to the grid. You can see and feel all the wasted energy by touching the power converters, which lose power to the heat loss, not to mention the cost and energy to design and build those power converters and deliver and install them where they need to be. Then, the batteries have cost and energy to design, build, install, and use them. Finally, heat loss of the extra large motors, and extra weight of the excessively large batteries, motors, and drivetrain.... and don't forget the extra large and heavy chassis to be able to house all those things. WOW! That's a whole lot of inefficiencies. You could have just thrown all that junk out the window, throw in a lawn mower motor with 90hp, and put in a small gas tank, and away you go. Let talk real people. Go buy your self a chassis, used or new, and then put in a gas engine into one, and put in an electric motor into the other. Piece by piece, as you build it, you will realize how inefficient that electric powered chassis really is. Electric cars may one day get there... but not today The day will be when they develop solar panels that you can plaster all over the outside of a car, and then... no need for an external power source. Done. Electric cars will be the most efficient... oh yeah, they already exist, they are called solar powered cars... and I was on a design team in college working on those, which we had races, etc etc etc. They have existed for decades, over half a century, 65years in fact (google sunmobile). That will replace the gas engine, and then we finally move forward... forward in what? I don't know. Forward in being tree huggers I guess. I am not one of them. Those are civil engineers. I am an electrical engineer. What I do care about tree huggers.

  • Travis Hanna
    Travis Hanna9 måneder siden

    If you haven't already, can you talk about the impact to your electric bill when charging your Tesla? Is the increase cheaper than having to refuel a gasoline engine vehicle of the same class?

  • Infinion
    Infinion9 måneder siden

    In the input data you collected, is the Tesla power consumption readout measuring just the (area under the curve) current and pack voltage going into the inverter that drives the motor? How are you sure that the input energy readout reflects true battery-to-wheels efficiency? Is it accurate to call this "system efficiency", as you call it, by assuming all other power drains are negligible? What is your measurement error and uncertainty?

  • N C
    N C9 måneder siden

    Pls stop talking about efficient... SInce it depressing when an Engineer continually miss uses that term... 😢

  • M M
    M M9 måneder siden

    Tesla’s are not efficient because of their cost. The energy required to pile up the money needed to buy a Tesla is much higher than the energy required to save the money to buy a similar car with internal combustion engine, not to mention the residual value after 5 years, that for an electric car will always drop dramatically.

  • csipi89
    csipi899 måneder siden

    your winter tyres need to be changed :) lighthly worn :)

  • Randall Beikmann
    Randall Beikmann9 måneder siden

    Saying that an electric battery powered car is 266% efficient as a gasoline powered car is, by itself, meaningless. While both batteries and gasoline contain energy, electrical energy is work, while gasoline produces heat, part of which is converted to work. In the same way, heat from fuel is converted to work at a power plant (let's say at 37.5% efficiency), driving an electrical generator, which charges the battery. So based on the actual energy source (fuel), the electric vehicle is 2.66 x 37.5% = 100% as efficient as a gasoline powered car. They are the same, which isn't too surprising. Electricity is not magic. Electric powertrain efficiency should be compared to transmissions (about 90% or so), not engines. While this aspect is alluded to in the video, it is really a bigger deal than it's made out to be. Fuel energy and electrical energy should never be compared. By the way, the government uses the same equivalence in the MPGe ratings, which is why electric vehicles look artificially higher than gasoline-powered. This is based on politics, not physics.

  • dainjahrus
    dainjahrus9 måneder siden

    Hi there, could you please talk about the efficiencies of the Electric motorcycles as well. I keep looking at the EV motorcycles on the market and they seem to be really lagging behind at at the same level of range. shouldn't they be more efficient? what kind of physics are at play that are breaking my dreams? lol eg, Engergica EssaEssa9, Harley Livewire, Zero SR/F

  • Danidasanic
    Danidasanic9 måneder siden

    Why the golf 7 GTE has a lower combined hp than the max that they can achieve individually ?

  • KeepRolling1000
    KeepRolling10009 måneder siden

    My favorite part of the video - 9:31 "There". Haha.

  • BLH130
    BLH1309 måneder siden

    dude, you need to get plaid.

  • krijo210
    krijo2109 måneder siden

    I know where those 30% overhead goes. They are consumed by the Intel CPUs. ;) Tesla should switch to Arm and save some watts.

  • Abed Nkrumah
    Abed Nkrumah9 måneder siden

    When is coming to VW TSI Turbocharged Stratified Injection what is meaning of stratified injection?

  • Joe Clarke
    Joe Clarke9 måneder siden

    As everyone's favorite Jet Tech AgentJayZ says, Efficiency can be measured using all sorts of differing factors. Paraphrased. For instance, if you measure Tesla Efficiency using the ratio HasslesOfRecharging/LongRoadTrip I think Jason has proof how problematic thousand mile cruises in a Tesla can be. Or measuring how efficient is a Tesla towing a small trailer on a similar long trip? Compared to gassing up a car and easily towing cargo for 100's of undisturbed (not regassing) miles. Here's another efficiency formula - TimeWaitingForPartsAndRepair/MotoringMishap. Or, CostOfRepair/TeslaFenderBender. From Wikipedia "Efficiency is the (often measurable) ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. In a more general sense, it is the ability to do things well, successfully, and without waste."

  • Deer Creeker
    Deer Creeker9 måneder siden

    You were born to teach automotive engineering 101 to the masses. Bravo!

  • CSX7888
    CSX78889 måneder siden

    People don’t think about having to generate electricity for the Tesla and industrial fule is literally garbage

  • RWoody1995
    RWoody19959 måneder siden

    I would've liked charging efficiency to be accounted for (probably using the onboard charger as that's probably the most efficient and most commonly used at least for garage owners) as it is different for different cars, e.g the renault zoe being the worst offender where charging efficiency can be as low as 50% when its onboard charger is maxed out halving that overall efficiency to only 35. A decent EV should have at least 80% but the higher end ones should be capable of about 90% so still, 63% efficient from socket to road I just think its good to include it so we can remember to shame companies like renault just burning energy away for the sake of a cheaper onboard charger topology. I think socket to road is a reasonable method because everything from the socket to the road are things that the engineering of the car itself is in control of. (before anyone says "well if you want to keep travelling up the chain why not count energy grid transmission losses or the power plant efficiency" those things are outside the cars control, it's onboard charger is not.

  • Shubham Pawar
    Shubham Pawar9 måneder siden

    First of all Jason what in the world is Slug/ft² ? I can bare with miles and gallons but this sh*t is unbearable. Might as well used banana/hand² and the result would be same. 😂 BTW the video was great as usual.

  • Miłosz Jurecki
    Miłosz Jurecki9 måneder siden

    Why electric cars don't have CVTs transmision?

  • Reece Lawson
    Reece Lawson9 måneder siden

    Hi Jason, completely unrelated to the video but could you please explain why superchargers whine. Thank you.

  • Nik nik
    Nik nik9 måneder siden

    Legit want to know how old this bloke is? 57? 35? 41? All I know is he soaks in blood to retain his youth 😂

  • varun patwal
    varun patwal9 måneder siden

    I want to know what Jason's education was?

  • Ashley Lemmer
    Ashley Lemmer9 måneder siden

    Brilliant, thanks.

  • Turra Firma
    Turra Firma9 måneder siden

    I drank the Tesla cool aid but this is going too far 😩

  • LordOfGuitar666
    LordOfGuitar6669 måneder siden

    can you check the voltage drop from the battery to the motors

  • MtnXfreeride
    MtnXfreeride9 måneder siden

    I did the math, a tesla costs more to drive in Maine than a 40mpg car. With gas prices today even more so.. Once you factor in 20% loss from charging inefficiency, and factor in loss from winters in New England because the car is less efficient, and the high price of electricity, a Tesla is a bad deal. I still want one, but it would be for fun factor, not saving money on gas.

  • Krishna Chaithanya

    Krishna Chaithanya

    9 måneder siden

    maybe, you will save on maintenance n stuff too

  • William McKenzie III
    William McKenzie III9 måneder siden

    Why use BG/US Standard instead of Metric? I'm an EIT in Oregon so I get British Gravitational but why use it, especially with mixed units like Watts.

  • DBH Bindesbøl
    DBH Bindesbøl9 måneder siden

    Stop yourself.......

  • Reinier van Ramshorst
    Reinier van Ramshorst9 måneder siden

    Explain how a ventilator works and why it's so hard to make a lot of them quickly!

  • Evan Boubouka
    Evan Boubouka9 måneder siden

    5:43 Damn man, that is some epic camber wear! Those tyres would be basically illegal in Australia!

  • Chris Rock
    Chris Rock9 måneder siden

    how do u get out of your car door when its so close against the wall in your garage

  • markotrieste
    markotrieste9 måneder siden

    Is there a way to have a "neutral" on Tesla? If yes, (assuming motors don't create induced currents) then the best way to evaluate rolling and aerodynamic resistance is to let the car roll from a given speed to full stop, then fitting the proper parameters to get the speed vs time curve as measured. Also, putting the car on a test stand may help.

  • Semir Sisic
    Semir Sisic9 måneder siden

    Great Review 😁 Does passing gas effect the efficiency of the Tesla? Sorry just kidding...😕 Although passing Gas Stations is right in Tesla's wheel house 😁 Keep up the great work with excellent Efficiency... Long distance runners as all Atheletes put a lot of Attention to Efficiency...

  • bo diddley
    bo diddley9 måneder siden

    yes, about 105% compared to what you would think, lol

  • coffeehawk
    coffeehawk9 måneder siden

    I liked Mazda's press release a couple of months ago where they admitted they had to use a low range battery in the new 3 SUV so it could be as efficient as their model 3 diesel. If one's goal is bettering the environment one would buy a 1.8 or 2.0 liter diesel, used if possible rather than buy a Tesla double the range, more tech and luxury, vehicle. We all know Tesla and Musk have never given any number of their mine to grave efficiency compared to gasoline, let alone diesel.

  • Michael Andrianavalona
    Michael Andrianavalona9 måneder siden

    How do you protect your car during winter & did you put some rustproofing or something because I'm scared that My Model 3 rust

  • SwordQuake
    SwordQuake9 måneder siden

    What abomination of a freedom unit is slugs per cubic foot?

  • sTTu
    sTTu9 måneder siden

    I really enjoy your videos and think your attention to detail is admirable, it's clear you love what you do! It's just a real shame you don't use consistent SI units like the rest of the civilised world, most of your numbers are meaningless to viewers outside of the US! Great work though regardless 😎

  • Yosyp
    Yosyp9 måneder siden

    "...the Model 3 frontal area is about 23.69 ft². Nice." Nice.

  • hogfeederyahoo
    hogfeederyahoo9 måneder siden

    I have a question on the durability of the ICE cars that auto stop and start when stopped. What do they change to prevent start up wear? With no oil pressure, the initial start wears bearing and rings. What is changed to prevent this with the Auto start option?

  • Sketchy Man
    Sketchy Man9 måneder siden

    Can you explain the purpose of the planetary gears inside a torque vectoring differential, and how they work?

  • NinjaOnANinja
    NinjaOnANinja9 måneder siden

    Seriously, get off the narcotics dude.

  • quilmore
    quilmore9 måneder siden

    energy units are Watts, watts per hour is not an unit of energy, it's a charging rate, they're not interchangeable

  • Randall Beikmann

    Randall Beikmann

    9 måneder siden

    A watt is a unit of power, not energy. A joule (J) is a unit of energy though, and one watt equals one joule per second. When you charge at the rate of one watt you are putting one joule in per second (one watt of electrical power). Energy is power x time, such as a watt-second (a joule) or a kilowatt- hour.

  • Paul Damian
    Paul Damian9 måneder siden

    Hey, good stuff as always. Any thoughts on small, cheaper used electrics? I have been thinking about a Smart Fortwo electric.

  • IntenseGrid
    IntenseGrid9 måneder siden

    By your graph, it looks like rolling resistance goes down as you go faster. Why is that? I really love how engineering minds all over the world are now used to improve efficiency. I also love how the Tesla has also has performance numbers that are impressive for a sports car, and in the same care are nearly the most efficient. The showstopper for me is that the darn thing is centrally controlled and monitored. If I spend that kind of money on a car I want control of it, just like my computer, which is why I don't run windows.

  • E30Tomas
    E30Tomas9 måneder siden

    I think we should consider adding efficiency of power grid to this calculations. Because this is 70-71% efficiency of energy that is already in battery. But this energy gets lost on the way. Transforming it to high voltage in power plant, losing some on transmission lines, then again most of the time converting it back to low voltage before household and again to high voltage on a charger. And battery gets heated up while charging so there are loses too. To be clear, I'm not saying that ICE doesn't have this kind of loses too. Oil have to be converted, transported and stuff. But I always thought that it would be fair, and/or interesting, to calculate all of this into equation. And of course it doesn't apply to scenario when we charge car with energy generated on site for example from solar.

  • E30Tomas


    9 måneder siden

    @odisy64 i heard that 50% is lost in the way. That from 2kWh made on power plant we are able to use only 1kWh. But yeah, factors will make a huge difference. Distance from power plant, voltage of a grid and so on. We are using 230V and 380V in Europe, in NA 120V and 240V between them, as far as I remember? So this has to be considered too. To be fair I would take average values.

  • odisy64


    9 måneder siden

    i dont have the numbers right not to back it up but i believe from power plant to your wheels can average a loss of around 15%-30% depending on some factors.

  • Kenta Nakamura
    Kenta Nakamura9 måneder siden

    the entire idea of passenger cars are not efficient.

  • WaddaFundraiser
    WaddaFundraiser9 måneder siden

    10:32 - Jason parks his car like this just so he can summon it. :)

  • Mag Robles
    Mag Robles9 måneder siden

    Thank you for this video. Would love to see if you have the time to make the same video about efficiency in regards to 2020 Honda CRV Hybrid vs 2020 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid =)

  • harbin9er
    harbin9er9 måneder siden

    can you please join the rest of the modern world and use metric system?

  • Tacticool
    Tacticool9 måneder siden

    What is your day job at the office?

  • ron baer
    ron baer9 måneder siden

    should do the data with one during a northeast winter in the snow belt to see how much is lost just by sitting

  • LAD
    LAD9 måneder siden

    What happens when you want to go somewhere that dosen't have a place for you to recharge? In all of my traveling I have never seen a place where I could recharge one of these. Also I want an SUV... Jeep Wrangler that would have enough capacity to do the Rubicon Trail.

  • odisy64


    9 måneder siden

    you can charge these cars anywhere their is a 120v socket but super charges do exist and highlighted and pre planed routs are set if you need the charge. and if your really desperate you can take a gas generator with a 240v output if you think you will run out far away from a plug. im not sure how much power will be consumed on a trail but their are youtube videos of some koreans that did a electric conversion on a jeep wrangler and compared it to a diesel wrangler on a trail, i think the electric did it easier.

  • Ron Vosick
    Ron Vosick9 måneder siden

    The power company is 62% efficient and your EV is 71% efficient.

  • jdoll atari
    jdoll atari9 måneder siden

    stop giving me reasons to give in to the wifes demands for a tesla!

  • Sahidable1996
    Sahidable19969 måneder siden

    @4:57 “Twenty-three-point-six-nine” Jason:....... nice Jason Fenske: 90% brain man 10% comedian

  • Clayton Root
    Clayton Root9 måneder siden

    That's all great efficiency but UNLESS/UNTIL Tesla offers a heated steering wheel and cooled seats in the Model Y, I'll choose an alternative, say like a Kia Niro which has heated seats front and back along with cooled front seats, heated steering wheel, and a "Driver Only Mode" for their HVAC system which only sends heat/cooling to the driver rather than trying to adjust the interior of the entire cabin. I already own a Kia Niro Hybrid with these features and MOST of the time, we don't even bother with the HVAC system as these alternatives are much more efficient, particularly on short drives, AND much faster to get you to a comfort point than trying to raise/lower the air temperature around you enough to bring comfort to your body. For something that is SUPPOSED to be a "Luxury" car, these omissions by Tesla are inexcusable. YES, I live in Canada where it gets cold in winter and surprisingly hot in summer.

  • odisy64


    9 måneder siden

    wow you are seriously complaining about heated steering wheel and cooled seats? they are trying to maker their car somewhat affordable and all these luxury features just push the price higher. you seem to think Teslas cost a lot because they are luxury electric cars, no they cost a lot because they are performance electric cars. all the money they would have put into heated steering wheels and cooled seats goes into installing a bigger battery, more efficient motors, better safety devices and better hardware. their is a reason you dont find other electric cars the same price as tesla having better specs. personally i always drive with my windows down even during a blizzard because the cold does not bother me all that much.

  • Bill Mosby
    Bill Mosby9 måneder siden

    Have you considered doing a coast-down test as a check on these results?

  • Itsalgud1
    Itsalgud19 måneder siden

    Impressive work!

  • Sig Happens
    Sig Happens9 måneder siden

    A fair comparison would include the charging losses from grid to battery, and battery temperature management and any other idle consumption. You also generously defined a 40 MPG ICE car, when a more appropriate comparison might be a BMW M3, which has similar horsepower at 17-25 MPG, though it would consume the soul of a Tesla Model 3 Performance on a track ;^)

  • Sig Happens

    Sig Happens

    9 måneder siden

    Losses due to Tesla charger efficiency and Tesla temperature management of the batteries ( inside said Tesla ) should be included in a calculation of efficiency. A hypothetical 40 MPG reference ICE car would not have 500 HP, as noted. Why spot such a car 40 MPG if it doesn't even offer similar performance? The BMW M3 is a competitive car in every way, except efficiency, … and the fact that it apparently doesn't appeal to boy racers who "spend more time launching in the streets" ;^)

  • odisy64


    9 måneder siden

    how would grid to battery be fair? the grid has variables outside of the models 3's control. this would be like including the gas it took to bring fuel to your tank as part of its MPG. and why would a more appropriate comparison be with a M3? he is comparing energy efficiency's, this has nothing to do with tracks. id take a model 3 over the BMW anyways since i will definitely spend more time launching in the streets and highways than racing on a track.

  • Rudi Walter
    Rudi Walter9 måneder siden

    Is this rellay battery to wheel efficiency? Or rather something like battery to motion efficiency? Battery to wheel would only cover drivetrain losses. Like gearbox, bearings, motor etc., or am I wrong?

  • zazugee


    9 måneder siden

    yes, its total efficency and not only to drive train, if they could isolate or substract the vehicle system energy needs that might be possible to calculate

  • Worth Henley
    Worth Henley9 måneder siden

    Do you have any data on the parasitic/vampire losses that occur while the car simply sits in the garage?

  • TravelTheWorld4Ever
    TravelTheWorld4Ever9 måneder siden

    The calculation is basic (no consideration of drag by fast spinning tires, acceleration,...) but therefore correct. However the comparison to the gas car lacks, as energy quality (see Ohta Ranking/Exergy) is not considered. Energy (and subsequently efficiency) can only be compared directly, if it exists at the same time, at the same place and in the same form (electricity, electrochemical, chemical, heat). The first two would be fine for your case, as you can have gas everywhere at any time. However the last point is not given. Electrochemical energy in the battery has a higher value/quality as the chemical energy of gas . Electricity can simply be transferred to other forms of energy, while with chemical energy is only easy to downgrade to heat at a high efficiency. A direct comparison of the numbers does not reflect the reality, as an electric vehicle uses a higher valued form of energy. This is of course only relevant , when comparing it to a gas car. Nevertheless if you consider correction factors the electric car is still more efficient as a combustion car, as the electric motors can have a way better consumption map as fuel engines. Regards from Germany!

  • troubleless one
    troubleless one9 måneder siden

    Nice review.. sub'd

  • Hory Putor
    Hory Putor9 måneder siden

    Were you using summer tires in your tests? If so, then you made a wrong statement. All season tires have higher rolling resistances compared to summer tires.

  • Ray Drouillard
    Ray Drouillard9 måneder siden

    Way back when I was dialing in the fuel injection that I added to my 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (Holly Peo-Jection 4Di, Edelbrock Performer manifold, Jacobs ignition, stock manifolds, Edelbrock cat and muffler, 4 inch exhaust,) I found a decent way to calculate the combined rolling and wind resistance, plus the resistance of the drive train back to the transmission. It would be easier and more accurate with a Tesla. Start at your maximum desired speed and put the vehicle in neutral. Measure the speed as it slows down. Do a discrete differentiation. In other words, shove it all into a computer and measure the difference in speed over a whole bunch of very small time intervals. That should give you a nice speed versus drag curve. Do it several times in both directions and you'll have a really good measure of your car's drag at various speeds.

  • Bryan Welch
    Bryan Welch9 måneder siden

    That car is freaking ugly.

  • Andy Baxter
    Andy Baxter9 måneder siden

    as always, a very good video. Keep it up!

  • Carl Smith
    Carl Smith9 måneder siden

    And do you factor in regen? or is it self cancelling?

  • Atul Gupta
    Atul Gupta9 måneder siden

    Hi Jason, aerodynamic drag is proportional to the square of the speed, but from your graph it seems linear. Its hard to tell, please check.

  • tom t
    tom t9 måneder siden

    Shouldnt you also take into account that a EV battery will drain to 0% if you let the car sit granted it might take some time or months.But while the car isnt even moving or doing any useful work its essentially loosing fuel.Maybe you already have a video on this and i havent found it yet.

  • odisy64


    9 måneder siden

    Rarely does any car go weeks without use, electricity is dirt cheap too so you will make up the loss.

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere9 måneder siden

    A DC clampmeter on the leads into the motor driver only (not the rest of the vehicle load) and some voltage probes would be really good for this kind of measurement. I imagine they'd be hard to get in place, though.

  • The Kilnor
    The Kilnor9 måneder siden

    What about cost of charging(electric bill) vs filling tank with gas?

  • Decay of Alberta
    Decay of Alberta9 måneder siden

    I can’t wait till this virus oils over. Tesla will be in trouble. Cause nobody will want to buy a $100,000 electric car. Watch JP sears video on electric cars it’s so funny and true.

  • Peeta
    Peeta9 måneder siden

    You need an Obd2 reader and scan my tesla. This will get you better data with kWh used and regen. Nice part is you can export that data for analysis.

  • macca181818
    macca1818189 måneder siden

    I am not keen on your graphic @9:03. I understand they are both technically showing the "cars" drive-train efficiency, but its skewed data. The Tesla is only showing drive-train efficiency because it is already converted into a more usable state as electrical (chemical stored) energy. The ICE however includes the energy conversion stage in the efficiency as it converts liquid chemical energy into kinetic, as well as the drive train efficiency. I know your are correct (as normal), i just feel this data presented is not giving a full view of the system. I love Teslas as an idea. From living in Australia, it has skewed my view of fully electric car. On our power grid, a Tesla has more CO2 emissions than new V8 mustang. I would love for you to do more videos on hydrogen fuel. In my opinion, Teslas will be like Carbies for ICE and hydrogen will be the EFI.

  • ("RNA0ROGER")
    ("RNA0ROGER")9 måneder siden

    Pretty good for a second gen electric car