Are Front Wheel Drive Sports Cars Any Good?


What are the challenges for a good FWD sports car, and how can they be addressed?
Hyundai Veloster N Drive With Manual Transmission - Sponsored by Hyundai.
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Can sports car be front wheel drive? Are they any good? The Hyundai Veloster N shows us just how fun a properly executed FWD hot hatch can really be. It's a joy to drive, even though FWD sports cars face many challenges. In this video, we'll break down weight transfer, the traction circle, limited slip differentials, torque steer, brakes, how FF layouts impact cost, driving in bad weather, and get into what makes cars fun to drive. Ultimately, which wheels are driven may have a lower impact than you'd initially expect on what actually makes a car fun to drive.

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedMåned siden

    Thanks for stopping by everyone! This is the second video of a three-part series I've teamed up with Hyundai on, covering the engineering of the Veloster N! Easy to agree on when I drove the car back in 2018 and loved it. Here are related videos if anyone's interested in more: *Videos That Are Not Sponsored:* Veloster N Review - Nurburgring Lap, Veloster N - How Veloster N's Anti-Lag Works - How Exhaust Crackles Work - *Sponsored 3-Part Series:* Part 1 - DCT vs Manual - What's the difference? Part 2 - This video! Part 3 - Coming December 23, dives into Veloster N DCT features!

  • datgamerboy123


    Måned siden

    @trAovm rtqaq only for certain model years. My car, for example, an Elantra, is a 2009, worst model year is 2013. Haven't had any problems besides worn out parts.

  • الميرزا الميرزا

    الميرزا الميرزا

    Måned siden


  • datgamerboy123


    Måned siden

    @Temwanani Nkana F/R tire pressures are based on the amount of vehicle weight over those wheels. i.e. say you have a a vehicle that has 70% of its weight I've the front wheels, with 30% over the rear. If all tires have the same pressure, the front tires will look low compared to the rear. This would drastically increase the amount of tread wear. Solution? Increase the pressure.

  • Temwanani Nkana

    Temwanani Nkana

    Måned siden

    Hi bro. Can you please make a video on whether front and rear wheels should have the same or different pressures. And if there are differences , whats the rule of thumb between front wheel drive cars and rear wheel drive cars????

  • From morningnight

    From morningnight

    Måned siden

    review cars and get paid from the manufactures. thats the youtube way.

  • wpw
    wpwDag siden

    Thinking back to my very first, a 1976 Honda Civic CVCC, front wheel drive has always seemed a compromise between efficient/cheap packaging versus stable handling. But don't fret -- in 5-7 years we're going to see four 50kW motors (one per wheel) driving our 2800 lb 2 seater electric, from a 100kWh battery. That's Porsche Cayman territory!

  • UserCid
    UserCid2 dager siden

    My mini JCW was the best driving experience I ever had

  • Graeme Holmes
    Graeme Holmes4 dager siden

    I have a Toyota Celica ZR Manual, revs to almost 9000. LSD, great fun around corners

  • Flyte Industries
    Flyte Industries7 dager siden

    You didn't really address the question in the title. It was more of an infomercial about the car.

  • Thomas
    Thomas11 dager siden

    no, they're not

  • datsuntoyy
    datsuntoyy12 dager siden

    My wife has a whopping 211hp. Anything above 3/4 throttle and that front 225/50/17 Michelin pilot sport spins like there is no tomorrow. I had the same issue with my Geo Storm GSI and Nissan Sentra SE in years past. My AWD now only gets a quick chirp with 550. I'll have to say no to FWD sports cars.

  • Mike Chiodetti
    Mike Chiodetti19 dager siden

    I have noticed my 2020 RAV4 has "some" aggressive feel to it, and yes, I know it's a mini SUV with skinny tires for economy and an 8 speed automatic transmission, NOT a Tremec 6 speed manual performance transmission.

  • MarcraM82
    MarcraM8220 dager siden

    Not this, but Civic type r yes.

  • lancemgy
    lancemgy21 dag siden

    Take a shot every time he says 'you know'. No, I don't know, so please tell me! ;)

  • Andru
    Andru21 dag siden

    I hate this guy. He talks way too fast and includes way too much information. I end up learning more than I can process... I'm going to smoke some weed and take a nap, peace

  • Oleg Karelov
    Oleg Karelov22 dager siden

    Locking differential cases oversteer - it makes you faster on take off but you loose speed in fast corners. It’s not a solution. If you need cheap sport car buy Nissan 370z. Don’t waste money on this front wheel drive toy.

  • Juraj Zamek
    Juraj Zamek23 dager siden


  • Neri E.E.
    Neri E.E.25 dager siden

    Does my Maxima count? It has a bit over 300 horsepower and can accelerate reasonably fast. Where is the cut off line at?

  • Lonely Driver
    Lonely Driver25 dager siden

    FWD reduces weight when your stepping on the gas cuz of the 2 front wheels spinning it drags the weight of the back of the car but RWD its the back 2 wheels spinning and all of the weight is in the back so the tires has to push forward the other good thing is FWD Improves Fuel Economy & Traction since the Transmission also the weight of the Engine is above over the front two wheels

  • Clinton Beck
    Clinton Beck26 dager siden

    4 wheel drive like road rally .

  • Kevin's Channel
    Kevin's ChannelMåned siden

    It might be fun now that it is new but the bang for the buck disappears when things start breaking.

  • Ondřej Kovařík
    Ondřej KovaříkMåned siden

    Hyundai: it’s hard selling FWD sporty cars to Americans 🙁 Jason: Hold my marker.

  • Buttercups True Love
    Buttercups True LoveMåned siden

    I'm always impressed by what manufacturers have done in the affordable car market with front-wheel drive. If you look at the top offerings in the sport segment from Honda, Mazda, and now Hyundai, great strides have been made on the engineering side of things. In the late '80s, Dodge campaigned two Dodge Daytonas in IMSA GTU (under 3.0 liters). The Archer brothers ran the racing program and drove the cars. One car was front-wheel drive (the only one in GTU as far I recall), the other was conventional rear-wheel drive. It was an engineering exercise to learn some things under harsh racing conditions on how to maximize front drive handling, braking, and tire management.

  • Abraham Arthemius
    Abraham ArthemiusMåned siden

    "Are FWD sportscar any good?" I mean we have the likes of Civic type-R, Golf GTI, Yaris GRMN, etc to answer that...

  • Charlie S
    Charlie SMåned siden

    For safety's sake, they should make all FWD and RWD cars with an LSD for when you pull out of junctions in the wet - a big problem in the UK, especially when you pass over a metal drain cover.

  • Kyle Thurston
    Kyle ThurstonMåned siden

    Ann Arbor, MI

  • Derick Deridder
    Derick DeridderMåned siden

    My Hyundai is falling apart already. Its a 2020

  • Cesur Uluocak
    Cesur UluocakMåned siden


  • Rumple
    RumpleMåned siden

    9:30 his first car was an Acura Integra I think? There are vids of it on this channel.

  • Jeromy Williams
    Jeromy WilliamsMåned siden

    Had a full bolt on/big turbo Speed3 and loved it. Was split between getting a 5.0 or an N. I ended up getting an N. Have absolutely no complaints about the car. 5.0s are a dime a dozen and I absolutely can't stand the sound of them.

  • Ryan Swenson
    Ryan SwensonMåned siden

    Give me a Civic Type R or Megane RS300 Trophy on a wet Nordschleife and I'm happy.

  • Mark Thibault
    Mark ThibaultMåned siden

    It's a pity that they don't sell the i30N in North America. It's a much more useful shape than the Veloster.

  • RuSu
    RuSuMåned siden

    pretty neat little car but i'll stick to my LNF thank you very much.

  • David Ha
    David HaMåned siden

    Honda Type R: am i nothing to you?

  • Justin Thorne
    Justin ThorneMåned siden

    No sunroof???

  • Rahul Jangir
    Rahul JangirMåned siden

    Lets make it simple Front wheel car engine always pulls Rear wheel drive engine alwayd pushes. Now you decide which one is better.

  • Kraven83
    Kraven83Måned siden

    A Veloster N costs 28.000 euros while a Toyota GT86 costs 29.000 Seems like a RWD hatchback could be possible, if only someone dared to dream...

  • David Oscar
    David OscarMåned siden

    @EngineeringExplained I've always wanted to ask you this. Electric Cars & Regen related. Why is the passing air over a car at highway speeds, or an electric truck not being utilised? It's how windmills work to generate energy, both old school and renewables! If you had Venturi pipes running through the chassis with little turbines wheels or something? I understand I'm not an Engineer, though... It's at least a way to vastly increase the range in a car. On trucks cruising 500 mile long highways? You're welcome. Nikola Tesla's brother from another mother 💯👊

  • ILykToDoDuhDrifting
    ILykToDoDuhDriftingMåned siden

    If it were good, he would have a Veloster N instead of a Miata.

  • Taekwondo Time
    Taekwondo TimeMåned siden

    I'll always prefer RWD to FWD because it's more fun and more predictable. What he forgot to mention is that FWD is more dangerous because when you lose grip on the driving wheels, you lose all steering as well. In a RWD car, you get a bit of fish-tailing going on so you never lose steering even though the drive wheels as sliding. It lets you know where you stand. Also, the optimum vehicle setup (for performance) has proven to be RWD with a mid or rear mounted engine. That gives you optimum acceleration and handling and you can't beat it with FWD.

  • Philippe Bilodeau
    Philippe BilodeauMåned siden

    Is the less expensive Veloster Turbo as good as the N when it comes to handling, acceleration, etc.?

  • Robert O'Donoghue
    Robert O'DonoghueMåned siden

    any chance you could do a video on liquid pistons HEHC rotary (not Wankel) engine, I'd love to hear your explanation of its benefits drawbacks, its an inside out compression ignition wankel engine, sort of.....

  • 4drturbo85
    4drturbo85Måned siden

    Do you prefer the Hyundai Veloster N to your Mazda Miata?

  • punct albastru
    punct albastruMåned siden

    cool vid. Sorry you did not meet the RenaultSport Megane yet. Laughs in European.

    H4CKS SQUADMåned siden

    Well now you gotta talk about the Type R

  • TAM Liem
    TAM LiemMåned siden

    Oil dilution is the main problem for many cars today, not FWD, RWD and AWD

  • Allen Lin
    Allen LinMåned siden

    Hey Jason so back in 2011 Toyota released new oil viscosity ratings for old vehicles dating back to the 90s, with many that were rated for 5w-30 oil now updated to be able to take 5w20 or even 0w20 oil, Id just like to know more about the topic since in the corvette video you mentioned you shouldn't go higher in the cold rating and lower than the hot rating. The UZ series engine was speced for 5W30 and now speced for 5W20, while the UR series engine with bigger bearing clearances are speced for 0W20.

  • Peter B.
    Peter B.Måned siden

    I wouldn't push that car in the snow being so low. You get stuck when the car's weight is being carried by the snow instead of the tires.

  • Peter B.
    Peter B.Måned siden

    The problem with having all the weight up front is it will mess up handling.

  • Johnny444
    Johnny444Måned siden

    FWD will always be a compromise. Physics can't be debated.

  • Edward Jenkins

    Edward Jenkins

    Måned siden

    Nearly every single car on the planet is a compromise. Having a FR layout is a compromise. Not having AWD is a compromise. Having a stereo and sound deadening is a compromise. Not having a full carbon fiber chassis/body is a compromise. It's like you didn't watch the video. Also, what layout doesn't really matter for the track under about 400HP. Drag racing, sure, you're right.

  • Fixing W/ Friends
    Fixing W/ FriendsMåned siden

    Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Civic Type R, Integra type R, Hyundai Tiburon, Veloster, Megan RS, Golf GTI...

  • David Ha

    David Ha

    Måned siden

    Tiburon is not a sport car and neither is a fiesta st. What is a megan rs?

  • HungryYodaIs
    HungryYodaIsMåned siden

    Why rear spoiler on FWD Hyundai lol

  • john nedeau
    john nedeauMåned siden

    You my friend needa work on ya arms

  • The Burden
    The BurdenMåned siden

    Looks over at SAAB dominating rally back in the day.

  • Scott Bartlett
    Scott BartlettMåned siden

    Please just give me a nicely powered light weight rear wheel drive. Especially an old-school one say a 240Z. I'll decide how bad I'm driving lol

  • Mike N6IMY
    Mike N6IMYMåned siden

    the brake system is always prefilled not just with limited slip or performance driving.

  • jldude84
    jldude84Måned siden

    I once had a 1998 Ford ZX2 with 5spd manual and boy let me tell ya there's no better way to wring the most fun out of a 130hp engine that bolt it to a manual in a 2,450# car. Most fun FWD car I ever owned.

  • Alexey Nichols
    Alexey NicholsMåned siden

    So FWD cars are great in day to day driving, while outperforming rwd in bad weather...

  • MrLM002


    Måned siden

    @Alexey Nichols Exactly. A car should be built to thrive in the worst of conditions so it can live a long life in normal conditions.

  • Alexey Nichols

    Alexey Nichols

    Måned siden

    @MrLM002 ohh ive been in slushy conditions already, big difference, but in normal day to day driving fwd did just fine,

  • Alexey Nichols

    Alexey Nichols

    Måned siden

    @MrLM002 chevy silverado 2500 diesel, and 2009 mustang gt, all i know is gt struggled to get out of the parking spot i always parked in my civic, had to use the four wheeler to pull him out lol, wrx is just a daily haha, ill never take it offroad, i didnt buy it for speed cuz its not fast at all,

  • MrLM002


    Måned siden

    @Alexey Nichols What pickup do you own? Year, make, model, engine, transmission. What Mustang did your brother have year, engine, transmission? Did they have snow tires on both of them? Did they have any modifications to the vehicles other than stock. if so then what? AWD is the best and worst of both worlds, having most of the positives and negatives of FWD and RWD. Well don't think you're suddenly some amazing rally driver now that you got a WRX. Tons of people think 'I got an AWD Subaru or a lifted 4x4 pickup I can go anywhere or do anything, no need to actually learn how to drive' so they crash and or get stuck. You can't tell the difference between AWD and FWD because you haven't taken both in snowy and or slushy conditions.

  • Alexey Nichols

    Alexey Nichols

    Måned siden

    @MrLM002 well a pick up truckis rwd, and i used to have 2013 civic si, also my brother in law had a mustang which sucked with traction, i now have a wrx, kind of best of both worlds...and even when i drive my wrx i cant tell the difference between fwd and awd.. i live in a climate where it doesnt snow much so fwd been really solid,

  • Martin River
    Martin RiverMåned siden

    The best front wheel driver car on the planet Veloster N DCT!!!

  • zeus lim
    zeus limMåned siden

    Great points. A sports car really just needs to be fun while still being safe , it doesn't have to be a great race car , it just has to be faster than an average family car . Plus fwd tends to be more fuel efficient and as you said, they are a lot safer than rwd cars in bad conditions . I think they're great because they make sports cars more affordable, more people can get into the sport which helps with maintenance of race tracks and developing technologies . I really like what they've done with the brakes , the turbo and the valves too.

  • Enforcer1975
    Enforcer1975Måned siden

    The term Sportscar has been watered-down since you can basically make every car into a performance car if you put enough resources into it. Engine up front won't help much either even with all the weight. The tires are just going to be overwhelmed at some point especially if they have to do accelerating and steering at the same time even with a diff.

  • Ficon
    FiconMåned siden

    Did the e-LSD actually hold up on the Ring? Most of these multiplate clutch systems overheat with sustained spirited driving and go into the open diff mode.

  • Peter Ruiz
    Peter RuizMåned siden

    Isorta got stuck with a car I normally would never have considered buying, but , here it is...A Ford Focus SVT, 2007. It has good power, handling, and I love having more gears than Ive ever (aside from semi trucks, with 15 fowards), six gears is fun. The tempation to flare, paint, and hot rod is there....I dont know where to start.. It has a Borla exaust, K&N intake, ignition stuff....Now I know why window tint is so popular....At 57 yrs, it feels, uh, ...Silly

  • AJ Calderon
    AJ CalderonMåned siden


  • James Haulenbeek
    James HaulenbeekMåned siden

    Fwd is loads of fun! I could throw my '91 civic through corners at speeds Porsche owners didn't dare (personal experience)... and my '16 Golf is a blast as well!

  • 100willsame1
    100willsame1Måned siden

    With FWD a car goes in every second somewhere between the cars own direction (momentum), and the direction of the front wheels. The only thing to influence the back of the car is the handbrake (and of course its braking). With other words U never can achieve oversteering with a FWD vehicle. And I dont speak here about drifters, or broadsiders. But that means, that your steering is limited, and it can only be effected by the steering wheel, what U have to overturn (because of, and depends on the momentum) to turn the car into a direction U want. Actually the cars back is that wants to go straightforward, and pushes the front out of the corner. Front wheels (with throttle) tries to hold it in. Steering is up against the momentum. With RWD by the way U can get (a little) spinning impulse with throttle, separate the accelerating forces direction from the cars moment and therefore U have a much greater control of your cars turn (when U do it properly). Simply because U have the opportunity, to spin and control the back of the car, that way, that the moment and force sum of the mass centre points the right way in the corner. Steering (with throttle) uses the momentum. Compared to AWD... I dont think I need to explain that case.

  • Krajišnik 7
    Krajišnik 7Måned siden

    More fun than rwd for sure.

  • dwori
    dworiMåned siden

    FWD cars can't be sportscars... they are just fast econoboxes. Sure they can be very fast but there's no sport associated with driving it. Only RWD and AWD cars can give you options to start playing with the weight of the car and that's when it becomes a sport. I speak from experience, I fell into this fwd trap too for few years, sadly. Driving FDW teaches you close to nothing sporty. The only notable exception are FWD rally cars with a proper handbrake, that at least makes a little bit of sense.

  • zrRyan2
    zrRyan2Måned siden

    that's a Hyundai..... not a sports car.

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston ChurchillMåned siden

    Eh, the original mini that won rallies for a decade...

  • James Moros
    James MorosMåned siden

    Great review as always. Perhaps the biggest drawback is going up hill or doing a hill climb event in the wet .. 😊 I had the experience of such an event and the car was simply skidding.

  • Jon Svenonius
    Jon SvenoniusMåned siden

    We don't get the Veloster N here in Europe but instead we get the i30N. I've owned mine for about three months now and it's such a fun car.

  • Ben Haynes
    Ben HaynesMåned siden

    Take a breath big fella! I don't mind "bum draggers". I'm seriously considering swapping out my Mazda ND Miata for an Hyundai i20N (then I come to my senses)

  • Aman Panesar
    Aman PanesarMåned siden

    They are good Good for nothing

  • Marcus Pearse
    Marcus PearseMåned siden

    I absolutely love my Veloster N!! It brings back joy to driving that I'd lost with a dull GTI. The cockpit feel, the road feel, the feedback, the crackles and pops, the hum of the exhaust when accelerating(especially during hard acceleration), and the lower sporty feel!!! The GTI is great at so many things, but it doesn't have the sporty joy you get when driving a Veloster N.

  • Leitch Hui
    Leitch HuiMåned siden

    Hi, thx for doing these feature videos. Been a big fan of N cars. Just wondering, you’ve been able to drive the manual and DCT back to back, which one do you prefer? Since I’m not going to the tracks, I would like your inputs on this, thx! Will there be an Elantra N DCT video in the future as well?

  • Jonathan Garneau-Reid
    Jonathan Garneau-ReidMåned siden

    Hyundai: some torque steer is a good thing. Cadillac when making the FWD Northstar models: here's a 275-300hp 295-300tq FWD V8 with no torque steer.

  • Eric Fontaine
    Eric FontaineMåned siden

    Before you ask if something CAN be done, one should start with SHOULD it be done. I'll leave the rest to you...

  • Michael Reilly
    Michael ReillyMåned siden

    This video confuses the difference between a sporty car and a sports car. The Veloster may be a sporty car but it is not a sports car.

  • Andy Peek
    Andy PeekMåned siden

    As the happy owner of a 1995 Mitsubishi FTO V6 Mivec powered sports car, yes they are great, Ive owned her for 19 years now, and dont want anything else, she does 220 kph, thats enough for our roads in NZ.

  • odhran o’brien
    odhran o’brienMåned siden

    its not hunday

  • Amber57499
    Amber57499Måned siden

    I love my MK8 FiSt

  • Plinio Designori
    Plinio DesignoriMåned siden

    I have a manual '20 Veloster N and LOVE this car! I should confess that both my wife and I have a silly grin on our faces every single time the engine starts and the pops and crackles appeared, or while cornering hardly on twisty roads - I can't tell you how many times I deliberately picked the route with as many switchbacks as possible just to enjoy driving it a bit more. A friend of mine, who has an '18 Focus RS, has been impressed by this car, too. In fact, the only two features I'm somewhat missing are AWD and heated seats - other than that, I have no complaints, regrets, or qualms whatsoever. I think Hyundai did an amazing job of creating fun and driver-centered car on a budget. P.S. I test-drove Type R and WRX as well, and those are undoubtedly great cars either, but from the appearance and maintenance perspectives, as well as overall cost-to-benefit ratio, Veloster was the best option for me

  • vhjioa
    vhjioaMåned siden

    The smile after that downshift and pull is from a real enthusiast 😄

  • Local Baller
    Local BallerMåned siden

    In short, yes they are very good

  • Kilovw Dude
    Kilovw DudeMåned siden

    Not really a "sports car" but I have a 2010 A3 sportback fwd with the DSG it's a mk6 gti I have Alot of fun in it

  • yuppyxxi
    yuppyxxiMåned siden

    Why you didn't mention the most significant downside of FWD: engine positioned in front of the axle leads to understeer?

  • FrawsGasm
    FrawsGasmMåned siden

    Kids with their riced out Civics liked that

  • Prenume Nume
    Prenume NumeMåned siden

    There is NOTHING sport about fwd

  • Logan
    LoganMåned siden

    I love mine

  • Shayne Dose
    Shayne DoseMåned siden

    What's this car again? And how much does it cost?

  • pazera66
    pazera66Måned siden

    Driving i30N on a tight track I noticed that front tires are getting overheated or something. At some point they started screeching even after I let go. Only after one cool down lap it got back to regular grip and no screeching.

  • Namshimaru
    NamshimaruMåned siden

    can FWD even be considered a car?!!??! like come on............

  • Fati M
    Fati MMåned siden

    So it’s a good price against safety

  • Tanah Merah
    Tanah MerahMåned siden

    I would say the Nissan 370Z or the Toyota 86 are more fun to drive.

  • Saswata Paladhi
    Saswata PaladhiMåned siden

    Civic Type R crying in a corner*

  • Randeep Sehmi
    Randeep SehmiMåned siden

    Do equal length front driveshafts eliminate torque steer?

  • Rotor Blade
    Rotor BladeMåned siden

    They are definitely good and enjoyable but not as exciting as a rwd especially mid engines.

  • George Pelton
    George PeltonMåned siden

    Ask Eric “on the roof” Carlson, who proved FWD SAABs could win rallies over RWD competition. I loved to drive the many FWD hatchbacks that I have owned, including a SAAB900. However my RWD Tesla Model 3 is more sporty and fun than those FWD autos.

  • Ξανδρος Peaches
    Ξανδρος PeachesMåned siden

    I almost want to see the eLSD setup on a car with all wheel drive and all wheel steering, the dynamics of it, especially with the center diff under throttle and braking, could be really interesting. Also imagine someone putting a fartcan on one of these. Hyundai: Ignition timing black magic makes nice sounds. ricers: BRRRRRRRR POPPOP BRRRRR POPPOPPOP Going to be an absolute nightmare once that becomes a thing. I fear the day OEM crackles have fartcan amplification.

  • Federico Riggio
    Federico RiggioMåned siden

    Well, you didn't point out one aspect enough: if you don't have a really good LSD driven by really good electronics, like on the actual Honda Civic Type R, the steering will be quite much affected by the acceleration, resulting in barely possible turning when pushing hard on the accelerator. The more you accelerate the stronger the front wheels oppose theirself to the steering function and the stronger the steering wheel wants to realign. Obviously, the more powerful the car is, the more noticeable this effect is (understeering). Normally, above 250 ps, they not only aren't as effective as RWD cars but also inaccurate. Also not mentioned is the problem with the front tyres wearing very much faster than the rear ones (and the impossibility to use wider tyres for the traction axis). Basically, it is possible somehow to make a front wheel driven sports car but it's just some sort of accommodation, and powers above 300 ps are barely usable.

  • Bojan Ljukovcanin
    Bojan LjukovcaninMåned siden

    :/ honestly I think this video tries to answer a question that is actually a person to person thing. Personally I've never had fun in FWD cars. I personally really wish we'd get another Naturally aspirated, RWD, budget car that you can daily and is still sporty. And don't say FRS/BRZ/GT86. YOU CAN NOT DAILY THAT! The rear seat in it is a joke. And a poor one at that!

  • The Real Drunkard Hu
    The Real Drunkard HuMåned siden

    Yea, I just bought a Chevy Metro 3 cyl. I know how fun a FWD sports car can be, ok? 😎

  • Ryan Wells
    Ryan WellsMåned siden

    disappointed this channel is making commercials now