Are CVTs Bad? Why Mazda Avoids CVT Transmissions


Why Mazda Only Sells Manual and Automatic Transmissions
Are CVTs bad transmissions? Why don't people like CVTs?
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Mazda continually develops clever engineering solutions to their cars.
What many companies might call old technology, Mazda finds a way to reinvent and improve in as many ways as possible. The Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester, and Toyota Rav4 Hybrid all use CVT transmissions. If everyone in the segment is doing it, surely there's a reason, right? Mazda has their own plan, with uniquely developed automatic and manual transmissions for their lineup. This video will focus on Mazda's automatic transmission style, a 6 speed planetary box with a torque converter, but also some very clever implementations to improve efficiency and driver feel. Zoom zoom or whatever.
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedÅr siden

    My S2000 is for sale for anyone interested! No reserve, 20% to charity. Happy bidding!

  • Illyrian Gamer

    Illyrian Gamer

    4 måneder siden

    do Mazda give you money mate?

  • Arthur Serino

    Arthur Serino

    9 måneder siden

    BAT has a reputation for screwing over bidders.

  • Julio Montero

    Julio Montero

    11 måneder siden

    Are using audio from GoPro?

  • Ken Johnson

    Ken Johnson

    11 måneder siden

    @Peter the Prius has an eCVT. It has planetary gears instead of a belt. It's much stronger than a CVT.

  • Zyworski


    11 måneder siden

    I used to drive the Honda's delivered to the West Coast off the ship in Portland. There was one particular yellow one that I drove and really liked, I often wonder if that was your car.

  • Nathan LeDee
    Nathan LeDeeDag siden

    Cvt can be okay I got 210,000 on stock cvt on civic hybrid I think it has to do with a combo of things frequent oil changes every 40k for cvt also the driving style it’s a hybrid I’m not annoying slow but I definitely don’t drive it like a sports car and number three my car has very low horse power whooping 93 hp and 116ft lbs plus the hybrid system adds 46 FT lbs if torque so it’s very under stressed plus it’s a Honda 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Martin Puentes Jimenez
    Martin Puentes Jimenez4 dager siden

    El mazda lo mascó pero no lo trago homy!

  • RSLewis
    RSLewis6 dager siden

    Cvt is garbage, period. The reason the manufacturers use it is bc they are cheaper and get better fuel mileage.... But they break and or get weak. You think the car manufacturers care about YOU? Absolutely not. Stay away.

  • God_Laughs _At_Atheists
    God_Laughs _At_Atheists7 dager siden

    I hate the CVT transmission. So I was window shopping for a new Mazda, and then I found out that they have the engine start/stop technology (i.e. iStop). I hate that, too. So Mazda is off my list. If they can make a button for us to turn off iStop, why don't they just make it an option, so we won't need to keep pushing a button?

  • Big Al Roehlich
    Big Al Roehlich9 dager siden

    Many reviewers assess cars based on WOT driving, something I don't ever do. 95% of my driving is with the engine under 4000 RPM.

  • Super Do
    Super Do13 dager siden

    Recommended a Mazda CX-5 awd turbo to friends and family sorry Honda, Nissan, and Toyota you guys lost your soul, appreciate Mazda for selling reliability to consumers.

  • Dv Nq
    Dv Nq14 dager siden

    Honda makes their own transmission. Toyota works with Aisin. Both brands are reliable. Nissan has a bad reputation with CVT during the Renaultssance. Subaru makes their own too but I’m watching owners say they have problems with their cvt. Could you talk about thoughts on this? If the Mazda went automatic and has just as good mileage as the other suv brands, then why go cvt?

  • Big Al Roehlich

    Big Al Roehlich

    9 dager siden

    CVT's are almost always cheaper for the the Mfg. to produce and a cheap, easy way to boost MPG. There is little or no benefit to the consumer other than possible price reduction. The fact is most buyers don't care, and the Mfg.'s even use CVT as a selling point.

  • Witness ProPro
    Witness ProPro17 dager siden

    SUV's aren't really a driving enthusiasts choice of car, so the target market probably doesn't really understand that CVTs are horrible to drive.

  • Paul Grabowski
    Paul Grabowski19 dager siden

    Great video as always. The new, 2021 Nissan Rogue comes with their newest version of their CVT transmission, they call it XCVT. Have you had a chance to drive the new Rogue or review their new transmission? Thoughts? Is it true that CVT transmissions have a shorter life span vs. traditional automatic transmissions?

  • s trav
    s trav21 dag siden

    Wife’s Forrester cvt went up at 55 k miles. Moms Nissan cvt went up at 80 k. That’s why Mazda doesn’t use them. They are junk

  • Mario Dalla Riva
    Mario Dalla Riva21 dag siden

    An auto journalist once coined it "Continuously Annoying Transmission".

  • craig g
    craig g23 dager siden

    CVT’s aren’t bad just because of their spongy feel, but because they have terrible reliability and short life expectancies. Real transmissions have gears, not belts!

  • Wayne Young
    Wayne Young26 dager siden

    Have a 2008 SP23 and the shift pattern and changing is so smooth

  • Kilo11
    Kilo1127 dager siden

    I just bought a new 2020 Mazda CX-5 in red and I love it!

  • Spike_9112
    Spike_9112Måned siden

    You dont have the cvt till it breaks and then u go to mechanic and spend $$$$$. I was thought if it moves, its somthing else that will break and will cost $ to fix

  • Kjeldhor Divine Power
    Kjeldhor Divine PowerMåned siden

    for me CVT is the best trasmission I ever tried, and i'm gonna cry alot when my actual car will die

  • Ting Tingnoy
    Ting TingnoyMåned siden

    Talking about moms, I took my mom to look at new cars, 1st thing on her mind, she wants a Toyota, if not a Toyota she wants a Honda like most Asians, I had to convince her to try the Mazda, so we went to test drive the Honda HRV, Toyota CHR and Mazda CX-30, identical price points, she fell in love with the Mazda after she drove it, she did not even consider the other two afterwards, so yeah she has a brand new 2021 cx-30, I test drove part of the way, the feel and power wasn’t even close, merging onto the highway with the CHR and HRV, I thought we were going to die, she had to floor it to pick up speed so the Mac truck behind us would hit us. the Mazda plenty of power and was solid all around

  • Slade The Original
    Slade The OriginalMåned siden


  • JL - R
    JL - RMåned siden

    my wife has a mazda cx3 and has the most terrible transmission that exists

  • Afrocanuk
    AfrocanukMåned siden

    There's no way a car company can come up with a very seductive design as the 1998 Lantis, then settle for something grotesque as a CX5 under its own initiative. That CX5 is BUTT FUGLY!

    DIDIO RODRIGUEZMåned siden

    Subaru Forester cvt a piece of Ship, do not buy any cvt vehícule.

  • SASANKA Jayasekara
    SASANKA JayasekaraMåned siden

    0 to ~80 in 2nd gear in my 2012 mazda 3 manual. ~6500rpm. Can't even think about CVT.

  • JP
    JPMåned siden

    Why does the engine have two cupholders?

    NFSINSANEMåned siden

    Bash them, CVTs are trash

  • FlRiAfCeTLE
    FlRiAfCeTLEMåned siden

    Out of curiosity, what did your mother end up buying? Seems like the Forester would have been a good fit if she wanted a softer suspension with great visibility.

  • Killing Fields
    Killing FieldsMåned siden

    Theyre the worst ever that came in the automotive world.

  • Riseabove #
    Riseabove #Måned siden

    I have a 2016 CX-5 with the 2.5L engine and I must be the only one that feels it is slow with tiny uncomfortable seats. The one thing that bugs me about Mazda cars over other car manufacturer's is the unpredictable throttle. It's like you press the gas and it barely moves so you have to push it almost all the way down to get it to move from a stop. Sometimes it feels normal but most of the time it feels awkward. I relate the feeling to a very laggy turbo how it has no power at 0 until after 3K RPM. It's very annoying to drive. Not to mention how hard it hits the bumps and rattles us all. This is not my first Mazda and they all feel the same so it is my last Mazda. The throttle is definitely not right. I find my 2005 Accord much more enjoyable to drive around with.

  • Mike Hat
    Mike HatMåned siden

    Cvt is boring and a bit noisy.

  • Deploracle
    DeploracleMåned siden

    I prefer manually managing as many aspects of driving as possible. For me driving is supposed to be fun. Make Driving Fun Again

  • jack chen
    jack chenMåned siden

    Most of Toyota are use automatic Transmissions except Hybrid and 2020 later Corolla.

  • jorge boudet
    jorge boudetMåned siden

    Good information

  • Felix The Cat
    Felix The CatMåned siden

    CVT's in real little cars are toys. Then they are driven too hard because they have no power to start with. Then finally the CVT overheats and gets damaged prematurely.

  • Jeremy Cox
    Jeremy CoxMåned siden

    How does the new Ford Kuta 8 speed automatic transmission compare to the Mazda?

  • Nguyen Dang Duong
    Nguyen Dang DuongMåned siden

    Dở hơi mới mua xe hộp số CVT. Người Việt Nam chúng tôi hay nói như vậy. Thà mua xe số tự động 4 cấp còn hơn

  • Francesco96 Frcs
    Francesco96 FrcsMåned siden

    I agree that from and engineering point of view CVT is very efficient but looking at driving experience cvt is totally awful. In Europe there’s really few cars mostly from Toyota that uses cvt but Europeans really don’t like that kind of automatic, do Americans not care about the transmission how much as we do in Europe?

  • M Salzberg
    M SalzbergMåned siden

    That lack of direct feel makes CVT's a non-starter for me. It feels like a manual with a slipping clutch. Not pleasant.

  • Joe Hofmann
    Joe HofmannMåned siden

    How much more does it cost to repair a CVT compared to an conventional automatic transmission?

  • ickerolig
    ickeroligMåned siden

    11:20 What happened there? Moooom.

  • Daniel Ruppmann
    Daniel RuppmannMåned siden

    They are buying the name not the vehicle. Most people don't know any better.

  • Massa z
    Massa zMåned siden

    skyactive hybrid comes with a CVT gearbox

  • stuntmonkey00
    stuntmonkey00Måned siden

    LOL Mazda fans sure do love their gate keeping don't they? ("CVT reeeeeeeeee!")

  • William Ko
    William KoMåned siden

    This is just the fact, 95% of the woman drivers don't know what is CVT.

  • Alderman Fred C. Davis
    Alderman Fred C. Davis2 måneder siden

    Own two high mileage Nissan's. One with a CVT. One with a conventional automatic. Both have been very well maintained and consequently treated me well. Love both vehicles and actually prefer the CVT over the conventional transmission. My CVT is responsive and very smooth.

  • HotShotProgrammer
    HotShotProgrammer2 måneder siden

    Welcome to Belfair/Tahuya!

  • Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose
    Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose2 måneder siden

    I've settled on Peugeot. Great cars but have some oddities and power window problems but the 2ltr diesel engine is unbeatable. Dw10btef4..

  • Stephen Spencer
    Stephen Spencer2 måneder siden

    Mazda make some good cars, however I have come across quite a bit of negative comment with regard to their automatic gearboxes. After much reflection and twelve years driving VW automatics the end of October saw me move over to Toyota and get a Corolla 2.0 litre Sports Tourer, an estate to me. It has an eCVT and swaps seamlessly from petrol to battery. Relaxing to drive and with enough umph for overtaking when I need it. So I don’t get Mazda’s problem. Perhaps they should stick to producing good manuals and leave the challenge to others?

  • Ahneruuvi
    Ahneruuvi2 måneder siden

    My old early 90s manual Mazda 626 GE 1.8 still running well and passing emissions tests and all. Body skirts usually need some work these days to get through yearly inspections, but that's nothing odd for car this old and salty roads during winter. Can achieve around 6,3l/100km on normal 80-100km/h roads based on the usual "fill up your tank" calculation method. Body has almost 600 000km in it. Engine needed piston rings to be changed around the 300 000km or so. So in other words, next car will be Mazda as well.

  • Reha Erman
    Reha Erman2 måneder siden

    I have a 2015 Mazda 6 GT, it's THE MOST RELIABLE CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED! I bought it brand new, now I have 126,000miles. I had zero issues, I just did the regular maintenance stuff; changing the fluids & filters, and of course got new tires once. I only replaced the rotors this one time and that was because of my ex-girlfriend, the way she was driving the car, she messed the rotors up. Driving a Mazda never gets old, it's a really a fun car to drive and needless to say Mazda 6 looks absolutely stunning!!! One word of advise: NEVER let anyone else drive your car!

  • Bubber Cakes
    Bubber Cakes2 måneder siden

    CVT’s suck. So glad Mazda has kept the standard auto! My son just bought a CX-5 and after driving it I might be looking for one myself.

  • zbillster
    zbillster2 måneder siden

    1:00 because all most people care about is vehicle infotainment systems ... They couldn't tell you how many cylinders it has!

  • Cliffton Vaz
    Cliffton Vaz2 måneder siden

    Ur annoying

  • Marko Bozovic
    Marko Bozovic2 måneder siden

    adds weight, can be expensive if u want good one. And Mazda has very good if not the best manual transmission out there. So that is why Mazda, or anyone should avoid it :) If u don't want telephone age of cars. sit in electric u cant even drive it any more future :)

  • Toe Joe
    Toe Joe2 måneder siden

    Don’t know why car manufactures waste time putting safety features in cars ,then put a space saver tyre in the boot. From what I understand it’s not recommended to travel over 80 kmh with one of these tyres. Driving on our roads here in australia amongst semi trailers would b suicide at 80 kms an hour. About time car manufacturer engineers grow a brain.

    CallMeMONGOOSE2 måneder siden

    _I thought Mazda's Skyactiv transmission was a CVT?_

  • Warden Cobb
    Warden Cobb2 måneder siden

    Subaru and Honda (two of my favourite manufacturers) use CVT instead of a proper automatic in their vehicles and I HATE IT. CVT's are total CRAP. I didn't buy or lease one, I test drove it just to see... And wow, it is completely gutless and it is remarkable that it feels even more disconnected than an EV. Seriously, you're riding around in this thing and trusting your life to it -and you have no idea what's going on underneath you. It's only marginally more efficient and lighter than an automatic transmission -but they only last about 100,000km and then you have to spend around $7,000 to replace the thing -and that's seen as a benefit?!?! With an automatic transmission (without Gear selector), you may have to mash the gas to find the gear you want, but you know when it's coming and the transmission can pretty much last the life of the car (not including Dodge, of course lol)... Plus you can pair MORE power and greater WEIGHT with an automatic transmission. So if you ever want to tow something or you live in an area with hills or you have a steep driveway -a CVT is not for you. A CVT is not for anyone, really... But, unless you're in an f150+ or another full size truck+, automatics aren't your best option either... For all passenger cars the best is and always has been: manual transmission. Nothing is better than stick shift. NEVER buy a CVT. They're complete crap.

  • Dragos Pahontu

    Dragos Pahontu

    Måned siden

    Dsg is cool

  • Paul Scalisi
    Paul Scalisi2 måneder siden

    I’ve had two CVT cars. Never again. Loving my Mazda CX-5 .

  • Randal Montgomery
    Randal Montgomery2 måneder siden

    i learned a lot here and am even more impressed with Mazda than ever. Brilliant engineers.

  • Booboobear2388
    Booboobear23882 måneder siden

    One transmission goal you missed at 2:00 was RELIABILITY! And people are buying car with CVTs because they don't know the reliability history of CVTs. They see the great gas mileage CVTs provide along with the looks of the car and the fake chrome. But chrome won't get you home!

  • TheGuitarman1968
    TheGuitarman19682 måneder siden

    Mazda is Awesome! I have previously owned a new 2005 Mazda 3 (8 years), and a new 2014 Mazda 6 (5 years). I now own a new 2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature (1 year). All 3 Mazdas have been great cars, and I have never had a problem with any of them. My brother also had an RX-7 back in high school (in the '80s) that just ran forever. My uncle still has a Mazda B2000 truck that he uses regularly to this day. The 2.5L Turbocharged engine and the 6 speed transmission work great together in all of the available Mazda models, so why mess with a good thing? Also, Mazda has not been affiliated with Ford for many years now, and they manufacture all of their own cars in Japan. Mazda's Skyactive engine technology is so sought after that Toyota is currently forming a partnership with Mazda so they can use Mazda's engine designs in their own cars. For a smaller, not as well known car company, Mazda makes some fantastic cars. Honestly, I used to be a Chevy guy, then I bought a Mazda and never looked back. Try driving a Mazda sometime. You definitely won't be disappointed. By the way, Mazda's Soul Red Crystal Metallic Tricoat (code 46V) paint option (shown on the CX-5 in this video) is just amazing, and well worth the extra money. You have to see the paint in person to really appreciate it. The paint really looks like the popular Candy Apple Red Hot Rod color.

  • Public Fun
    Public Fun2 måneder siden

    CVTs are worse transmission, i had really bad experiences with cvt

  • Airion Baumgartner
    Airion Baumgartner2 måneder siden

    So is Mazda's turbo that they've used similar to a variable geometry turbo or have they gone with a new design?

  • Douglas Jaeger
    Douglas Jaeger2 måneder siden

    CVTs are excellent in design and performance. Few moving parts, light weight, maximum efficiency, great fuel mileage, cheap to produce, etc. But they have one fatal flaw. By design they have limited power handling capability, therefore depending on engine power and hard driving habits they tend to start slipping after say 50k miles. Once this starts no amount of maintenance can “heal” them.

  • A Higher Vibe
    A Higher Vibe2 måneder siden

    I HATE the feel of CVT's and BOUGHT a CX5 in part because of it's 6-speed Auto!

  • User454
    User4542 måneder siden

    ew who uses 87 octane??? the lowest i've used is 92 and i regret it. 95 octane best yo.

  • RedArrow73
    RedArrow733 måneder siden

    They are HORRIBLE, CVT's. Should be outlawed!!

  • Robert Lamont
    Robert Lamont3 måneder siden

    I bought a Corolla and that is the reason I hate CVT's. I wish I would of bought a manual.

  • Aaron Schwarz
    Aaron Schwarz3 måneder siden

    Electric final drive, single gear, no shifting, torque for days, no transmission, fixed gear ratio, wide RPM range electric motor & controller system, batteries improving Most fun instant torque acceleration with fully electric drivetrain // I like the BMW concept of putting a range extending generator in the trump i3 REX etc especially while lithium-ion battery weakness still a major bottleneck for better EV development //

  • Bowl rice
    Bowl rice3 måneder siden

    Just got a 2020 cx5 gtr all I can say is wow it’s amazing am thinking about getting a second one the fit and finish is outstanding and it drives like a sporty car tons of usable torque

  • Che Kelley
    Che Kelley3 måneder siden

    Love love our Mazda CX-5

  • Max Druciak
    Max Druciak3 måneder siden

    CVT, the most efficient and boring transmittion ever made.

  • :: aylalys
    :: aylalys3 måneder siden

    car with cvt big mistake

  • heldenkatze
    heldenkatze3 måneder siden

    the average person doesnt know what a cvt is.

  • Deja Vu
    Deja Vu3 måneder siden

    Rotor x cvt.

  • Steve A
    Steve A3 måneder siden

    I like your comment about visibility. My daughter recently purchased a hatchback and found that the Mazda 3 made her fee like she was in a cave. The Honda was slightly better, but the VW Golf was the winner. I told her that if you own a Mazda, the mirrors and signals aren't necessary as most of the kids who drive them don't use them! :)

  • Jack Ruth
    Jack Ruth3 måneder siden

    It seems to me that the advantage to the CVT is that it allows for a smaller more fuel efficient engine in a given vehicle.

  • Woke AF
    Woke AF3 måneder siden

    "We're better than that." - Mazda

  • John King
    John King3 måneder siden

    The torque converter is an amazing invention. The CVT is a bad idea. A metal belt doomed to fail. The hydraulic automated manual has high clutch wear rate, 20-30K miles! being dropped by most manufacturers due to customer complaints at the huge expense to replace the clutch. The DCT is an automated manual using two auto box clutch packs as an actual clutch! Wear rates can be very high if driven as an automatic!

  • oldskoowl & pebbles travels
    oldskoowl & pebbles travels3 måneder siden

    1 way to avoid all this worry buy a Bloody Manual

  • Peligroso Tortuga
    Peligroso Tortuga3 måneder siden

    I'm holding onto my '16 Spark which I just paid off and hopefully by the time it is time to move from it (drive until the wheels come off metaphorically), I'll look into buying a used Mazda. Especially considering their pseudo partnership with Toyota.

  • Polon 210
    Polon 2103 måneder siden

    Mazda = corosion

  • LafeiAr
    LafeiAr3 måneder siden

    Mazda NEEDS plugin hybrid, i live in China and plugin hybrid registration cost is zero, normal gas car registration is 6k USD!

  • Toby Simmons
    Toby Simmons3 måneder siden

    Cvts give a car a completely different feel. There horrible if u actually like driving a car

  • Tootsie
    Tootsie3 måneder siden

    I am not a big fan of automatic transmissions and have owned many new Honda cars with a manual transmission. As you get older, like me, cars become kinda hard to get in and out of, so I reluctantly bought a SUV because of that problem. That SUV was a 2016 Mazda CX-5 and I love that car and the automatic transmission in it. Mazda has built the automatic transmission for people that really don't like automatic transmissions.

  • Isak s
    Isak s3 måneder siden

    smooth shifts: start practicing with a manual transmission and you'll be able to shift very smooth fairly quick quick shifts: start practicing with a manual transmission and you'll shift quickly in no time smooth acceleration: controll your right foot and practice with a manual transmission to be able to down shift like a pro doing heel and toe efficiency: learn to drive a manual well and start using hypermiling tricks and youll manage an average milage better than the manufacturer claimed fuel economy numbers direct feel: nothing beats a manual transmission in feel, everything happens when the driver makes it happen conclusion: git good and get a manual transmission car.

  • VinceThe1
    VinceThe13 måneder siden

    Yes CVTs are bad, and so are Internal Combustion Engines...

  • Coldfury


    3 måneder siden


  • Aeron Gerich Co
    Aeron Gerich Co3 måneder siden

    Well, Mazda wants to make their cars unique in their own way. Kudos to them.

  • billz410
    billz4103 måneder siden

    Stupidest automotive invention in last twenty years is the CVT.

  • martin carroll
    martin carroll3 måneder siden

    I do enjoy your videos, I just disagree with you about electric cars and poor people in city's paying for the chargers installed, which they will pay for and never use. Drive through an inner city and see the junkers they own. you will see what I mean. right here on youtube you can tour my old neighborhood, kensington in phila and see for yourself.

  • Arthur Gadz
    Arthur Gadz3 måneder siden

    So there is no perfect transmission.. and what is the best auto tranmission?

  • Chris Primavera
    Chris Primavera3 måneder siden

    Also = excellent rev matching on manual shifts.

  • Nicogee Music
    Nicogee Music3 måneder siden

    What about "from an idiot's standpoint" ? You know so Donald could understand

  • raziel kain
    raziel kain3 måneder siden

    Not true mazda buys all its parts from other manufacturers and uses old patents, reason is CVTs are more expensive so they dont use it.Mazda are mixed of european american and japanese parts. Atleast they were for decades.Mazda is business oriented but without the hassle of doing R& D themselves, thats why they are cheaper than the rest atleast where i am.

  • Watt Ng
    Watt Ng3 måneder siden

    In Singapore, CVT stands for, Confirm very terrible/trash

  • nth256
    nth2563 måneder siden

    Was talking to my young son about cars and mentioned a torque converter. He looked at me weird and asked why they called it a "twerk inverter" and I can never heard the phrase properly since then.

  • Wayne Williams
    Wayne Williams3 måneder siden

    Nissan's new CVT is great for torque(auxilary gearbox is used in construction vehicles forvtorque- muranonuses same gearbox. Nussan is rated ¿#1 for fuel economy. Lovt CVTs!

  • Brad Choi
    Brad Choi3 måneder siden

    "...Mazda creates cars for journalists, not the mainstream public...." And herein lies the reason they are not selling anywhere near the volume of cars as Toyota and Honda. Heads up, car journalists.... most people don't drive their cars fast on twisty back roads. When you're doing an hour and a half every day at 5 mph, then 0, then 5, then 0, then 5, then 0...... handling, and 0-60 times mean NOTHING. LOL!

  • NevadaFederalBites
    NevadaFederalBites3 måneder siden

    There are an abundant amount of people out there that don’t even know what a CVT is when they’re buying their vehicle.

  • impCaesarAvg
    impCaesarAvg3 måneder siden

    I'm happy with my Honda Civic and its CVT.

  • goodmaninabadtime117
    goodmaninabadtime1173 måneder siden

    I own a Honda HRV and FIT both with CVTS haven’t had any issues. Folks sometimes complain they are sluggish but I honestly have no issues particularly with the ECON off. Shrugs. I can get off and on the highway without feeling like I am struggling that is all I care about. Typically I just change the transmission fluid around every 30k miles. Which is more often then recommended but the fluid is cheap compared to the transmission. I never have noise issues, power issues and they both shift smooth. My GF previously had a Nissan CVT that is another story lol