Are Car Exhaust Crackles & Pops Fake?


How Car Exhausts Make Crackles & Pops - Anti-Lag or Fake Sounds?
Are exhaust pops as bad as speaker sounds, geared CVTs, fake aero?
Veloster N vs Miata: Most Fun? -
How do car exhausts make crackles and pops, and are these noises real or fake? Depending on the car, whether it's a Toyota Supra, Jaguar F-Type R, or Ford Mustang, the answer can be very different. The Hyundai Veloster N, for example, has an anti-lag system that causes those beautiful crackles & pops.
If a feature isn't functional and done for subjective benefit, does that make it fake? Are "geared" CVTs fake? Is fake aero acceptable? Is engine noise piped in through speakers acceptable? In this video we'll break down how exhaust crackles are made, and whether or not car enthusiasts should support this approach towards performance cars.
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  • ali qadri
    ali qadri13 dager siden

    What is f type or n type vehicles??

  • ali qadri
    ali qadri14 dager siden

    How natural aspirated engine do pop on decelerate..?? They dont have turbo lag..???

  • Romario Jarrett
    Romario JarrettMåned siden

    So it like a truck jakes rigth

  • Honey Monster
    Honey MonsterMåned siden

    I saw both of these legends & I had to click.

  • cam
    camMåned siden

    me thinking about my tuned mustang making ear rattling pops and bangs when it revs for no reason other than my own enjoyment :)

  • tomatodamashi
    tomatodamashiMåned siden

    I don't understand the love for exhaust crackles.

  • FreakishPower
    FreakishPowerMåned siden

    My AMG GT-S has crackles and pops designed by the Gods themselves. I love it. Coming from a super quiet 911 Turbo, what an improvement. Smiles per mile are 5X more. And pumping in fake sounds through the speakers should be a crime in Germany. I started to lose faith in BMW when they started that BS with the V10 M5.

  • Mohammed Abdul Mateen
    Mohammed Abdul MateenMåned siden

    Why does Matt look like greata 😂

  • de Moritz z
    de Moritz zMåned siden

    This is very interesting but my car a seat toledo (i have no idea if you got them in america) it is a model with a vr5 pops very slightly as well an it is from 04 so there is definetley no programed cracking...why does my car do that?

  • Alex Lail
    Alex Lail2 måneder siden

    I enjoy the videos and think you generally have good information and make extra effort to be fair and accurate. I know you deal with modern automotive technology, but I do wish you would you would occasionally note/mention that something's were different or not applicable to pre-computerized cars. I have been told several times 'facts' novices learned on NOlocal that they assume have always applied. This is a good example... my 1970s truck with a stock factory engine designed in the 50s makes a lot of these sounds naturally as a limit of the technology of the time. Performance based- no, purposeful added- no, cool- yes. Less a complaint and more a thought for tge future.

  • Nicholas Vonrhine
    Nicholas Vonrhine2 måneder siden

    It's done because we are all juveniles.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy2 måneder siden

    "we like the sound of pops and crackles" No we fkn don't, not everyone has the mentality of a 16 year old revving the nuts off his straight piped civic at 2am on Walmart's parking lot.

  • J Y Entertainment
    J Y Entertainment2 måneder siden

    Let me be a young guy with an obnoxious pop pop pop:,)

  • Eastman51
    Eastman512 måneder siden

    What about when the the car is not designed to make crackles and pops, but does it anyway? When I push my FB RX-7, it pops between gears. As far as I know, it was not designed to do this. It also pops while engine braking in certain rpm ranges.

  • G
    G3 måneder siden

    I see Jason, and I think what a great country we live in. Here, a person has the luxury to spend their life learning about whatever interests them. In another country you may literally live in fear of the government or you may need to work 15 hours a day just to survive. Any American who hates America is not as woke as they think they are.

  • Electrodude
    Electrodude3 måneder siden

    Hate those unnecessary sounds, and if it is done with speakers on combustion engine you are joke.

  • Cherry Garcia
    Cherry Garcia3 måneder siden

    I honestly didn’t know people liked that sound, I couldn’t disagree more, even when it has purpose. The first time I noticed it on a stock new car I just thought they had a serious engine problem. Well maybe one day it will grow on me, but until then I hope y’all enjoy yourselves 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Sam Geertman
    Sam Geertman4 måneder siden

    if my civic with no engine mods can crackle with just a cat-back then your nice ass cars can as well. And if it can't just tune it. You can buy a flash tuner for $300.

  • Land Shass
    Land Shass4 måneder siden

    1:50 He doesn't like faking things! Listen up girls.

  • Ashley Weston
    Ashley Weston4 måneder siden

    I thought as soon as the engine is on the overrun the ECU stops opening the injectors and therefore no fuel should be present to pop away?

  • Le-Johnny
    Le-Johnny4 måneder siden

    we're not animals, if we were we'd be pooping, not driving a car.

  • Oblithian
    Oblithian4 måneder siden

    So backfiring used to only refer to the banging from explosions occuring in the exhaust... occasionally with actual fire. That goes all the way back to the dawn of cars. You would see it a lot with antiques puttering along and then BANG. But now we apply it to the crackle also. Is it the same thing to different extents? Should we have different terms? Someone says "backfire", and you think junk car, engine problems. But if you say exhaust crackle you think of that lovely sound after letting off the throttle.

  • uyfugbug766546
    uyfugbug7665464 måneder siden

    Funny. When you say Hello Everyone in the intro, I'm reminded of the Daily Dose of Internet and Tik Tok Tub. Great content though from all three channels.

  • Dermit Seltzer
    Dermit Seltzer4 måneder siden

    So it's active anti-lag? Isn't that really bad for your turbo?

  • Robbie Ennes
    Robbie Ennes4 måneder siden

    My fz1 (ergo friendly r1) does this on decel. It's how I bought it. My friend said I could buy an ecu to "fix" it. The audacity...

  • 233kosta
    233kosta4 måneder siden

    The 350z popped long before the F type

  • Jailan Rayvon
    Jailan Rayvon4 måneder siden

    Ask my neighbors if my pops are fake lol

  • B c
    B c4 måneder siden

    This confused the crap out of me my car is strait piped but even full mufler it will pop in first when i let off sounds awesome but i did not do it on purpose is it bad lol ?

  • B c
    B c4 måneder siden

    My mustang v6 pops lol

  • B c

    B c

    4 måneder siden

    What fake sound hell no

  • mizzouxc
    mizzouxc4 måneder siden

    Fake boobs serve no purpose, but they're fun.

  • Sateg Llib
    Sateg Llib4 måneder siden

    That giggly little fruitcake is so annoying lol. Why would someone want to listen to that

  • PaulSwen
    PaulSwen4 måneder siden

    Jaguar F type: How much Crackles & Pops do you want? me: YES

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon4 måneder siden

    I always thought that crackling was annoying.

  • The Sound of Speed
    The Sound of Speed4 måneder siden

    I've also noticed that many of the dual clutch cars do this, as well as make really strange noises (almost like a fart) on upshift. I've always wanted to better understand the engineering behind that.

  • The Sound of Speed
    The Sound of Speed4 måneder siden

    I find all of the fake/added crackles and pops nowadays to be super annoying. If there's function, I'll let it slide. But generally just please, make it stop.

  • Jeffrey Johnson
    Jeffrey Johnson4 måneder siden

    As if the noise pollution of cars weren't bad enough, we've now got engineers and manufacturers going full retard by adding fake noise. This should be outlawed.

  • DRIVER46
    DRIVER465 måneder siden

    No place for fake sounds for real enthusiasts. Those are nice for wannabes , sadly they are majority of every society.

  • Rhyno Souris
    Rhyno Souris5 måneder siden

    Fake engine noise? To go with your fake Rolex?

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson5 måneder siden

    Hey, I recognize Washington anywhere! :P

  • zmuzzy101
    zmuzzy1015 måneder siden

    My eunos roadster with a decat and cobalt exhaust makes some great loud pops on overrun.

  • English 101
    English 1015 måneder siden

    Most of them are yes. I hate the crackles, they sound awful and I do not stand by them as a car enthusiast. Okay, my car does it on it's own after getting it warmed up. Its real and it doesn't do it all the time the same everytime.

  • Riley Hance
    Riley Hance5 måneder siden

    the reason toyota put fake vents in the supra is for when people mod their cars. There are actual ducts that go places but they are not needed as stock. they built the car for modding.

  • redneckhippiefreak
    redneckhippiefreak5 måneder siden

    Burble tune for the win..I lean out the Idle circuits on all my carbs..Same effect. XD

  • Marcos Peguero
    Marcos Peguero5 måneder siden

    Inyector cut on deceleration comes stock in bikes, and Throttle off and on middle of the curve gets better if injectors are ON on deceleration..... that is a reason why not to shut them off when you let off the gas....(on a bike).

  • Mikes Review
    Mikes Review5 måneder siden

    These kids that straight pipe with no cats and sounds like a machine gun going off. That I don’t like. What this car does is more than enough.

  • Andy Owens
    Andy Owens5 måneder siden

    So if thats why production cars do it (fake or potential turbo pressure) whats going on in race cars? I presume over fuelling, cos they want speed and dont care about economy? Or is it ONLY about turbos?

  • akdomun
    akdomun5 måneder siden

    Jason, here's another video idea: Does revving the engine at idle cause any damage? And why are there soft limiters on certain cars? (Audi/VW)

  • Mr Jean Deaux
    Mr Jean Deaux5 måneder siden

    You don't like faking things? I wish **you** were my girlfriend. 👀😮😬😉

  • Pleb Failsworth
    Pleb Failsworth5 måneder siden

    how do the crackles and pops make it thru a stock exhaust? like on the veloster and f-type. and isn't it bad for the cats?

  • Tommy Tumbas
    Tommy Tumbas5 måneder siden

    Let’s turn onto this backroad here

  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez5 måneder siden

    two car gods in a vid... thanks for making my night 🔥

  • Boywonderr71
    Boywonderr715 måneder siden

    I hate how quiet my 16 ATSV is. Too quiet plus piped in engine not exhaust

  • Philip Payne
    Philip Payne5 måneder siden

    Do you have to come to a complete stop at stop signs in the USA ?

  • Kirbstomp.Overwatch
    Kirbstomp.Overwatch5 måneder siden

    every v8 ive had makes that sound when slowing down from a downshift.

  • Jojje 3000
    Jojje 30005 måneder siden

    Less-buned fuel into the catalythic conv, isn’t that bad?

  • Claude Hébert
    Claude Hébert5 måneder siden

    If it snaps, crackles and pops, it's not a car, but a bowl of puffed rice :-)

  • Joshua Mack
    Joshua Mack5 måneder siden

    The real occasional crackle comes from a very heated up exhaust system exploding gases that usually don't, right?

  • Joshua Mack
    Joshua Mack5 måneder siden

    Hmm. My 1996 Honda cb500, which was just a bread n butter bike, does that. On hot days, sometimes, after going over9000 for a while. ... I think i would not like it if it was some predictable on purpose thing.

  • CATVID-19
    CATVID-195 måneder siden

    "Fireworks serve, literally, no purpose." Clearly, this is wrong, as there must be purposes for fireworks, or else they would not be manufactured. I believe that you meant, "Fireworks serve, practically, no purpose." (However, this too is incorrect, as fireworks are used for practical purposes, such as scaring birds away from airports.) Let's start using "literally" correctly, folks. Like, "Most people literally use the word 'literally' inappropriately."

  • Snappy Heiny
    Snappy Heiny5 måneder siden

    Sounds gay as phuck! Many squids in my town have this and are probably trying to compensate for something they don’t have. Definitely not neighbor friendly......catch a F-ing GD clue!

  • TheGoldenWolf
    TheGoldenWolf5 måneder siden

    Paddle shifters on my 10 maxima are a gimmick, until I get to the california canyons. Fat , heavy fwd car and still fun at the crest. When the funds are available I may consider a 6 speed swap. From the previous gen. Good video. I'm also not a fan of fake sounds. No need. Just go faster.

  • zedoverzee
    zedoverzee5 måneder siden

    My question is how hard were you dropped as a baby if you mod your car to constantly crackle like a sputtering fart

  • Geoffrey Anderson
    Geoffrey Anderson5 måneder siden

    Real sports cars don't make fake pops or fake blow-off valve whistles. They actually make them sometimes, and they actually don't try to. Dyno and track times are the only things that matter. The rest of the drama is not actually a concern.

  • Robert Drake
    Robert Drake5 måneder siden

    Not that you'll ever see this being 9months after the showing but was that hwy 20 between Willits and fort bragg

  • Vic Burt
    Vic Burt5 måneder siden

    Exhaust gasses hitting each other at variable velocities?

  • jon
    jon5 måneder siden

    fun for idiots > engineering = unsubbed

  • jon
    jon5 måneder siden

    fake engine noise (including fake exhaust crackle) is the trashiest thing you can do to a car. trashier than fake vents or fake exhaust tips. unbelievable that the two of you defend the practice to some degree (particularly your guest). not impressed.

  • theseal666
    theseal6665 måneder siden

    FAKE crackles and pops is the worst! VW, yes we are looking at you!!!

  • UneedAname45
    UneedAname456 måneder siden

    I thought the pops were bad for the turbo. The high pressure pops causes the turbos shaft thrust bearing to wear out. Audi Quattro group B in the 80s would go through turbos like mad im order to keep the turbo spooled up.

  • Richard's World Traveler
    Richard's World Traveler6 måneder siden

    Still using a GoPro Hero 4?

  • Street Glide Pete
    Street Glide Pete6 måneder siden

    4:40 dont forget annoying and unnecessary

  • rtownsend744brad
    rtownsend744brad6 måneder siden

    You're so smart and I love your content. But in this video, I kept thinking about how healthy your head is and the rest of your body looks so fragile.

  • Jean-Pierre Declemy
    Jean-Pierre Declemy6 måneder siden

    Barry boys running round residential roads backfiring is not good.

  • Billy Mays
    Billy Mays6 måneder siden

    Definitely not fake for me i used to have a geo metro that rusted off right before the catalytic converter and she would pop

  • bigflytrap
    bigflytrap6 måneder siden

    Crackles and pops makes a car sound like it’s broken

  • SuperFrodo95
    SuperFrodo956 måneder siden

    If there is something on a car that doesn’t do the function that it would be designed for then it’s fake. A huge wing or wing lift spacers on a FWD car is fake. More downforce on the back of the car won’t help it perform better. Scoops and vents that are blocked off and serve no purpose than aesthetics are fake. Electronic engine sounds aren’t the actual engine in the car making noises, so that’s fake. On the other hand, something like what my car (Fiesta ST) has, which is a mechanical sound symposer which is connected to the induction piping and sends more actual engine noise to the cabin. It’s as real as rolling down a window and isn’t fake, even though it is just for sound. Though I’d recommend taking it out and putting a decent cat-back on if you want to hear the car better, as the symposer makes the car drone more. Not really fake, but it wasn’t needed in the car. A manufacturer like Honda with their Civic Type R doesn’t get is that there’s beauty in function. A lot in fact. Something like an F1 car looks rad as hell because all those wings and fins actually serve a real purpose and that’s to produce crazy downforce. If you’re going to put scoops on a car, have them actually lead somewhere so that they might not do much, but they at least do something. Or just don’t have them there in the first place. Don’t put a wing on a FWD car to do anything other than reduce drag, since less drag will help the car go faster. And don’t put a fake engine sound in the cabin to make the car louder some of the time. Put a decent exhaust on with electronic valves that can make it louder in sport mode, but quieter for normal mode. Then you can have a quiet car, but also have real sounds at the press of a button.

  • Tiax
    Tiax6 måneder siden

    Sounds like someone taking a diarrhoea dump. Farting and crackling is just noise for idiots.

  • Carson Day
    Carson Day6 måneder siden

    Someone heard antilag at a car meet and said "hey let's put a fake one on our car"

  • Joe Taz
    Joe Taz6 måneder siden

    Put your hands down

  • ceffydriver
    ceffydriver6 måneder siden

    "Are Car Exhaust Crackles & Pops Fake?" Laughs in RB20 16psi and wastegate screamer pipe. oh and 2 way. ;)

  • Nick A
    Nick A6 måneder siden

    2006.... had a Mini with JCW package complete with all sorts of crackles and pops off throttle. Wishing I never sold it.

    JUAN ROCA WITTE6 måneder siden

    Is there any modification that can be done to avoid the crackles and pops? That is the most disgusting and annoying sound ever. I constantly find myself releasing the gas very smoothly and carefully just to prevent them, but I'm getting tired about it. I really hate them. It's like if the engine is about to break and completely opposite to an enjoyable smooth revving sound from the past nice (non american ofcourse) engines.

  • SgLuca Tony
    SgLuca Tony6 måneder siden

    Am I the only one in the world not to like exhaust crackles and pops

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts6 måneder siden

    This video makes me want to drive a Tesla and play really obnoxious engine noises

  • Jota
    Jota6 måneder siden

    Pops and crackels sound retarded

  • Matthew Kummerfeldt
    Matthew Kummerfeldt6 måneder siden

    exhaust go pop pop pop

  • Colton Barbier
    Colton Barbier6 måneder siden

    This is real lol 😂 why would you think this is fake

  • Terrance Brown
    Terrance Brown6 måneder siden

    I hate it

  • Miguel Correia
    Miguel Correia6 måneder siden

    Yes there is a fake supra 2

  • Mahogan e-mic
    Mahogan e-mic6 måneder siden

    It’s a feminine sound, imo.

  • 3800Tech
    3800Tech6 måneder siden

    My car naturally does it a little bit as a side effect of decel enleanment and ignition retard, bit of manifold fuel in the mix as well. Only does it when lifting the throttle but not completely off it. Another factor is it's wasted spark ignition. Kinda cool considering it's not a sports car and 28 years old.

  • DawgPro
    DawgPro6 måneder siden

    I worked 12 years in the automotive industry and I can say that all manufacturers are laughing at us... and right in our faces. Case in point, half of the value of a car today is how much USB there's in it... no body needs any of these gadgets / garbage. All of that sheitz that you guys are talking about here... waste. No body need any of that. Colin Chapman said: If it does not need to be on the car... it's not on the car. CVTs... why are they on cars today? Because it's cheaper to manufacture than manual gear or automatics. It's a compromise... so worthless. As for the fake aero... I mean, do you need another definition of manufacturers laughing at you... they put fake BS on the car and the imbeciles buy it.

  • Guy Anello
    Guy Anello6 måneder siden

    Is it too much to ask for things to be functional? If I have a scoop I want it to scoop and if I have pops I want it to improve performance (or be a result of improved performance).

  • Jonathan Yates
    Jonathan Yates6 måneder siden

    I'm very much am with you Jason. Do it because it works. Don't do it for no reason But then again I also love trying the f type ,😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S6 måneder siden

    Soy, informative, but soy none the less.

  • Nicki Dean
    Nicki Dean6 måneder siden

    I'd rather have a better exhaust note than crackles and pops. Hate crackles and pops, unless it's functional.

  • Antares
    Antares6 måneder siden

    My bike's exhaust cracks and pops pretty much everytime you let off along with foot long flames, but that's just cos the fueling is messed up not because it's fast lol

  • Will Lyon
    Will Lyon6 måneder siden

    I hate every person that puts a crackle tune on their POS and pops down the street all night waking my kids up and making my dogs go nuts

  • waperboy
    waperboy6 måneder siden

    Is it actually true that some cars use recordings? Sounds like an urban myth, but then I haven't driven many cars.

  • David
    David6 måneder siden

    Engine sounds through speakers is tacky AF