5 Ways Gordon Murray's T.50 Embarrasses Today's Supercars


Is Gordon Murray's T.50 Supercar The Best Driver's Car Ever?
The 1,000 HP Naturally Aspirated V12 - nolocal.info/have/video/iaNmqtaq1qSKsp4
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Gordon Murray wanted to build the best drivers car, period. The formula is pretty simple: lightweight, central driving position, naturally aspirated V12, manual transmission, and rear wheel drive.
The formula sounds great, but it’s actually a rather difficult thing to market. What are you going to brag about? The V12 is small, and not all that powerful. The manual transmission shifts seem pathetically slow in comparison to today’s stupid fast dual clutch transmissions. People don’t care nearly enough about weight, but they do care about horsepower, and 654 horsepower can be found in family sedans these days.
When other companies are making new supercars, they’re picking what they want it to be good at. Best track car, quickest acceleration, highest top speed. But these accolades only last for so long, and they don’t even mean that the car is fun to drive. But they’re bragging rights. When it comes to buying supercars, there’s a lot of ego involved. Marketing teams obviously know this, so cars are flashy, exotic, and break records to make talking points. And while I certainly admire the engineering that goes into it, many of these exotics aren’t all that special to drive.
Here’s an example with two cars. For about $36,000, you can buy a base Mustang GT with 460 horsepower, or a Club ND Miata and Brembo package with 181 horsepower. The nearly 300 horsepower bump is all most people need to hear, and the Mustang routinely outsells the Miata on a monthly basis, by as much as 10 times the quantity. The fact that the MX-5 weighs 1400 lbs less, an absurd amount, just doesn’t seem to be an effective talking point. Very few people care.
So why is this T.50 good? Simply put, because it’s fun. I’ve had the privilege to be able to drive hundreds of different cars, and from my experience, the amount of money you spend on a car doesn’t determine how much fun you’ll have driving it. And while the T.50 is silly expensive, it says forget the records, we’re building something rewarding to drive. It’s not about ego, it’s about having fun, and that’s the edge it has over all of the other supercars today.
From The Gordon Murray Automotive Media Kit:
"The T.50 has been engineered to be the purest, lightest, most driver-centric supercar ever. Improving on his acclaimed McLaren F1 “in every conceivable way”, Professor Gordon Murray CBE is leading the team that will begin building customer versions of the 986kg supercar in January 2022. Justifying its £2.36m (before taxes) price tag, the T.50 promises to deliver an unsurpassed driving experience.
It is powered by a 100% bespoke 3.9-litre, 663PS V12 engine that revs to a record-breaking 12,100rpm, and features the most advanced and effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road car - aided by a 400mm rear-mounted fan.
The global premiere is the first time the clean lines of the exterior and the driver-focused interior have been seen. From his first ballpoint sketches, to every engineering and design detail, Murray has led the Gordon Murray Automotive team and briefed and overseen suppliers to drive the project forward at an unrelenting pace. Murray’s design for T.50 was the 50th in a prestigious line of race and road cars he’s penned over his illustrious 50-year career - both reasons combining to name the car T.50.
The most dominant characteristics of the T.50 exterior design are its purity and balance, free from the wings, skirts and vents that adorn most modern-day supercars. The clean surfaces are enabled by the most advanced and effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road car, resulting in deliberately simple, beautiful lines and a timeless appearance."
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  • Rolando Crisostomo
    Rolando CrisostomoDag siden

    My car too has a fan. It uses it to suck the money out of my bank account.

  • PreparedDeath
    PreparedDeath5 dager siden

    Me: “I honestly don’t think we will see a car with an internal combustion engine as great as this ever again.” Koenigsegg: hold my Aquavit

  • Mike Evans
    Mike Evans7 dager siden

    Great content. Love the way you get the engineering concepts across. Only criticism is the mixing of metric and imperial units of measure in the workings.

    DORU HUM8 dager siden

    Great!, I appreciate your pasion for light weight cars fun to drive, supper efficient

  • Daniel Hristov
    Daniel Hristov9 dager siden

    My old yami r1could do 110mph in 1st...

  • jaysper
    jaysper9 dager siden

    But will it tow a trailer?

    CJ JENSON9 dager siden

    I'll be impressed when the (clarkson) stig sets a lap record😂

  • Legolas
    Legolas10 dager siden

    He did some inovating, which is hard to find these days!

  • Carpediem06
    Carpediem0610 dager siden

    The true sequel

  • Xerox Sos
    Xerox Sos11 dager siden

    Everyone else having problem to see the difference between Fan Off and On at 3:58, press the "," on your keyboard to move frame by frame on youtube. (For pc user only I think)

  • Big Motor
    Big Motor11 dager siden

    10 meters early stopping distance can be the difference between winning and loosing. That’s actually mega. Especially if the cars are matched as far as power restriction plates

  • Marinel Subu
    Marinel Subu11 dager siden

    Mclaren F1

  • ryank289
    ryank28912 dager siden

    I doubt the fan is any degree of a stunt. That doesn’t seem to be Gordon Murray’s style.

  • Nelson Lopez
    Nelson Lopez12 dager siden

    they need to make a little brother for that one, same look, no fan, v4 or v6, front wheel drive

  • Stellar Fusion -
    Stellar Fusion -12 dager siden

    Are there major statistical differences between a 5.2 litre v10 and an 8.4 litre v10

  • Paul Kelsey
    Paul Kelsey12 dager siden

    I feel like this is going to be my most desired car for the rest of my life...

  • Busi Xnesse
    Busi Xnesse12 dager siden

    Did they copy a toyota mr2 front

  • Captain Traction
    Captain Traction13 dager siden

    Venom f5: hold my beer

  • Kr Dz

    Kr Dz

    6 dager siden

    Venom f5 don't have a chance T50 is completely differen league

  • Brett Phillips
    Brett Phillips13 dager siden

    Every time I watch this channel the same chain of events seems to occur. At the beginning, I'm like "oh, this is super fascinating". About halfway through, I find myself thinking ummm, wait, what? Near the end, I discover that someone posted a new puppy video.

  • srinitaaigaura
    srinitaaigaura13 dager siden

    I like that uncompromised vision of Gordon, he doesn't compromise road setup for track setup or vice versa. The main thing here which even you failed to mention is the ride height -- the road car drives 5.5 inches off the ground so the venturi effect is not going to be anywhere near a race car. A race car like a DTM? I doubt if you could stick a finger underneath. What that does is, it makes the venturi effect and the role of the diffuser much, much stronger. That's where the fan really shows what it's got. A car like that is almost vacuumed to the ground. The fact that the T50s can get to 210 mph with almost twice its weight in downforce means it's remarkably aerodynamically efficient - for comparison, in a top speed run of the Senna, which makes much less downforce and more power, it got up to 170-180 mph easily, and then it hit a wall of drag and somehow just barely struggled past 200 mph. And you can't really drive that car well on the road - ride is super rough, the wing is a giant parachute, mpg is abysmal, getting the bottom scraped and damaging the vortex generators is too easy, R tires are useless in rain, and on and on it goes.

  • chitz villanueva
    chitz villanueva13 dager siden


  • Joe Mullin
    Joe Mullin17 dager siden

    Like a Chinese version of the F1

  • Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Burnt Chicken Nugget18 dager siden

    This makes me want to build a wind tunnel and mess with my track car. Mostly because I got some Ideas and I cant test them without this.

  • ExDee Wobblum
    ExDee Wobblum19 dager siden

    Finish it with a turbine instead of piston, the rear end is calling out for it and it know it 😈

  • no i am gunner
    no i am gunner19 dager siden

    You have no chance against hoonicorn 02 top speed 0 to 60. 1500 feet doesn't matter. You will be mopped up

  • no i am gunner
    no i am gunner19 dager siden

    Straight up it's not fast compared to Ken Block's hoonicorn you want to drag race him check it out he'll drag race anybody hoonicorn against the world I think is the website four wheel drive 65 Mustang 1400 horsepower sticky tires. And it's a rally car

  • MJorgy5
    MJorgy520 dager siden

    If they made a miniature version with standard 2-seater arrangement and half of the v12 (I6)- many, many sports cars would go the way of the dodo bird. This car is badass.

  • Stephen Collier
    Stephen Collier20 dager siden

    Hes done it before with the mclaren f1

  • Hot Flash Foto
    Hot Flash Foto20 dager siden

    Section 4 should be 4.1, and then it needs section 4.2) Is it a flat-plane crank? What, no audio clip of the exhaust??? Good presentation. Thank you.

  • Johan Santoso
    Johan Santoso21 dag siden

    People: Jason, have you heard about T50? Jason: YES

  • Yar Pic
    Yar Pic21 dag siden

    This is not the car I expected from gordon murray. Wasn't he supposed to be working on a small affordable lightweight midengine sport car à la smart roadster. This is the kind of car that is missing today not billionnaire's garage diva/toy.

  • Mike Clements
    Mike Clements22 dager siden

    Porsche did this with the 914 50 year's ago. Fun car

  • Mike Dezzy
    Mike Dezzy22 dager siden

    Take a shot everytime he says "insanely or insane"

  • Sideways N
    Sideways N26 dager siden

    I wish 40-80k sports cars had at least one car as an option for a center seating position. It seems like it'd be extremely fun

  • jon wik
    jon wik26 dager siden

    tht fan is ugly

  • Richard S
    Richard S27 dager siden

    I'll probaby get pasted for this... but I think they need to make a diffusion range at sort of 250k type cash. Keep the lightweight and the engine and the manual but drop the fan and lots of other bits that make it expensive. If ferrari can do a V12 for 250k then surely this is possible? Why not freevalve a V12???

  • Cody Groening
    Cody Groening28 dager siden

    I love looking at things I can't afford

  • Ass Hole
    Ass Hole29 dager siden

    Wonder why this guy didn't just use a exhaust blown diffuser, does the same thing but it actually generates usable downforce

  • Tony Gruber
    Tony Gruber29 dager siden

    Well done!

  • craig g
    craig g29 dager siden

    Why a 65 degree V angle? That is the wrong angle for a V12, which of course should be either 60 or 180. Do they use offset crank pins? Balance shafts? Or just let it vibrate?

  • Luke Polson
    Luke PolsonMåned siden

    I was scrolling and I said, oh look its a new McLaren F1.

  • James Drissel
    James DrisselMåned siden

    How would that braking mode impact 60-0 on wet pavement? I have had the idea of using rockets to apply down force to the wheels (not the body) for emergency braking. My thought is that if your self-driving car figures out that it missed a truck that you are about to drive under at 70mph, you can stop at 8 or 9 G, even if the pavement is wet...

  • J C
    J CMåned siden

    I love the three seats, because if I ever could afford one, you know I'd have two girlfriends.

  • Just another Brother
    Just another BrotherMåned siden

    Isnt there a car from back in the day with the same fan on the back idea?

  • Dragon Of Duuuh Night
    Dragon Of Duuuh NightMåned siden

    Sooo its a super Miata ?

    JZX TRDMåned siden

    How to market it, the great Gordon Murray. What did He say? 2/3's of the production numbers had taken down payments when the initial concept was drawn up?

  • parlocosizarathustra
    parlocosizarathustraMåned siden

    Is ugly

  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin TaylorMåned siden

    For some reason it makes me think of the car in Condorman.

  • Hunter MacDonald
    Hunter MacDonaldMåned siden

    I used to love this but now I need one

  • Robert Rishel
    Robert RishelMåned siden

    For those of us obsessed with the driving experience, this car is absolutely the holy grail.

  • StevenR
    StevenRMåned siden

    It is fake. Have he driven this? Has anyone? Until I see someone credible drive it and honestly review it is only a 100% hype machine

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter NguyenMåned siden

    I hope his company takes off, and not another Fisker Karma failure

  • William Arrington
    William ArringtonMåned siden

    I think it depends. This is hypercar status not super. You would have to comare it agaisnt the Bugatti and the Koenesseg (I dont think anyone can spell this)

  • SpartanBike
    SpartanBikeMåned siden

    wait the production car has not even built/sold/driven yet, but based on paper specs it is the greatest ever LOL

    CurryThe GOAT OF MANKIND THE PAPI of RAGE!Måned siden

    Looks like a frog 🐸

  • rudy torres
    rudy torresMåned siden

    I thought so... 200+ lbs lighter than the last celica Gen. Crazy.

  • Gottlieb Dee
    Gottlieb DeeMåned siden

    The T.50 is £2.5M, that's two point five million. Pounds. The VAST majority of its competition is a lot less money, had they invested the extra money to take their prices to similar heights you can't say with a straight face that the T.50 embarrasses them.

  • zevi100
    zevi100Måned siden

    WTF rear end

  • Steven Young
    Steven YoungMåned siden

    I see everything right about that car. I would rather drive that than any of the super high horsepower cars out there honestly. Light weight in a car is just super fun to me. I've driven a lot of cars in my life being in the auto business 35 years and light does make fun.

  • Hoff Man
    Hoff ManMåned siden

    Awesome car, then there’s the fan. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Lsnd7
    Lsnd7Måned siden

    It looks like a rip-off Porsche

  • Raghav Sundar
    Raghav SundarMåned siden

    What’s wild is that

  • shmac96
    shmac96Måned siden

    Why dont more manufacturers build centre driving positioned cars?

  • Matthew Perlman
    Matthew PerlmanMåned siden

    In regards to that 65 mph first gear I think it is worth mentioning the 11,500 RPM that the motor can generate. This means that the gear is really not as tall as it seems and that a normal engagement RPM it should feel somewhat normal at engagement, and yet still be able to carry you all the way up to 65 miles per hour before topping out.

  • Pizzaball Jr.
    Pizzaball Jr.Måned siden

    The Koenigsegg Agera has way better specs, has been around for quite a while now, and went for about the same price.

  • benchou chc
    benchou chcMåned siden

    It looks like McLaren F1

  • unseenmenace1976
    unseenmenace19762 måneder siden

    Was just admiring your T-shirt and looked on Teespring thinking my son might like one but what are the odds of making them available in a few more colours, specifically orange?

  • Jay Ferris
    Jay Ferris2 måneder siden

    It’s a Brabham BT46C with fenders and 3 seats. Just needs a flat 12 Alfa.

  • thecommenter
    thecommenter2 måneder siden

    old people money

  • thecommenter
    thecommenter2 måneder siden

    how does it do vs the koeningsegg cars?

  • Note Pad

    Note Pad

    2 måneder siden


  • Adam Lawson
    Adam Lawson2 måneder siden

    Isn't that a weight to power ratio and not a power to weight ratio? ;)

  • Adam Lawson
    Adam Lawson2 måneder siden

    Great car but omg that shifter and control panel is ugly as all get out. And the controls remind me of an 80s boombox.

  • Denis Nash
    Denis Nash2 måneder siden

    What is a cooarrr?

  • Jakob Jamnig
    Jakob Jamnig2 måneder siden

    There are better cars than the first-gen hyprid trio. Of course they were heavy.

    ALBER PAJARES2 måneder siden

    Honestly smaller but wider wheels works better in the back axis (where the traction goes) and bigger and thinner in the front axis (where the direction moves)..,

  • Logan Roether
    Logan Roether2 måneder siden

    This thing is just an offbrand McLaren F1

  • TheDankAtheist
    TheDankAtheist2 måneder siden

    Im so mad they didn’t call it the F2

  • Iceracer25
    Iceracer252 måneder siden

    Having 1,500 HP is like having a 3' Dick.... What the hell are you going to do with it? Glad Gordon Murray doesn't care about numbers, but I wish these designers would also care less about downforce and drag. Then maybe we could get some cars that don't all look like a computer mouse and we could get back to cars with unique style to their design.

  • Petter
    Petter2 måneder siden

    If only a tiny effort was made to design the headlights with those ugly things it is not a super car in appearance

  • Akira S
    Akira S2 måneder siden

    So this is like a modern McLaren F1?

  • segmentkings.com
    segmentkings.com2 måneder siden

    Interesting viewpoint about the fan. Actually, I agree with you. Naturally aspirated V12, manual gearbox, then so much flashy aero stuff? And don't tell me the electric fan will spin up /stop as fast as that V12. So changing aero mode will be slower, especially as there are moving wings (flaps) too. Also, why will this be slower than the F1 with more power?

  • Exotic Flash
    Exotic Flash2 måneder siden

    I'd say his design embarrasses itself compared to other supercars... Honestly you don't have to be an expert to see not much creativity went into it. It's like a GTA5 Version of a McLaren F1

  • Hans Jakob Mollatt
    Hans Jakob Mollatt2 måneder siden

    The car is a masterpiece but I hate the fan cover on the back :(

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd2 måneder siden

    You lost me at naturally aspirated. Why didn't he do what Elon did?

  • 75IFFY
    75IFFY2 måneder siden

    Im really tired of doing mental maths to convert from retardistan units to rest of the world units just to keep track. Please stop using mph/feet/ lbs etc.

  • 75IFFY
    75IFFY2 måneder siden

    Highly raked differential? Where can i buy one?

  • Eddie Smidtsrod
    Eddie Smidtsrod2 måneder siden

    I just love watching your videos, GREAT job.

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown2 måneder siden

    i started cracking up at the animation of the T.50 flapping its “wings” 🤣

  • John M
    John M2 måneder siden

    Imagine finally building a successor to the F1 and thinking you need a "gimmicky party trick" to show off.

  • s6g2k
    s6g2k2 måneder siden

    Regarding rounding and 3.9 l vs. 3.994 l vs. 4.0 l: Is it possible that there is a regulatory issues that kicks in at 4.0? I recall, at least back in the 80s that this was an issue on motorcycles. I can't recall the threshold but I think it was at about 600cc.

  • Petar Dimitrov
    Petar Dimitrov2 måneder siden

    Make a similar video for Bugatti Bolide

  • Dizzy Gear
    Dizzy Gear2 måneder siden

    Jesus christ, an NA engine that revs past 11k RPM must sound NICE! Always loved the sound of an S2000 engine, so I have a feeling I'd love this engine even more. And I'm 0% surprised that people were requesting manual transmission. True driver's cars (the actually fun to drive vehicles) are always manual transmission. Not to mention, the trio at The Grand Tour are all unanimous in agreeing that manual transmission cars, even today, are still the most fun to actually *drive.* Shame I can never afford this, but damn I'd love to drive one one day.

  • Bmwmotorsportguy
    Bmwmotorsportguy2 måneder siden

    Looks like a modern mclaren F1

  • SS Me
    SS Me2 måneder siden

    Bro I fell into a coma during the downforce bit

  • Sacha Chan Yan
    Sacha Chan Yan2 måneder siden

    Are you getting one...? 😁

  • Ben Daulton
    Ben Daulton2 måneder siden

    What a waste of money cars are. You can buy any and every exotic motorcycle for less have more fun with something truly involving.

  • Saybro WT
    Saybro WT2 måneder siden

    The F1 finally has an heir

  • Matt Bolt
    Matt Bolt2 måneder siden

    Trust an American to STILL struggle with the idea of corners and weight hahaha! (If you’re Canadian, I profusely apologise!) I agree with all you’ve said aside from the part where you say weight isnt as important due to suspension and tyre progress. It IS important. More so than ever in this era of overweight cars which are even heavier with heavy battery packs. A fat car has a tough time with inertia transfer. Its sheer weight resists the change of direction more. So it’s never light on it’s feet compared to a well sorted light car. Simple as. Modern supercars are too heavy and focus on numbers and listening to environmentalists. Gordon is taking a sledgehammer to that by being pure to the one thing that matters when making a supercar: THE DRIVE. And a big part of that means lightness. As much as people like the idea, hybrid/electric powertrains ruin the drive when it comes to supercars. They have 100 times worse energy density that gasoline and the battery packs consequently weigh a ton. That spoils the handling and actually eats the tyres. So while you have all these supercars that chase stats and numbers, gordon doesn’t care about that. He isnt prostrating himself before people who want bragging rights or environmentalists. He’s prostrating himself before the supercar gods. This gives him that singular vision because he only cars about the car and how to make it the most incredible driving experience possible. That means you have to feel it. And with electric motors, you feel less. Theres no good noise, tingling vibration, smell, gear change etc. He wants you to be involved. To strip away as many electronic barriers as possible. To make everything an event. Hence the manual gearbox. To bat aside lightness is literally batting aside one of gordon murrary’s key points on the whole reason he designed this car. Lightness was at the top of his list for the reasons stated. And the fan isnt primarily for downforce. He explained its for aero management ie controlling the drag as well as downforce. You wont need as big an engine if you can stall the diffuser. And because the car is light, it doesnt need giant tyres (which are denser because the forces on the outer circumference are much greater so they need extra reinforcement). It doesnt need beefy suspensions because a) the car isn’t stupidly fat and b) the car doesnt put the same force through the suspension at top speeds because the downforce is cut by the fan. And because it doesnt have to lug around a massive battery with pitiful energy density, it doesnt need as strong a chassis construction. Beefing up one thing spirals the weight of the rest out of control. But gordon has done all he can in the pursuit of lightness. As much as other supercars claim to have done the same, they really haven’t compared to him. So yes, lightness is key.

  • Paul Reed
    Paul Reed2 måneder siden

    Paint it black and call it the Batmobile.

  • Charles Koushik
    Charles Koushik2 måneder siden

    6:00 T.60?....