5 Reasons You Shouldn't Care About Horsepower (As Much)


Horsepower is overrated, car curb weights are far more important.
Driving the 2019 Mazda Miata clears the mind on what's important.
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Driving in the 2019 Mazda Miata MX-5 Club, with 181 horsepower and a curb weight of 2,339 lbs (with soft top), it becomes very clear that horsepower is not a necessary ingredient for an exceptionally fun drive. Horsepower is only a single number, and yet it's so heavily influential in the car buying world of enthusiasts. But does it warrant the impact that it has in sales?
I'd argue horsepower is heavily overrated, while simultaneously curb weight is heavily underrated. Because what really makes a car fun to drive? Sure, acceleration has a part. But what about steering, handling, response, grip, ride quality? So many factors are heavily influenced positively by weight loss, and negatively by power gained. Check out the video for 5 reasons why horsepower is overrated.
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  • Carlos Sampaio
    Carlos Sampaio2 dager siden

    I can relate to this with my Mazda Skyactiv-X. 182hp and it feels like driving a mom’s car. Fortunately I love the car

  • JAMES T. not kirk
    JAMES T. not kirk6 dager siden

    It's the power to weight,

  • JAMES T. not kirk
    JAMES T. not kirk6 dager siden

    Horsepower us just a noise, torque does the work!! But you gotta have enough horse power!

  • 392Adventures
    392Adventures9 dager siden

    That Mazda would run nice with a twin turbo V6

  • CodyDoesIt
    CodyDoesIt10 dager siden

    2016 Elantra Gt 2.0L n/a 173hp at the crank 2900 pounds manual 6speed its a fun car for a cheap price and has been reliable for me (knocks on wood)

  • Ray Lopez
    Ray Lopez20 dager siden

    My 125 cc motorcycle can accelerate faster than an SUV with 350 hp! And go around curves faster.

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max22 dager siden

    The only things the latest mx-5 lacks is a stiffer suspension!

  • David George
    David George22 dager siden

    I get the horsepower concept but Curb Side weight is important to me when driving on rainy freeways in California. Cars that weigh less than 2800 pounds tend to start hydroplaning above 65 mph. My 2005 Caddy STS @4200 Curb Side weight does not at any speed. How about a video on vehicle weight verses Mother Nature’s elements?

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith22 dager siden

    I'm going to "care" about horsepower and torque and / or Watts whether you like it or not!!!!!

  • Joe Chungus
    Joe Chungus25 dager siden

    This man totally forgot about street racing

  • rudy torres
    rudy torres26 dager siden

    Thank God someone finally said it.

  • What's In Dan's Garage?
    What's In Dan's Garage?Måned siden

    5000 lbs that is half-a-tone.

  • JimmyV 5050
    JimmyV 5050Måned siden

    Finally someone who looks at horsepower numbers with sound logic and reasoning. For me personally, I like a car that handles well around corners, looks sexy, and has some good pep in its step. That's why I think the new Acura TLX S would be great for me. Mid to high 300s in horsepower (which is plenty) and an awesome SH-AWD system 😁👍.

  • Michael Dodd
    Michael DoddMåned siden

    Would love to know the road you were on in this video, looks like great fun!

  • Stephen Goetsch
    Stephen GoetschMåned siden

    I have always admired the Mazda Miata, ever since it first came out. But, at 6’4”, I have never fit in one. I haven’t tried to in ten years...but I needed at lest 1-2 inches more headroom to feel like I could be comfortable. For driving fun, I have had to settle for Mini Coopers or even Ford Focuses (!) and the Scion tC (awesome car!).

  • ФёдорГенадич Микроволнов
    ФёдорГенадич МикроволновMåned siden

    Horsepower is overrated, drugs are far more important. lol

  • David Petri
    David PetriMåned siden

    Comparing horsepower between fuel powered and electric powered vehicles is ridiculous and pointless.

  • SoccerPro101
    SoccerPro101Måned siden

    Make a car made of cardboard and tin, and slap a lawn mower engine in it. :))

  • David Petri
    David PetriMåned siden

    The only weights he lifts is paper weights! 😆

  • SoccerPro101
    SoccerPro101Måned siden

    I have decided to join Automobile Engineering College to understand this video :))

  • Chad W
    Chad WMåned siden

    To sum this video up. Peak hp is nothing. its all about the average output over the time interval you are wanting to test. Hp is everything to move an object. average hp is what you want to maximize at all times

  • Hunter
    HunterMåned siden

    Where’s the charts..... im sooooo lost 😂

  • Casey T
    Casey TMåned siden

    when a 9 year old camaro gets compared to a brand new 2019 mazda ^_^

  • David Mathis
    David MathisMåned siden

    If you care about the power to weight to fun ratio you have 2 too many wheels. I can have twice as much fun on a 50 hp 250 lbs bike than you could have in any 4 wheeler

  • New Revo
    New RevoMåned siden

    I have a 75hp 3cylinder 1l litre engine car, and even that is too much for me,

  • Bikemike 1
    Bikemike 1Måned siden

    Absolutely right. Especially the Miata is a perfect example! It is more FUN to drive than a Porsche 991.2 TurboS Convertible...from personal experience....even though much lower horsepower ! Mazda really nailed it with the MX5!! Regards from Germany

  • Closet
    ClosetMåned siden

    Everyone should get an Audi A1 1,4 TFSI! Its a Gokart with the heart of a sports car.

  • cdsmithers
    cdsmithersMåned siden

    you made all the 350Z HR guys cry :)

  • William Ko
    William KoMåned siden

    Honorable mention, late 80s MR2, Suzuki Cappuccino.

  • William Ko
    William KoMåned siden

    You like straight, I like curve. Same way i like my lady.

  • NU MOO
    NU MOOMåned siden

    So Basically...you're yammering about Power:weight ratio! Ummmm... yeah, that was covered by Agera R - Koenigsegg 😄.

  • Tyrox 222
    Tyrox 222Måned siden

    If somebody likes crazy bhp to weight ratios, then i recommend the old can am racing prototypes. Of course they where basically engines with wings and wheels. 700 bhp + and less than 1500 lbs.

  • Aydin Gultekin
    Aydin GultekinMåned siden

    Watch old RUF documentary. Old guy (owner of RUF) says the only way to make a car better is to make it lighter. It is like having a 20-30 kgs lighter motorbike. It makes a big difference.

  • Richard
    RichardMåned siden

    Richard Couldn’t agree more. And yet at least two popular YT reviewers insist on opening each and every review with HORSEPOWER plastered in big numbers over each and every review. And they should know better. (Weight?? Oh, at some point they’ll mention it. But make no mistake; it’s HP that gets the spotlight.) 😞

  • Alan Gross
    Alan Gross2 måneder siden

    The horsepower race is out of control, especially in an age where there are so many cars on the roads. Horsepower vs weight and the most bang you can get talking HP/Weight is a modern day liter bikes, the likes of the Honda CBR1000-RR, Kawasaki H2 or the BMW 1000-RR and they cost far less than any car that can close to the speed those bikes can quickly attain.

  • Toguro 100%
    Toguro 100%2 måneder siden

    Wait, you’re sitting there and driving along and you want me to make the spreadsheet when you usually do the wetboard excuse me whiteboard.?

  • Ray Fleming
    Ray Fleming2 måneder siden

    I loved my Saturn Sky that at 3000 pounds and 320 horsepower with a mild tune on the stock motor, was traction limited in the first 3 gears. It did not need anymore horsepower or torque.

  • pew pew-_-
    pew pew-_-2 måneder siden

    coming from the words of a guy in a miata ill still take your word tho

    DILYSI2 måneder siden

    I always agreed with what you say, but you said there was no lighter or more fun car than the mx5. You forgot that 60 hp 1.1 Citroën saxo. Might be French, but is a perfect daily 🥰

  • Ramp10er
    Ramp10er2 måneder siden

    Sometimes it's good to go to a gym to have lean muscles for you to be able to work with heavy things like fixing a car...

  • SoccerPro101
    SoccerPro1012 måneder siden

    Beautiful scenic drive next to a river. Where is it ?

  • Eric Caves
    Eric Caves2 måneder siden

    It's hilarious that the C8 Corvette weighs as much as my 1983 Chevy Impala, when the Corvette is made of aluminum and plastic 😂

  • Aleksandar Mandic
    Aleksandar Mandic2 måneder siden

    Greetings from Germany 😏😁

  • Maxi
    Maxi2 måneder siden

    Me and my motorcycle think all these 5sec 0-60 times are damn slow.

  • aluisious
    aluisious2 måneder siden

    "I want to have fun in a car!" Makes a spreadsheet.

  • aluisious
    aluisious2 måneder siden

    My bike makes only 160 horsepower, but it weighs 500 pounds. Check mate, every car guy.

  • DakPail1068
    DakPail10682 måneder siden

    Cries in 150 crank hp and 4100lbs

  • Chuck the Sham
    Chuck the Sham2 måneder siden

    This guy talks awfully fast. First he says weight doesn't matter. Then he says it matters a whole lot. Why do they put stuff like this out?

  • Hakeem Zahardi
    Hakeem Zahardi2 måneder siden

    3:53 "..true constraints like..life.." That's really hits something and brings me back to reality lol

  • Ryan Leuschen

    Ryan Leuschen

    21 dag siden

    but did he mean living or just living with the massive consequences of losing your license/car/sums of money etc lol

  • Mischievous Elf
    Mischievous Elf2 måneder siden

    Spends 13 minutes saying horsepower doesn't matter. Then says "I like the ND because it has more horsepower." :D

  • devilxelloss
    devilxelloss2 måneder siden

    Used to have a 3L V6 TDI, the low end torque gives a kick, but it won't last long because of 5K red line. lol Now I have an AMG 4L bi-turbo V8, much better.

  • Dean Austin
    Dean Austin2 måneder siden

    I agree

  • Stephen Grange
    Stephen Grange2 måneder siden

    Travelling at 100mph in a 2ton car your first thought is how it's going to stop. Forget the HP.

  • SoccerPro101


    Måned siden

    Brembo Brakes .

  • Tony Rock
    Tony Rock2 måneder siden


  • Rolled Potatoes
    Rolled Potatoes2 måneder siden

    I bet a hybrid turbo civic could be really fast. Vtec and turbo on the high end, electric motor off the line; that would be an insane sleeper

  • AA1010101010
    AA10101010102 måneder siden

    Weight matters indeed! I've got 1987 bmw e30 and I'm building m20 2.7 L stroker engine which will produce about 200hp on crank and it's 1150 kg (2535 lbs). It has 5 speed Getrag manual and don't know what final drive do I want/need. I want this car to be fun to drive and not too crazy on RPM when on highway

  • Kaneki Ghoul
    Kaneki Ghoul2 måneder siden

    Thats why off road vehicles need to have more torque than hp

  • Frenky Tan
    Frenky Tan2 måneder siden

    Is like Bruce Lee vs Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who you think will win?

  • John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt
    John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt2 måneder siden

    BTW .... pretty good driving skills to have such an indepth conversation with facts and figures and ..... keep that car on the road ... and on your side of the road.

  • John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt
    John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt2 måneder siden

    Well damn. I'm not a car nut. Where do I want my power delivered. It's in the 40 - 60 mph range. I want to be able to pass some slow putz like a rocket going off. I want to step on the gas and be past the putz in 3 seconds.

  • ZiGa:S
    ZiGa:S2 måneder siden

    Weight is also a reason why EVs are not fun to drive on dynamic roads.

  • GH1618
    GH16182 måneder siden

    His driving on that road with only one hand on the wheel is making me nervous. Those rocks would not keep you from going down that cliff.

  • Johan
    Johan2 måneder siden

    Thanks for putting words on why the freaking fabia feels better than the s60.

  • vivien o
    vivien o2 måneder siden

    also it will be mandatory to be lightweight for environmental reasons in a few years.

  • G
    G2 måneder siden

    A very clear and logical argument is made here.

  • G
    G2 måneder siden

    An MX-5 is as quick as a Harley, which is to say...not very 🤣

  • Jacob
    Jacob2 måneder siden

    Precies 😉

  • Richard Monroe
    Richard Monroe2 måneder siden

    If you watch Ford vs Ferrari it shows how the winning cars were important in car sales of their brand of car.

  • Richard Monroe
    Richard Monroe2 måneder siden

    What's so important about acceleration? One can can go 50' further in the same time as another. At 60mph one second equals 88 feet. So that's about one second of distance. More hp generally consumes more fuel. For what?

  • Richard Monroe
    Richard Monroe2 måneder siden

    Aerodynamics are important

  • Woke AF
    Woke AF3 måneder siden

    The best car I ever had was a 1991 SW20 Toyota MR2, with the base engine, 130 HP, 140 lb ft torque Never felt underpowered. Was quick, punchy, when I needed it, smooth, and reliable

  • William Ko

    William Ko

    Måned siden

    Finally someone mentioned MR2

  • John Uicker
    John Uicker3 måneder siden

    Beautiful road

  • TenZ
    TenZ3 måneder siden

    You just explained why 2 strokes are more fun than 4 strokes

    2MANYCARS3 måneder siden

    Agreed, but the rich guys don't care, they always brag about how much power they have under their hoods, which make the perfect cases of "I drive a McLaren." at track events, those damn fools. haha

  • John Byrtus
    John Byrtus3 måneder siden

    "I don't lift weight that high in weight value" He's got the gym lingo down at least.

  • Wrecker1738
    Wrecker17383 måneder siden

    Wise words - and that's why I love my Swift Sport :)

  • Blu Sky
    Blu Sky3 måneder siden

    The same mentality is found in home theater systems with amplifiers having high watt output when really the sound pressure level (SPL) of the drivers in the speakers make a bigger difference. They are the measure of how well the drivers convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, moving the cone in the spider, pushing the soundwaves to your ear.

  • George Simon
    George Simon3 måneder siden

    This is right out of Gordon Murray's philosophy. And why, in spite of being very wealthy, he drives an Alpine A110 every day.

  • George Armstrong
    George Armstrong3 måneder siden

    In the offroad world we have a saying. Anything over 14hp is just wheel spin.

  • Kan CK
    Kan CK3 måneder siden

    Reason one, you are poor🥺.

  • yipe222
    yipe2223 måneder siden

    V6 AWD Dodge Challenger? I used to sell Challenger's. Never heard of sucha animal.

  • Ineffable
    Ineffable3 måneder siden

    I get what he's saying, but his MX-5 would be whole lot more fun with a 450hp LS, by far.

  • Dizzy Kincade
    Dizzy Kincade3 måneder siden

    A dude that drives a Miata makes a vid about not caring about HP. Hilarious. - Sincerely, Focus RS owner

  • Chris R
    Chris R3 måneder siden

    Doesn't having a heavy car also increase traction, helping with acceleration from a stop?

  • willem baaij
    willem baaij3 måneder siden

    what about the lotus Elise , it weights less and it has more power!

  • Jungle Man
    Jungle Man3 måneder siden

    Where are you driving in the video? The landscape is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking

  • Jose Miguel Mandolesi
    Jose Miguel Mandolesi3 måneder siden

    Try high intensity interval training.😁

  • T1Oracle
    T1Oracle3 måneder siden

    I really wish there was an EV equivalent to this. Affordable, convertible, with instant silent torque, decent acceleration, and good handling.

  • Shacklebound
    Shacklebound3 måneder siden

    ...ssssooooo... it's exciting to have a jerk

  • ppernett1
    ppernett13 måneder siden

    A Hellcat is a riot! And it breaks every rule. It’s great because it’s absurd.

  • Sr. Boi Olla
    Sr. Boi Olla3 måneder siden

    "I rather relief 50 kilograms in the car than get 50 more hp" - Emerson Fittipaldi

  • Discount YouTuber
    Discount YouTuber3 måneder siden

    Price tho

  • Nikola Milenkovic
    Nikola Milenkovic3 måneder siden

    He obviously lacks body weight 🏋️

  • Sak 20012019
    Sak 200120193 måneder siden

    Bruh what?????? Weight has very little role in top speed????? Question mark x1,000,000

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness3 måneder siden

    Of course you should care about horsepower... anything over 500hp is way too much for the average person.

  • elvine214
    elvine2143 måneder siden

    Ye, the horsepower are overrated, A 1989 Mini Rover 1000 sport got 56hp and it's so funny to drive and you have not the impression to be slow

  • recharging2002
    recharging20023 måneder siden

    Try motorcycles.

  • Nico Nesta
    Nico Nesta3 måneder siden

    I really enjoy an engine winding up to get to that peak power. It is why I do not like turbos. Comparing to EVs is b.s. yes they will always outrun you at the traffic lights, annoying but true.

  • Tim Peterson
    Tim Peterson3 måneder siden

    My wife's 2017 Kia Rondo has a 2 litre, kicks you into the seats and likes to cruise at around 145 km, I've only had it up to 160 km but she had I'd guess another 25 km in her easy.

  • shadowlykin20
    shadowlykin203 måneder siden

    But im 6 foot 3 and cant fit my fat rear in a miata 😥