5 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy A Turbocharged Car


5 Big Disadvantages Of Turbocharged Vehicles - Explained
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Turbocharged cars used to be the high powered, exotic, lusted after sports cars. In today's world, they're more common than ever. Downsized turbocharged engines allow for small displacement, but still substantial horsepower, resulting in what manufacturers would like to claim as the best of both worlds: both efficiency and power. But it's not quite that simple for turbocharged engines, and there are real disadvantages versus naturally aspirated engines.
This video will discuss five disadvantages of turbocharged cars, ranging from throttle control & turbo lag, to the efficiency & reliability of forced induction vehicles. The throttle mapping, torque curve, cost, compression ratios, air/fuel ratios, and even sound all have dramatic differences when compared to a naturally aspirated engine. Check out the video for all the details!
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  • Hoai Nguyen
    Hoai NguyenDag siden

    N54 inline 6 twin turbo pioneering milestone

  • Bill P
    Bill P2 dager siden

    Long term a naturally aspirated engine is superior

  • inertiaforce
    inertiaforce3 dager siden

    The best is a naturally aspirated engine with a balance between displacement and compression, so like 4 to 4.5 liter displacement, 10.5 to 1 compression, high volumetric efficiency head(s), etc.

  • oscar franco
    oscar franco4 dager siden

    N/A is nice, a dying breed. Turbo is best, gets best performance. Neither is bad, well EV cars are boring.

  • Wilson Penafiel
    Wilson Penafiel4 dager siden

    Funny turbo noise..."too too to too!"

  • Ryan Gerber
    Ryan Gerber4 dager siden

    Is it true that small engines (1000cc and 1200cc) wear out much quicker with turbos?

  • Sai Srinath
    Sai Srinath5 dager siden

    Hi Jason! My huge thanks at first place for your wonderful videos. I need to ask you a question that has been nagging me for a long time now. Why do we need a rich mixture to reduce the in-cylinder temperature? Why can't we instead go for a lean one? My understanding is that the extra fuel that goes into the cylinder absorbs more heat to vaporize but that also means that more energy is now available for combustion which will lead to greater in-cylinder temperatures. Or the other case could be the fuel escaping from the cylinder without burning or partially burnt fuel leaving into the exhaust leading to greater HC and PM. So why would you ever want to inject more fuel to reduce the in-cylinder temperature? Why wouldn't you simple go for a lean charge instead?

  • A.W. Baran
    A.W. Baran5 dager siden

    One truly ugly vehicle.

  • Michael Davidson
    Michael Davidson5 dager siden

    Screw turbo-chargers! I want a car with an engine that will last 300,000 miles.

  • Brian Hind
    Brian Hind6 dager siden

    It is obvious you don't keep your cars very long. Your driving style suggests that. Your points regarding turbos are all correct, & they are best reserved for engines running at a steady speed. I had an opportunity to purchase a turbocharged vehicle recently, & although the price made it a deal, I declined the offer, simply because of the turbo, & the driving techniques it invokes. My Dodge Ram with a Cummins 6BT 12 valve engine & Holset turbo have run 1.5 million miles, & both are just fine. My 78 Ford F150 (351M) has well over one million miles & has had two rebuilds & one transmission rebuild (C6). I enjoy your videos & the fact that you speak knowledgeably,. There are a number of very well informed folk with automotive videos on the net, & a horde whose misinformation can most charitably be described as "unfortunate". Thanks for your technically correct video.

  • Terry Soule
    Terry Soule6 dager siden

    More faster? Did you mean less slower?

  • Rigid Wing
    Rigid Wing6 dager siden

    I saw a turbo that the bearings went out and it was so lose that it was grinding and filling the engine with aluminum. That means the engine has to be opened clean out the aluminum grit.

  • Jaymie_Denardo
    Jaymie_Denardo9 dager siden

    You should do a video on blow off valves and where to mount them. There has been a debate on mounting the blow off valve in the hot side piping vs the cold side piping and I think a lot of people would really love to hear what an engineer has to to say about the issue. Regardless if there is no difference. Or if there is a minimal difference.

  • Zen Den
    Zen Den10 dager siden

    so Joe public gets a 1.3L turbo engine with internal temperatures of 400°C convinced rationalising he's driving a dinky toy but he's saving the planet by improved fuel economy....never mind all the deferred costs and depreciation...etc., etc. Hmmmm 🤔🤔

  • Mr Pat
    Mr Pat11 dager siden

    I just want happiness and i want it now!

  • Mr Pat
    Mr Pat11 dager siden

    Thank you for sharing

  • L P
    L P11 dager siden

    Absolutely true. I own RC200t and it is shockingly bad car (or should I say car with a shockingly bad engine). I need to clarify this is in UK so we do not have RC350, we could have either R200t or RC-F. As it happens I cannot really afford RC-F, yes used one are now coming down to my price range, but I could never afford one new - hence RC200t. First of all, as mentioned the accelerator pedal is basically an on/off switch, there isn't much turbo lag past the point where accelerator is in "on" position, but engine completely doesn't like to rev past 4000RPM. It could, but there is no point as there is no torque to be had past 4000RPM... so again torque curve and accelerator response curve is exactly like depicted. On top of all these issues Lexus decided to put nearly identical 8-speed gearbox as RC-F... it is fine for RC-F but it is terrible on RC200t with already very short "power range", because it comes on power at maybe 2500RPM and it runs out of power at 4000RPM... meaning that gearbox is constantly shifting and feels like it is always in the wrong gear. Yes you can keep the certain gear manually, but as mentioned there is no point past 4000RPM anyway. 8AR-FTS (RC200t engine) apparently is high thermal efficiency engine, has otto-cycle etc. and it meant to be more fuel efficient, but let me be clear - it is TERRIBLE! As I said I don't own RC-F, but as I use Lexus dealer for service I have driven basically all cars Lexus has to offer, sometimes even over weekend. Further I have owned several IS250, which on paper are not as fuel efficient. And I can confidently say - RC-F is MORE fuel efficient car than RC200t. And IS250 just blows it out of this universe if fuel efficiency is concerned. In RC-F I can consistently get 36MPG on motorway and ~24MPG in city, on IS250 that is like 44MPG and 28MPG, whereas RC200t is terrible ~32MPG on motorway and ~18-22MPG in the city. Now obviously if you track both cars RC-F has a potential to consume more fuel, but equally it would drive circles around RC200t, but in normal day to day conditions just commuting on mixed cycle RC-F is more fuel efficient. Which is just ridiculous considering this is comparison between 5L V8 and 2L car. I tend to believe this is due to specifically the on/off nature of accelerator. In RC-F I almost never need to rev the car, it basically idles all the way and I can precisely accelerate just little bit by little bit, or really "floor it" if I need to. In RC200t there there is only two ways either all the way down to the floor or nothing at all. So if I joining motorway at say 50MPH and I want to match 70MPH on motorway I basically have to floor it, car changes several gears down, revs to like 4000RPM just to increase the speed a little bit. Whereas on RC-F in same situation I just need to press accelerator a fraction more and revs increases maybe from 2000 to 2100RPM, and it picks-up speed and matches required speed without problem. As result I don't think this terrible fuel consumption is surprising, just to drive with the flow of traffic I can basically idle RC-F all the way to work, yet I have to trash RC200t all the way. Although, even just cruising on motorways is not great either - RC-F easily reaches 36MPG and just stays there, whereas with RC200t you need to try very hard and it only return about 32MPG. Yes few times I have seen 38-40MPG on RC200t when I was driving through roadworks at night (limited to 50MPH) which is not achievable in RC-F at all, but as soon as you go past roadworks and get on normal motorway (70MPH) the fuel consumption starts climbing very quickly.

  • Fill Vango
    Fill Vango11 dager siden

    I got 1200HP naturally aspirated

  • Arvind Jiji Antony
    Arvind Jiji Antony13 dager siden

    You sound a lot like petrol heads and coal rollers finding problems in EVs hoping that it's all a bad dream and that EVs won't take over the world

  • David Schaffer
    David Schaffer13 dager siden

    Each of these points applies to electric motors even more. *Truly* instant torque, *perfectly* linear response, ....

  • James Thornton
    James Thornton13 dager siden

    Maybe you can explain why the 737MCAS plane is a an ill designed airplane. The responce of the steering of a car should be like a planes takeoff responce. The 737 is not a jet fighter and should not need three computers to paper over a mechanical and air flow major error in Design. It is the center of presssure running around that makes it fly wierd. The engines act like canard wings. h cause to much lift and then that lift has to be killed.

  • Mark Alex
    Mark Alex15 dager siden

    Turbo diesel expensive option :)))))) until the diesel apocalipse, in eu they where the norm.

  • Boris Cvijanovic
    Boris Cvijanovic15 dager siden

    Is that your own RC-F Track Edition? I freaking love them. I would appreciate a wing delete and a fixed ducktail instead, but you cannot have everything in life 😉.

  • Wasabi Ninja
    Wasabi Ninja15 dager siden

    Try Variable Geometric Turbo

  • Mark Schneider
    Mark Schneider15 dager siden

    If you actually plan to drive the car for a long time, don't buy a turbo.

  • Edmund Chen
    Edmund Chen15 dager siden

    The feeling of the turbo kicking in is the best. I dont care for turbo lag.

  • Mexicanus Prime
    Mexicanus Prime16 dager siden

    The RCF just proves Toyota could've indeed made the engine for the A90 Supra.....just sayin

  • Phazur
    Phazur17 dager siden

    If you compare the lag of some turbocars opposed to electric cars, that's a huuuge difference. The response from electric is so immediate, combustion engines are much slower, especially turbo and when you need to change gear as well

  • ChrisVa
    ChrisVa18 dager siden

    Sounds to me like you are describing turbos from an earlier era. Haven't you heard of sequential turbos? Many cars now have two or even three turbos which produce a much smoother and linear power delivery.

  • MATTER767
    MATTER76720 dager siden

    Cars with superchargers and nitrous are better for power!!!!!

  • Yordan Tomov
    Yordan Tomov20 dager siden

    Why so many cars with turbo than? Because they are light, fast,cheap and economical.

  • bfurl69
    bfurl6922 dager siden

    Only reason I'm adding a turbo is because I need less power at low rpm so the tires will hook up...

  • Alexi7666
    Alexi766623 dager siden

    Honda kicked butt in F1 with a turbo V-6 in the 1980s. I'm pretty sure Honda has the turbocharged motor down pat by now.

  • Jozsef Izsak
    Jozsef Izsak26 dager siden

    More faster? Oh come on, what's next, more moster? You're a good guy but I'm beginning to think you're not an English major!

  • Ryan singh
    Ryan singh26 dager siden

    Love the RCF and LFA. Awesome work Lexus

  • Mohamad Meshhen
    Mohamad Meshhen26 dager siden

    You makes a lot of drama, you speak as a mechanic but the car nowadays work by compute >> we need IT more than mechanic to explain what really happened on turbocharged engine

  • A. Musa
    A. Musa28 dager siden

    I won' t buy a turbo charge vehicle. I already own a Bi-Turbo vehicle, lol Wait 5:27 is a Subaru Boxer 4 motor N/A then he jumps into a Bi-Turbo AMG, WTF lol

  • Sux2bu !
    Sux2bu !29 dager siden

    I don't know, his arguments against turbos. I've put a cammed 351 cleveland in a 66 Mustang GT and it ran really well. Currently I have a 331ci T-76mm turbo 95 Mustang Cobra There is not any lag do to the engine makes 400= hp and the turbo takes it past 800rwhp. With a T-56 6 speed with 355 gears I got 24 mpg on the highway. Performance there is no comparison the Cobra is F-ing fast. Sounds great too. Just my 2 cents.

  • Travelingman 1980
    Travelingman 198029 dager siden

    There is turbo lag and boost threshold, I do believe he has them mixed up.

  • Travelingman 1980
    Travelingman 198029 dager siden

    Has this guy ever heard of an intercooler and ethanol injection to prevent engine knock?

  • Sachin G
    Sachin GMåned siden

    Wait...until turbo spool up, the turbocharged engine would behave similar to a naturally aspirated setup right? That means the torque delivery to wheels would be the same right.?

  • Yar Pic

    Yar Pic

    27 dager siden

    @Sachin G I guess the turboed engine will be a bit weaker in the low rpm because of the low compression but engineering explained would be better at answering that than I would.

  • Sachin G

    Sachin G

    28 dager siden

    @Yar Pic what if we consider two 1.0l engine with same spec except one has turbo and the other doesn't. 🤔

  • Yar Pic

    Yar Pic

    28 dager siden

    He's talking about downsized engines (like a 3.5 v6 VS a 2.0 L4 turbo) so no. Also lower compression.

  • Ryan Kenyon
    Ryan KenyonMåned siden

    Under four seconds is merely "good". You would have hated cars is the 80s and 90s. Under 10 was quick.

  • zoe jordan
    zoe jordanMåned siden

    Lets all agree that first thing in our mind we buy turbocharged car because of the Stututututututttt!!!!! Bwaaaahhhh! Psssssstttt!!! Stututututututttt! 😄

  • MotoGQ
    MotoGQMåned siden

    Love that shot of the sunset yellow Stinger GT. BTW...The Stinger GT generates full torque (375) at 1300rpm all the way up.

  • Jose Cuevas
    Jose CuevasMåned siden

    It’s all about instant gratification that’s not present with turbo lag. Unfortunately their are some N/A powered vehicles specially with drive by wire throttle that also have a lag. They way that I have personal found away around this is to first to hit the throttle around 50% then as it starts to accelerate then go to full throttle.

  • Leandro C
    Leandro CMåned siden

    My experience has been that natural 4 bangers do not have torque. You press and they grunt and yell and the needle doesn’t move. The turbo bangers you press and that needle is moving. Not going against anything said here. Just sharing my opinion why I still prefer turbos. Now you give me a 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder than I prefer the natural over turbos. The Nissan VQ engine being my all time favorite.

  • babypj
    babypjMåned siden

    This is a really terrible video. The whole video is explaining why naturally aspirated is better. That’s just clearly not the case. You’re cherry picking points about the worst of turbo versus naturally aspirated rather than discussing why both may be good or bad

  • James Luther
    James LutherMåned siden

    These young guys are spoiled on high horsepower engines! When I was young one could be considered hot stuff if they were able to get a car that produced 200 net horsepower!!

  • nakul singh
    nakul singhMåned siden

    Let's do a Ivtec Turbo. Problem solved.

  • Terry Megaton
    Terry MegatonMåned siden

    On an ls car, with 8 cylinders, the power gained from the turbo is much more then a naturally aspirated one even when you have upgraded cam etc. There is a deal with lag depending on the size of the turbo. Yeah superchargers are good, but the price is high compared with turbo. Why they charge so much for super I dont know. There are less parts with a super.

  • Sukrit Singh {X B} 47
    Sukrit Singh {X B} 47Måned siden

    Don't buy a turbocharged car Buy a NA and turbocharge it yourself

  • Alex S
    Alex SMåned siden

    What road is that Jason?

  • PifchoBG
    PifchoBGMåned siden

    its not fast under 4sec? what???

  • Liquidhuo h
    Liquidhuo hMåned siden

    “It is not crazy fast... uh... zero to 60 under 4secs”.... You daily drive a F-35?

  • Donnie BunkerBoi

    Donnie BunkerBoi

    25 dager siden

    Supercharged Miata which is about as quick as bag of potato chips powered by 🚀

  • hhn2002


    Måned siden

    omg i've been binging boostedboiz and emeliahartford channels where the average hp is 700hp up to 1000hp. i get it lolz

  • Cathy Jagson
    Cathy JagsonMåned siden

    Here comes the Cummins fanboys....

  • Jess Stuart
    Jess StuartMåned siden

    I would like to see electric superchargers that only kick on when you mash the accelerator pedal.

  • Peter Horak
    Peter HorakMåned siden

    ... or simply get a Tesla model S ... 0-60 under 3 seconds

  • 24x7 answers
    24x7 answersMåned siden

    Put that turbo in naturally aspirated engine problem solved 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Phantom Assasin
    Phantom AssasinMåned siden

    Beautifully Explained

  • Andres R
    Andres RMåned siden

    Sorry man. NA engines are no longer they way to go. Your arguments are too weak! Go get a turbo asap!

  • G S
    G SMåned siden

    I have Zero desire to play guessing games with Turbos.

  • Nazar Grynyk
    Nazar GrynykMåned siden

    what's the fuel consumption on this 5.0l engine?

  • kartofff
    kartofffMåned siden

    I'm intrigued by this efficiency thing. When considering thermal efficiency, wouldn't you count the compression offered by the turbocharger into the total compression ratio ?

  • Carter Merz
    Carter MerzMåned siden

    Larch Mtn nice! 😎💨

  • Aidan Turner
    Aidan TurnerMåned siden

    normally i agree with you but most of these issues are from older turbos like compression there are plenty if 9.5 and even 10 to one compression vehicles with turbos because engineers can adjust for fuel timing and valve timing also efficiency is exactly backwards from what you described turbos these days have almost no downside except price and even that is negligible

  • Ross Weed
    Ross WeedMåned siden

    What about supercharger? Get boost with no lag.

  • Iman Jalil Piran
    Iman Jalil PiranMåned siden

    can i remove turbo forever? Doesn't this damage the engine?

  • Mina Mishail
    Mina MishailMåned siden

    What about the SKODA OCtavia & SEAT ATEKA using new engine TSI 1.4 L turbo with AISIN 8 speed automatic gearbox ( AQ300 ) ? IS: performance, quality, life span , performance ?

  • jrms60r
    jrms60rMåned siden

    I guess I have the best of both worlds. A 2018 Camaro SS 1LE and a 2020 Golf GTI. Love both cars and yes both are manual transmission.

  • Ronald Gonzalez
    Ronald GonzalezMåned siden

    5.7L V8 then twin turbo it with 61MM turbskis

  • terryyouth
    terryyouthMåned siden

    3.13 before that flat curve, you have got away from the rest at traffic lights, and after the flat curve you are ahead. Hardly waiting 20secs to get over that lag

  • Eric Kotapish
    Eric KotapishMåned siden

    twin turbo fixes all those problems

  • johnnybikesalot
    johnnybikesalotMåned siden

    I drive an older V8 chevy trailblazer. A pretty small SUV for a V8 (5.3, not the SS). And it does sound amazing. And yes when you put your foot down, it does make you smile. Forget about WOT, 50% throttle give you a hard acceleration and an amazing sound. That said, I've sick of getting 13 mpg. If I had the option in a new SUV for a ~3L turbo gas engine, I'd definitely go that route. Or another option worth considering that no one seems to do these days is make smaller V8s, like 4L V8s. A mid-size SUV woudl still be plenty fast with a 4L V8, and it would have a MUCH nicer torque curve than a similar sized V6.

  • Overcast Friday
    Overcast FridayMåned siden

    Had a pos jetta tdi. The turbo wasnt any slower to kick in than say, vacuum operated secondaries on a 4 bbl.

  • Hamidreza Bokharaei
    Hamidreza BokharaeiMåned siden

    TURBO IS TECHNOLOGY! Every kind of technology has pros and cons, and engineers are constantly working to improve them. Getting the same amount of power with less cylinders and less noise pollution is an advancement not a disappointment! Using two smaller turbos instead of one is exactly what engineers are doing to reduce turbo lag and improve throttle control. You better also think about the benefits of turbo and stop comparing it to bigger engines. That very car would've been much mightier with forced induction.

  • Dragos Pahontu

    Dragos Pahontu

    Måned siden

    @Hamidreza Bokharaei hmmmmm... They should've allowed the oil to keep circulating.

  • Hamidreza Bokharaei

    Hamidreza Bokharaei

    Måned siden

    @Dragos Pahontu Hello. Generally speaking, the oil is always there to help dissipate the tremendous heat inside the turbo. But I don't think it would still be circulating.

  • Dragos Pahontu

    Dragos Pahontu

    Måned siden

    After i shut my car off, does oil keep circulating through the Turbo to cool it off?

  • jesus fuenmayor
    jesus fuenmayorMåned siden

    Get electric

  • Dwayne Smith
    Dwayne SmithMåned siden

    Where are those smooth, deserted, twisty country roads? I need to know!

  • Peaceful Music

    Peaceful Music

    8 dager siden

    All over America.

  • Bonish Singh Brar
    Bonish Singh Brar2 måneder siden

    I mean all the best engines are always N/A The 6.5 l Lamborghini v12 6.3 l Ferrari v12 And obviously 4.8 lfa

  • Bonish Singh Brar
    Bonish Singh Brar2 måneder siden

    I don't know about you N/A is the best way to do an engine

  • Faustin Gashakamba
    Faustin Gashakamba2 måneder siden

    I don't think there is any driver who enjoys turbolag. It's just that some people try to reconcile with the fact that it's the way it is and thus they try to convince themselves that it's ok. Deep down they know it's wrong tho.

  • Skye Michael
    Skye Michael2 måneder siden

    theres no displacement for replacement

  • Paul Crawford
    Paul Crawford2 måneder siden

    oty............. 3 word anagram

  • Luis Bisono
    Luis Bisono2 måneder siden

    Nothing beats a V8, it even beats a turbo to the pump

  • Paul A
    Paul A2 måneder siden

    4:08 You know a true petrol head when they cannot fight the joy of that sound, the feel, the speed and the rush. Simply irreplaceable. Self driving cars: No thanks (self driving cars won't do this). Electric...sorry, just doesn't do it (no acoustics, no feel, artificial sound).

  • Jay Ferris
    Jay Ferris2 måneder siden

    Since 1994 I’ve owned turbocharged cars. You learn to adjust to lag. My current car has twin turbos and lag is practically zilch.

  • Robert Sturgess
    Robert Sturgess2 måneder siden

    Bit lost on this my BMW 3.0 turbo has torque from 1300 rpm and no lag and it was built in 2013 , what turbo cars are you refering to with 2 seconds of lag ?

  • Amrit
    Amrit2 måneder siden

    I disagree with acceleration response, i got honda city diesel 1.5L, turbo spools at 1500 and all the way to 3600rpm and the RPM limit is 3800.. but being a variable turbo, it manages low boost at 1000-1200 rpm which is actually great, when i depress my clutch at 800 rpm without touching the accelerator, turbo spools up and my car is able to climb up hills !! 0 acceleration input by user.. you should check honda earth dreams 1.5L diesel, it's interesting engine And the stupidly amazing thing is, when am using engine brake in low gears on down hills, i have seen my turbo spooling upto 2.5 Psi around 3,000rpm on down hills, without using any Diesel, don't know how honda manage to do that but it helps in sudden acceleration.. 2nd situation is when am cruzing above 2500rpm, acceleration responce is actually very good, you barely notice the turbo lag.. maybe half second or Less, but i conseder it comfortable ride and not to give a big jerk to any engine and transmission components

  • Vi B
    Vi B2 måneder siden

    Your talking about V8's lol ... hello its 2019 ( when you made this )

  • Vi B
    Vi B2 måneder siden

    Love the boost, disagree. Naturally asparated ? The engines today are tiny ..they NEED turbos thats why they are more dominant now. How many small cars have greater than 2.5L engines ? zero. I want you to drive a 1.6L NA gutless engine ...We used to have 5L engines = no turbo , now we have 1.8L = Turbo. Again love the turbo and completely disagree with your opinion.

  • Teo P
    Teo P2 måneder siden

    I have a '19 F150 3.5 Ecoboost. I love it. In Eco Mode with the 36 gal. tank, I get 600+ miles on the highway, and in Sport Mode, it's an absolute beast.

  • drakedbz
    drakedbz2 måneder siden

    I drive a 2018 wrx, and I can definitely say the throttle is basically an on/off switch. It's very difficult to drive the car "normally". The slightest pressure and you're hitting boost. Many modern cars have a more sensitive throttle than I'd like, but the wrx takes that to the extreme. My previous car had a mechanical throttle that gave you tons of room and a smoother response. I do like my car, but they could have tuned that throttle to be a bit less sensitive.

  • Paul Mihajlovich
    Paul Mihajlovich2 måneder siden

    Beautiful back roads for driving wish i had that where i live.

  • Sine Nomine
    Sine Nomine2 måneder siden

    As if you could buy any car without turbos that's not ancient hence unreliable.

  • Martti Suomivuori
    Martti Suomivuori2 måneder siden

    Yeah. Sure. Try driving a non-turbo Diesel if you can find one.

  • Rich Phair
    Rich Phair2 måneder siden

    I love bro, however I still love turbo too! Lol.. love that boost!!!

  • Brian Bumgardner
    Brian Bumgardner2 måneder siden

    There's nothing like the howl of small displacement, normally aspirated V-8 and V-12 engines.

  • Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose
    Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose2 måneder siden

    And finally. Why would anyone want to own or drive s petrol car? Diesel is king

  • Willy Bloch
    Willy Bloch2 måneder siden

    Man superchargers make more sense. Blocking exhaust flow making more heat! Still I drove them all. U want torque drive electric. My Kia 2l CRDI has flat torque 400Nm 1700 to top end. Yeah small lag, next will buy a Tesla!

  • Boost Kash
    Boost Kash2 måneder siden

    Annoying voice yuk

  • gugui mke
    gugui mke2 måneder siden

    I can't stand this guys horribly boring voice. So bland