5 Reasons You Should (Not) Buy An Electric Car


Should you buy an electric car? How to know if buying an EV is right for you.
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Buying a new car is a big decision, and there are an abundance of choices. Among those choices are powertrain, like gasoline, diesel, hybrid, plug-in, hydrogen, or electric. Making the switch to electric can be intimidating, how do you know if an electric car is right for you? In this video we'll cover five aspects of buying an electric car, and discuss for each reason why you may (or may not) want to buy an EV. Those five aspects include: cost, convenience, charging, driving, and the environment.
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  • Jgburch
    Jgburch4 timer siden

    The number is only work if you're going to buy a car of comparable cost. If you buy a $15,000 or $20,000 car new it will cost you a lot less than the initial cost of the Tesla.

  • mosfet500
    mosfet5009 timer siden

    I'm sorry, you, like so many others, are completely misinformed. You're calculating pollution from gas cars at the pump. You can't. You have to include, extraction pollution (4.5 to 6 Kwh per gallon from a fossil fuel sources). Then there's transportation pollution, oil spills, wars to protect oil interests. Gas stations have to be open to sell gas and trucks have to deliver gas - more pollution. Then there are all the parts gas cars need. Oil changes, belts, antifreeze, plugs etc. The pollution to make and transport those parts which now means parts stores and transporting those parts to parts stores along with the pollution required to make and keep making those extra parts. People aren't thinking about the environment because they've been taught not to and not understand the massive cost to human health from the fossil fuel industry which, by the way, doesn't change if you buy a hybrid. Everything I just said continues with a hybrid just as it does with a gas only vehicle. Al Gore wasn't wrong when he called it an "inconvenient truth". The cost to you, your family, the food you eat and everyone on the planet's health is directly tied to fossil fuel. I haven't even gotten into the crippling disparity in class generated by a few individuals controlling and profiting from fossil fuel as opposed to the sun which creates wealth diversity, strengthens the grid and boosts economies. We think we are saving a few bucks when we buy a gas or hybrid but we're not, we're just sticking our heads in the sand - exactly where the fossil fuel industry wants them!

  • Jim Jacobson
    Jim Jacobson3 dager siden

    Charging: Are EV plugs standardized? IOW do a Leaf, Mach-E, Tesla, etc,. all use the same charging plug into the vehicle? if not, does this limit travel? Are there universal adaptors? Are they even needed?

  • Brian Neston
    Brian Neston3 dager siden

    Electric cars do in the northern climate winners

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe
    IvanPlayStation4LiFe6 dager siden

    had to unsubscribe just because he likes ice engine cars he spreads lies.

  • Billy Gunn
    Billy Gunn8 dager siden

    Electric cars are bad for the environment, use way too much electricity, and minerals used in them are gathered in Africa, by young children. Disgusting.

  • Dan M
    Dan M9 dager siden

    Regarding emissions, I did not see the production and operations of the ‘green’ power generation taken into account (solar cells production, installation and maintenance, extra long transmission lines , wind turbines, batteries etc). Did I miss something ? I am 60yo, and the exact same discussion was ongoing 40 years ago. Despite the huge general technological advance and the taxpayers unwillingly paying for electric cars, nothing really changed, as combustion engines also improved. Without huge government rebates and artificial pro-solar and wind policies, Tesla & others would not exist.

  • graham mewburn
    graham mewburn9 dager siden

    The discovery of oil peaked in 1964. Why is this old fact important? A. Mankind cannot pump undiscovered oil. Rystad Energy reported that the average annual discovery of oil has declined to 9 billion barrels. Mankind consumes 36 billion barrels so 9 billion is 27 billion barrels short of what's needed to maintain our high energy lifestyle.

  • Atheer Omar
    Atheer Omar11 dager siden

    I'm a regular to this channel and still don't know what a plug-in is!

  • ChurchInAshes
    ChurchInAshes11 dager siden

    towing is terrible for evs

  • Andrew Boyd
    Andrew Boyd12 dager siden

    What about energy cost/mile when using supercharging? I've read at least one story that suggests it outstrips the cost of gasoline in many places.

  • Paul
    Paul12 dager siden

    I keep thinking that you need to pee

  • OutlawUniverse
    OutlawUniverse12 dager siden

    I have 6 cars at the moment. I just don't see myself ever buying an electric car. My main car for driving around town is a 97 volvo 960 I bought for $1100 2 years ago. Spent around $1000 on repairs. $2100 total in 2 year. Can't beat that. Also it can town my car to the track.

  • Sed Rogerson
    Sed Rogerson14 dager siden

    EE mentioned reduced range in the EV is very cold climates. I assume the same would apply in very hot climates coz the AC needs power from somewhere. Also EE maintenance costs but didnt actually mention the cost of a new battery. A new battery will be required at some point, - several points if its a Nissan Leaf. How often does a car need a new engine? Oh, nearly forgot. Try driving across Minnesota, N or S Dakota, Montana and Wyoming in an EV!!!

  • Wanda Meadows
    Wanda Meadows15 dager siden

    Let me see, buy Land, House or Electric Car? Not a hard decision. Buying them only makes other people rich.

  • John Bower
    John Bower15 dager siden

    Here's a good reason not to buy an EV. A couple in a Porsche took 9 hours because it was an EV to do a journey that a normal car would have done in 2.5 hours. And here's another think if you're in the UK; our energy companies want the government to give them permission to 'turn off' EV's at peak times; which means you're going to have no range. At the moment they aren't worth it.

  • winston chung
    winston chung16 dager siden

    But what if an electric car would get a small diesel engine driving a dynamo (20KW?), only for charging the batteries while driving. Looking at small generators, it looks feasible. Instead of the complexity of a big ICE engine in a hybrid, but still having the benefit of instant fueling and no downside of charging infrastructure.

  • Ray Lopez
    Ray Lopez16 dager siden

    Old fashioned batteries that are not next-gen "solid state" as promised for 2021 are not going to make electric cars the car of choice for anybody but a green freak. Fact. However I've calculated that potentially a solid-state battery might give the same range as today's ICE gasoline engines...potentially if you assume solid engineering, which is certainly possible. We'll see.

  • The Racing Nerd
    The Racing Nerd17 dager siden

    The environmental isnt a consideration when I buy a car. Looks, sound, fuel efficiency are the considerations I make.

  • Nomad
    Nomad18 dager siden

    Don't believe the hype. Batteries used in pure electric vehicles degrade fast. After 8 years you will be looking at a complete and very expensive full battery replacement. This is unavoidable despite that BEV proponents are trying to make everyone ignore this "detail". Now batteries in hybrid vehicles last much longer because they are constanly being charged and also since hybrid batteries are much smaller, replacing the battery is not a very big cost, although still expensive. I would never buy a full electric vehicle, i only consider hybrids. In the long term, fuel cells look more attractive.

  • Hoenn117
    Hoenn11718 dager siden

    Shows off the tesla, but uses non-Tesla numbers when comparing the gas v Electric.

  • Mark Schneider
    Mark Schneider18 dager siden

    Solid state batteries? Will these ever work?

  • Forza Mortorsport 6 Supercharged Racing
    Forza Mortorsport 6 Supercharged Racing19 dager siden

    Electric cars are cheaper until the battery explodes every year

  • Ezra Steinberg
    Ezra Steinberg19 dager siden

    Great video, as always. One small request: Can you include Canada as much as possible when giving information about the USA so as to cover all of North America? That also means adding metric units, but that's a good thing anyway. Thanks!

  • Charles Vincett
    Charles Vincett21 dag siden

    At what time will the gains in battery technology flatten out and the physical limit on battery technology is reached. How far are along the curve?

  • Peter Bilt
    Peter Bilt21 dag siden

    Install a bulk fuel storage tank at your home, even better.

  • Christopher Stensli Kolbjørnsen
    Christopher Stensli Kolbjørnsen22 dager siden

    Great content, but the environment was a bit short, you didn't really talk about how much pollution there is to make those batteries, Toyota leader now came forward saying that electric car is not environmental at all, and it very expensive to make them

  • Daniel Godfrey
    Daniel Godfrey23 dager siden

    It'll be a perk to buy an EV if you register it once every 5 years.

  • Daniel Godfrey
    Daniel Godfrey23 dager siden

    (I believe) silicon valley tried to do a contract with Tesla for the police. It backfired. The their vehicles are running all day and have alot of plug ins that'll drain the batteries.

  • Jeremy H
    Jeremy H24 dager siden

    He forgot about the fact of where and how those batteries are made, then getting rid of those batteries after their life.

  • Kevin Phillips
    Kevin Phillips24 dager siden

    Are there electric full size SUVs?

  • Lee Terwilliger
    Lee Terwilliger25 dager siden

    Please do video on what it takes to make batteries and electricity.....

  • Lam Par
    Lam Par28 dager siden

    In country where gasoline is considerably cheap , engine driven car is still better .

  • Tristan Davies
    Tristan Davies28 dager siden

    Didn't really talk about safety

  • ImTheDaveman
    ImTheDavemanMåned siden

    If I understand correctly - Biden/Harris will force E-Cars down our throats whether we like it or not. I never owned an E-Car, don't want an E-Car. E-Cars as far as I am concerned Disposable Cars. The cost of repairs once out of warranty will be a bank-account killer. Maybe I'll be dead before its forced on us. I can only hope. I KNOW! I know! Why must I be such a positive bluebird of happiness like this? I'm just a cheerful guy. :-)

  • Mark King
    Mark KingMåned siden

    Just overlooked the lithium mining when talking about the environment?

  • David Berndt
    David BerndtMåned siden

    obviously all the typical crap one finds in their garage in stuffed behind the camera :)

  • Thomas Johansson
    Thomas JohanssonMåned siden

    "Used car for $130 000..." Meanwhile my most expensive car was $3 000.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael WilliamsMåned siden

    Straight off the title is misleading as it says 5 reasons not to buy an ev whereas the video intends to put 5 reasons for and against.

  • Uncle Sam Who is a Koenigsegg fan
    Uncle Sam Who is a Koenigsegg fanMåned siden

    Just simply say that don't buy any car

  • Paradox
    ParadoxMåned siden

    unfortunately this video does not address 2 of my major concerns. 1. how do EV's perform in winter and how to deal with the problems that arise. For example, ICE's will melt the ice, because of engine heat. EV's need to burn thru the battery to prevent ice formation and blocking your vision. 2. repair and maintenance. ppl always assume EV does not require maintenance, which is far from the truth. i can easily repair an ICE car, but can not assume the same for EV's.

  • Ben McCloy
    Ben McCloyMåned siden

    Is it worth mentioning the environmental impact of the actual batterys themselves? Precious metals and rare earth elements aren't easy to find.

  • madmotorcyclist
    madmotorcyclistMåned siden

    I own a 2011 Nissan Leaf (still on original battery) and have spent less than $500 in total for maintenance (incl. a flat tire). I couldn't pass up the $15k rebates from state and feds and the free 240V charger install in my garage. Insurance was cheaper for me since I have mine pro-rated to yearly mileage given my short trip heavy drives the insurance is cheaper. I bought it when they first came out (#712). I figure I will get another 10 years out of it before I need to replace the battery pack (never charge the battery pack to 100% and leave it there for more than two hours, always charge no more than 80%). Show me one gas power car that can match that maintenance cost. Sure it is only a short trip vehicle but considering that over 80% of my driving fits that, it's worth it. For long trips I ride my Harley.

  • Trebor Heminway
    Trebor HeminwayMåned siden

    Have you seen the emissions claims that hybrids have much higher numbers than reported as they supposedly used warm engine numbers rather than the cold numbers? What do you say in regards to these claims? Do they hold water? ( please read last question after watching "my cousin Vinny"

  • Henrik Andreasen
    Henrik AndreasenMåned siden

    A pitty The Wold only is the US.

  • Gordon More
    Gordon MoreMåned siden

    In BC Canada I can pay $6 a gallon or 7 cents a kwh. So easy math got myself an EV.

  • Chuck Burkett
    Chuck BurkettMåned siden

    I think a hybrid is much better for the majority of people in the US.

  • fsb2cool2care
    fsb2cool2careMåned siden

    Do you have to pee? Why are you doing a peepee dance every time you're in front of the camera?

  • Ian Davidson
    Ian DavidsonMåned siden

    So an electric car is more convenient if you have a back-up petrol car. You need to factor that into the cost.

  • Jonathan Judmaier
    Jonathan JudmaierMåned siden

    I live in Austria and I drive a Diesel.

  • David Booth
    David BoothMåned siden

    I unsubscribe today! This is disgusting FUD click bait. You should be ashamed of yourself... :-(

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris ThomasMåned siden

    Good video

  • Wayne Williamson
    Wayne WilliamsonMåned siden

    love my m3, used to charge it twice a week from my home from just a normal 110v outlet. Since covid, I just charge it once a week. Haven't been to a gas station in almost two years...

  • john brown
    john brownMåned siden

    If it takes a long, long time to charge with a 240 volt outlet, I wonder how long it would take [is it possible] if 415 volt from 3 phase was used, some people have 3 phase which is usually necessary if you have a high demand with pools etc.

  • Billy Gunn
    Billy GunnMåned siden

    Electric cars are bad for the environment and use too much electricity to run. Gasoline cars are superior. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • juko j
    juko jMåned siden

    Hybrid/plug is probably the best choice now!

  • ailouros24
    ailouros24Måned siden

    dude gas in my country is about 5.50usd per gallon. run those numbers for me again. oh and i can charge for free where i work.... i have made my decision...

  • Ciorram1
    Ciorram1Måned siden

    Why do Americans insist on calling a liquid a gas?

  • TheTyisAwesome
    TheTyisAwesomeMåned siden

    1. No Vroom Vroom 2. No Brap Brap 3. No Stu Stu 4. No crckkk pop pop 5. $$$

  • Got memes?
    Got memes?Måned siden

    As long as electric car technology hasn't properly matured and come down in price i won't buy it, hours of charging to drive a couple hundred kilometres is unacceptable to me. I'm a car guy but my daily driver just has to drive me from point a to b without worries and at a low cost, comfort and performance is none of my worries. My slow little diesel is still dirt cheap to run so i'll stick with it.

  • Stuart Hirsch
    Stuart HirschMåned siden

    If I needed a new car now I would get a RAV4 prime. Best of both worlds.

  • seapeddler
    seapeddlerMåned siden

    Soon, we will see little song birds with small lithium battery packs on their backs. Muscles will be obsolete soon as well.

  • Rocky Staatz
    Rocky StaatzMåned siden

    You might have the miles thing wrong because if you have to stop every couple hundred miles & stuck with nothing to do

  • Chirantan S
    Chirantan SMåned siden

    I thought plug-in and hybrid are the same. This video has totally confused me instead of educating me! That makes this a really BAD video I guess!!!

  • Chirantan S

    Chirantan S

    Måned siden

    @Ian Davidson Apparently "plugged in" is some exotic thing that he refuses to explain. He just wants to throw around these esoteric terms so people believe that he is the ultimate expert of the EV universe!

  • Ian Davidson

    Ian Davidson

    Måned siden

    Agreed. Did he explain what they are? If so I missed it. I thought plug-in and electric are the same. Hybrid I understand might not be "plug-in", because the petrol (or other fuel) engine can charge the batteries, but surely an all electric car needs charging up by plugging it in. He also didn't seem to compare the cost with a non-electric (i.e. traditional fuel) car.

  • Edward
    EdwardMåned siden

    What is difference plug in or electric

  • Frank E
    Frank EMåned siden

    I'm glad you continue to talk about ICE cars, Thank You. There are many of us who can't afford an EV or does not fit in our current situation. Frankly we're tired as being treated by lepers or the condescending attitude. Thank you.

  • Byron Grant
    Byron GrantMåned siden

    Won't the benefits of regenerative braking also be increased with a smaller wheel?

  • Closet
    ClosetMåned siden

    I'm scared of buying an EV for one reason: The utlimate electric car is timewise just around the courner, so why buy now? Thanks for the video!

  • Marinelli Bros Podcast
    Marinelli Bros PodcastMåned siden

    I don't own an electric car; however, maybe if you carried a small gas generator for emergency charging.

  • 1blackice1
    1blackice1Måned siden

    Reason I don't want a Tesla has more to do with their anti-consumer business practices and opposition to right to repair laws. The Bolt and eGolf look decent though.

  • P Z
    P ZMåned siden

    Chargepoint chargers are the best. Worth the extra few bucks because they offer wifi features and flex voltage.

  • P Z
    P ZMåned siden

    The used car market for Tesla Model 3 is horrible. If you buy a new one, good luck selling it down the road.

  • Whispered Metsutan

    Whispered Metsutan

    Måned siden

    Its pretty bad with any EV. Some have really low resale value.

  • Steve
    SteveMåned siden

    This channel isnt biased at all surely not ;) ofcourse an engineer will advise against getting an electric. With the incoming charge for every mile a motorist will do people will have no choice but to get an electric cleaner and cheaper and its the future.

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan WilliamsMåned siden

    1:14 Is he referring to a plug-in hybrid as a “plug-in”? I find this confusing, since the all-electric requires the most plugging in. Great video overall, though!

  • gulf city nicholas danca
    gulf city nicholas danca2 måneder siden

    I'll stick to my motorcycle 2 bucks to fill the tank and don't need to wait

  • manoftheroad
    manoftheroad2 måneder siden

    Europe petrol costs $6 each US gallon a US quart $1.50 ...A new electric bike $3000 and more exspensive than used small petrol car...Europe's political ambition is to remove cars from the road and use public transport ....Welcome to Paris climate change agreement

  • Danail Aleksandrov
    Danail Aleksandrov2 måneder siden

    Hi. I am sorry to say but you are not very familiar with this topic. Having a Tesla and giving us Golf as an example is not enough. The most reliable electric cars on the market are South Korean and Chinese ones. For example MG 5 EV which is a new car on the market (UK) has a range 214 to 276 miles. Rapid charge 50 mins 80%, 3kW home charge 7 hours. Price £24000, 7 years warranty, 0to60 miles 7.3 sec. and fuel equivalent of 146mpg petrol. Kia Niro, Soul ev a even better. Please check the all available EV cars before you give us conclusions. EV is not for everyone at the moment, but this is the future and we must go green to protect our planet. You don't need to agree with me. Regards, Dan

  • JohnnyJolt
    JohnnyJolt2 måneder siden

    I really like your EV series. I live in BC Canada and I have chosen to go to an EV. My criteria was: 1. 4 wheel or all wheel drive; 2. Able to tow; 3. 300 km range ( basically Kelowna to Vancouver); 4. Local service. My top three were Rivian truck, Tesla Cyber truce & Volvo XC40 Recharge. Right now Rivian is a US brand so no local service. Even though there are a lot of Tesla’s in Kelowna there is no local service. Service goes to Vancouver. Volvo in Kelowna, where I live, has 3 EV certified tech’s. I currently drive a Volvo XC90, so the Volvo XC40 EV Recharge is right up my ally.

  • Dave Froman
    Dave Froman2 måneder siden

    The only reason I am not buying an electric is because we do not need to replace our car and by the time we do the chances are autonomous transportation will have taken over and I will not need to own a car at all. Our current 10 year old car only has 31,000 miles on it. We bought it a year old as a lease return and have only put 14,000 on it since then. And we travel even less now that the wife is retired the car only moves about 10km a month. Makes no sense to buy a new car. And for how little we drive I'm not worried about our carbon footprint at all. Our little garden offsets more lol

  • ommepul
    ommepul2 måneder siden

    A 1997 BMW 7 Series even with 4L V8 is actually quieter at 30mp/h than a Tesla Model S

  • Henry Lawson
    Henry Lawson2 måneder siden

    These types of analysis never take into account the opportunity cost of capital - I.e. what else you would do with your money if not spending it on a car. Personally I invest in stocks, and stocks historically achieve a 10% total return (capital gains plus dividends), so the upfront additional cost of an electric car is a deal breaker from an economic perspective even if future running costs are cheaper.

  • Romek
    Romek2 måneder siden

    How could you omitt battery disposal/utilization regarding environment???????

  • Aeron Gerich Co
    Aeron Gerich Co2 måneder siden

    Do you think electric cars will, one day, overtake gas cars? When solid-state batteries are launched in a few years time, will this make sense to choose electric over gas? Why or why not?

  • Rob
    Rob2 måneder siden

    The article fails to take into consideration that the taxation on gasolene powered cars is a fact. Thre is either no or less taxation on electicity . So the comparison of costs from one county to another or within all countries is not realistic because it leaves out the cost of roads which are funded by tax on fuel.

  • Russell Notestine
    Russell Notestine2 måneder siden

    Jason!!! How much horsepower is actually gained by making a car obnoxiously loud? I understand that if you're a professional racecar driver on a track that how loud it is doesn't matter... 15 hp. is 15hp. If I build a 700 HP street car.. How much power do I lose by making it quiet? Hope my question reaches you. LOVE your channel.. Twin 3" exhaust with big beefy 3" mufflers...

  • Eric P
    Eric P2 måneder siden

    You have to keep in mind the production of electric cars themselves. As well as the materials needed to produce the batteries. These processes play a significant role in how "clean" they actually are.

  • Whispered Metsutan

    Whispered Metsutan

    Måned siden

    With all this environmental questions he never answers how bad is the battery production for the environment. Next to there happens to be little data on how long they really last, most EVs have only been on the road within the last 5 years.

  • william smith
    william smith2 måneder siden

    the uk old age pensioners(MPs) cant get as much tax from it

  • Karl Reuning
    Karl Reuning2 måneder siden

    My concern with environment focuses more on operating verses big picture impact. In a NH winter a forty percent loss in range is significant. Why focus on the choice between gas and electric when a hybrid really moves us faster towards addressing big picture environmental

  • ArteysicGaming
    ArteysicGaming2 måneder siden

    Yeah guys, don’t save the environment, listen to him spit 🅱️ullshit

  • Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    2 måneder siden

    @ArteysicGaming edgy

  • ArteysicGaming


    2 måneder siden

    Michael Gia Huy Nguyen bro who tf cares about child labour animals are more endangered

  • Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    Michael Gia Huy Nguyen

    2 måneder siden

    So Cobalt mining for batterypacks required in Electric cars (mostly child-labour) is justified for saving the planet? (even though electricity still is not green and the production of a car is still very damaging to the enviroment)

  • Name Surname
    Name Surname2 måneder siden

    Is WIRLESS charging for cars coming, I will buy one.

  • Barry PURKIS
    Barry PURKIS2 måneder siden

    The figure given for range drop in cold weather doesn't make sense. My LEAF has a heat pump, the worst drop I have ever had was 10% . The heater is blowing warm within 50 yards of leaving home, or quicker if I use preheat. In the UK , and most of Europe, fuel prices make EV the only sane option for the future if buying a new car.

  • idkyim
    idkyim2 måneder siden

    What website were you using to look up the electricity sources by state?

  • david cicak
    david cicak2 måneder siden

    What is your take on street parking or no garage for charging an electric vehicle?

  • Kyle Hooper
    Kyle Hooper2 måneder siden

    Why would road trips be a deal breaker? Rent a gasoline car for the one or two road trips you take each year!

  • Max Davies
    Max Davies2 måneder siden

    I just like the sound, look, feel and smell of combustion engines as well as the ability to modify them to your hearts content.

  • Max Davies

    Max Davies

    19 dager siden

    @Gordon Warlow Well they aren't inefficient nowadays, probably one of the most developed and refined forms of power generation. Currently they are faster than electric. They will still be developed far into the future, like the steam engine is with the extreme amounts of torque it can push. Power stations use steam to generate electricity.

  • Gordon Warlow

    Gordon Warlow

    19 dager siden

    Enjoy the stink, noise and inefficiency of your internal combustion engine as long as you can. Remember, people who owned horses and buggies probably said the same things as you... at one time. Best wishes holding on to the past. Cheers.

  • Hrvoje Salinovic
    Hrvoje Salinovic2 måneder siden

    AMICES Solution: @t @t

  • naturepeedbump
    naturepeedbump2 måneder siden

    Not sure about ur energy cost The electricity here is the highest in the United states .That being said I just bought a Toyota 4-runner limited that gets about 16 mpg . I love it reminds me of my Ford Bronco I purchased way back in 1979 . Body on frame built We will only drive that runner about 4 -5 thousand miles a year so my decision was not based on fuel only.

  • Jocelyn Joseph
    Jocelyn Joseph2 måneder siden

    I've only one: Why carry the extra load of one to twelve extra passengers in battery weight? Why put chemical accumulator cells to such hard function and abuse? I prefer the electric 🔌 cable linked train, lightweight solar transportation vehicle 🚲🚗⛵🚁, and the fuel cell cars 🚘.

  • Dragon & Tiger
    Dragon & Tiger2 måneder siden

    Another reason you should buy an electric is because it's better for the environment. (I haven't watched the whole video so i don't if he said this already.)

  • Basketcase
    Basketcase2 måneder siden

    Auto manufacturers should look into ways to convert the heat created by a I.C.E into electricity, they could have a separate water system to create stream and spin a turbine, or something along those lines, or maybe thermoelectric generators to charge batteries