5 Reasons The Tesla Model X Is The Best Luxury SUV


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The Tesla Model X P100D is the fastest accelerating SUV, the safest SUV, the most aerodynamic SUV, and has the cleanest interior air of any vehicle, all according to Tesla. That’s quite the benchmark, which is part of why I believe it’s currently the best luxury for sale today if you’re putting yourself in the drivers seat. We’ll break down 5 major reasons in the video, ranging from the electric drivetrain batteries and motors, to the interior and exterior focused features of the vehicle.
The Model X P100D has a range of 289 miles, a 155 mph top speed, and a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds. The Model X is also designed to be incredibly safe, with a 5-star crash ratings, a low center of gravity, and a large front crumple zone. It also features over-the-air software updates improving the vehicle with time. It was a blast to drive, check out the video for the full review!
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering ExplainedÅr siden

    **Looks at like/dislike ratio** Uh oh!!! Sharing opinions on the internet is dangerous! 5 major points here to the folks saying I've lost it! (Maybe I have). 1. Lots of people saying this isn’t even a luxury SUV. Huh? You mean you can spend $120k+ on an SUV and you’re still not into “luxury” territory? Price tag doesn’t always indicate luxury (like track oriented supercars), but when it’s a 7-seater SUV, it’s clearly not going for the driving enthusiast crowd, and certainly not the family SUV crowd. It’s a luxury vehicle. 2. People saying “you think it’s the best luxury SUV because it’s the fastest?” No, it being the fastest accelerating SUV wasn’t even one of my five reasons! Quiet, smooth, effortless acceleration was the first reason. All luxury cars aim for this, as an SUV, this does it quite well (and happens to be the quickest). 3. “I’m a tesla fanboy.” I guess that’s why I made a detailed video breaking down all of the many flaws on my Model 3. Unfortunately, had this video been about the Lamborghini Urus, the enthusiast crowd would all agree; there’s a world of hate for EVs; many enthusiasts will never get behind them, simply because they’re different. That’s fine, but don’t assume that the same logic applies to all luxury SUV buyers. 4. Objective versus subjective luxury. Mentioned this in the video. The vast majority of the comments saying this is a bad luxury SUV are basing it on subjective criticism. As mentioned in the video, there are better SUVs on a subjective basis, as that comes down purely to opinion and feelings. *Hardly any in the comments have stated why other SUVs are objectively better. I’d love to see more discussion around this, differing opinions is a good thing!* 5. *Thanks for being kind!* For the most part, most of the disagreeing comments are at least being kind about it. I appreciate discussions where we can have differing opinions without pointlessly insulting each other. Thank you!!

  • Cody Aight

    Cody Aight

    År siden

    People just wanna rag on Tesla for no reason other than they dont go "vroom"

  • Xinlin Wu

    Xinlin Wu

    År siden

    Also, the matterials used in this car isnt exactly what i would call high end, and it lacks in luxury features like sun shade, fridge, rear infotainment screen, picnic table etc. (maybe it does have some, but i cant seem to find any on teslas website, sry if im wrong) and the styling is just way way way too aggressive for me as a luxury vehicle, which is also one of the reasons why i dont consider the urus as a luxury suv. But, all this doesnt make it a bad suv, which is why i didnt click dislike, keep up the good work jason

  • Xinlin Wu

    Xinlin Wu

    År siden

    Everything uve pointed out in the video were true, i do think that electric vehicles are born to become luxury vehicles. But, that does not make the model x the best lunxury suv ever, because, well, look at all the panel gaps and things that dont line up. U would never find mismatches on a bentayga, would u?

  • TimmayAZ


    År siden

    @Mariano O. Cabrera yes, an entire nation of people and none of us know what luxury is... you sound like a moron.

  • Maxwell Grey

    Maxwell Grey

    År siden

    Model X is a good EV crossover, it's just not the best luxury crossover/suv. Most of the reasons the model X isn't the best luxury crossover isn't even about the fact that it's electric, it's about the interior, material selection, image. Yes, feeling is also a huge part of a luxurious vehicle(brand image, time spent on hand-crafting and attention to details)

  • I, Go
    I, GoMåned siden

    Where is he cruising around at? Its beautiful

    WOKE BEAST3 måneder siden

    Rojava. Bitcoin. Tesla. Liberty!

  • A Lau
    A Lau3 måneder siden

    1:00 great point

  • Chirag Arora
    Chirag Arora4 måneder siden

    Model X doesn't even look like an SUV. I would prefer something muscular. Or an SUV version of the Cybertruck.

  • Chef Maximus
    Chef Maximus5 måneder siden

    Sounds like this SUV is for those who just want to own a Tesla in addition to having other cars in their garage. 170 miles after a 3 hour charge? No thanks

  • The Fish
    The Fish5 måneder siden

    I want one.

  • Sopan Supiyan
    Sopan Supiyan7 måneder siden


  • Ariyah Malak Israel
    Ariyah Malak Israel8 måneder siden

    Get to the dam points

  • John W. Davis
    John W. Davis8 måneder siden

    Not having to touch gasoline pumps aged very well in this video. :)

  • I'm not those guy who you think I am
    I'm not those guy who you think I am9 måneder siden

    This isn't a luxury car but a dream car!

  • ChiliPepper
    ChiliPepper9 måneder siden

    Why not have charities that encourage EVERYONE to code. I'm sick of the gender agenda. We've had about 50 years of affirmative action and encouragement of girls to code and so many don't like it. Stop pushing an agenda that is obviously not working. BTW this car is not an SUV.

  • Pastor Richard Allen Farmer
    Pastor Richard Allen Farmer10 måneder siden

    Crown Joules??????? Jewels!!!!

  • James
    James11 måneder siden

    Personally I do not see the tesla as a luxury vehicle, but I personally enjoy the feel of a combustion engine. The luxury for me is not the simplicity, but the nature of the driving experience. If we are talking about luxury when you are being driven and have absolutely 0 care for the vehicle, then EV's make 100% sense as they provide the smoothest form of transport. But from the drivers seat, there is just something about a combustion engine that feels so right. Diesels are actually the most luxurious engines to have, low end torque and low revs means more consistent output and less "thrill" factor. I know this video is old, but the new Escalade with air suspension and a 3.0 turbodiesel is going to be one of the smoothest vehicles one could drive. On your note of the s class, the gls is officially the s class of suvs according to mercedes, and they offer them with pretty comparable second rows

  • In Perspective
    In Perspective11 måneder siden

    1:31 What's wrong with the paint finish?

  • Cynthia Nanez82
    Cynthia Nanez82År siden

    There ugly they all look cheap thou

  • Rosti Romas
    Rosti RomasÅr siden

    SUV haha

  • RayJ-HT
    RayJ-HTÅr siden

    Dear God take a breath.

  • Huntorix
    HuntorixÅr siden

    lol the model x is as much money as 3 vehicles would cost lol

  • BusyBeeRika
    BusyBeeRikaÅr siden


  • Juan Ordóñez Galbán
    Juan Ordóñez GalbánÅr siden

    7:50 wait, the model x has NQB protection? What is Elon up to with his "nuke mars" campain.

  • ᴛᴇᴄʜɴᴏ ĸɴιɢнт
    ᴛᴇᴄʜɴᴏ ĸɴιɢнтÅr siden

    why it is called an SUV, not a sedan? cause it has 7 seats!!

  • Jackson Stock
    Jackson StockÅr siden

    7:20 is that smog or fog in the background?

  • Summerafternoon


    År siden

    That looks like fog that we see in the mountains certain times of year, especially mornings. In the LA city limits, that would be smog, lol. He's outside the city for sure.

  • London Morrow
    London MorrowÅr siden

    Imagine going to school and your in the drop off loop and the doors open and everyone is like OMG WHOSE THAT THEYRE SO RICH, And then you come out with cinnamon sugar on your shirt from the toast crunch you ate in the car. That’s how it be these days

  • Eric Needs
    Eric NeedsÅr siden

    I've been in a Telsa Model X, and was not all that impressed... especially for the price. Part of the reason was the internal room (no room in the back seat), and the back seats were not very good. I'm 6' 3", and wife is 5'4". Low profile tires are nice... but you had your own issues with low profile tires. Storage is a little small as well.

  • hamster
    hamsterÅr siden

    Wow elon musk is really smart If i sit in the third row, my mom cant hit me

  • Leslie Stroobant
    Leslie StroobantÅr siden

    1:14 Something that emotionally makes you WHAT?! :D (yes, I know I misheard)

  • steve crazy
    steve crazyÅr siden

    Is the performance worth 20 grand more. I'm fixing to buy a model X, Good Lord Willing, but I test drove a pirofmormance and the salesman said he could have set it on regular mode. Now I don't want to drive 3 hours to see the difference. This might be a deal breaker. SO CAN ANYONE HELP ME ON THE SPEED? I do know the performance is TRULY the fastest car I ever drove, almost got away from me. HELP!

  • tingdong lu
    tingdong luÅr siden

    Luxury ? excuse me?

  • Yossy Y
    Yossy YÅr siden

    Plastic bucket with batteries

  • Mak ia
    Mak iaÅr siden

    Tesla Is My Favorite

  • Army And Blink
    Army And BlinkÅr siden

    Engineer, I was just wondering. How’s the model X on twisty roads and the reliability of this vehicle? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you so much in advance.

  • Mr. Smith

    Mr. Smith

    År siden

    As a Model X P100D owner the MX is very nimble for a big vehicle very pleasant, again it's not made for curves but it does very well.

  • Mak Z
    Mak ZÅr siden

    Does this thing have a decent AC system?

  • zzipzzap1
    zzipzzap1År siden

    A fine example of one handed driving.

  • Blazer_tme
    Blazer_tmeÅr siden

    5 reasons to remind me I’m poor

  • Macio Luko
    Macio LukoÅr siden

    The competition is so far behind it's ludicrous!

  • The Fish
    The FishÅr siden

    Is this a luxury vehicle?

  • JordynAkumpo
    JordynAkumpoÅr siden

    Me: gets pulled over Cop: I saw you drinking something back there Also cop: Lemme take some test on you *Fails test* Cop:your under arrest for drunk driving Me: My car can drive by itself it’s all good.

  • T AU

    T AU

    År siden

    this had potential you just took too many steps to get to the joke

  • m0d3l500
    m0d3l500År siden

    cheapness of materials and quality (or rather a lack of one) in a Tesla knocks the brand down to a basic GM/Ford SUV.

  • Entertain Me
    Entertain MeÅr siden

    This may be the perfect replacement for my 2016 Audi S6 and 2014 Tahoe , 2017 Cayenne gts was my choice, I’m electrified

  • Gerald Brown
    Gerald BrownÅr siden

    Beto drives a Tesla?🤔

  • abbaby555
    abbaby555År siden

    Nice mini van, very nice

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeisterÅr siden

    5:25 *It is possible to argue or endeavour to demonstrate a point, regarding **_Weight & Mass_** to the conclusion that we all would be better off, and have a 'smoother ride' with a 2½ Ton Car. The fact is that it takes an enormous amount of energy, be it Electric or ICE to propel a vehicle to any speed. The only slight saving grace with an EV is effective regenerative braking, which puts some energy back into the battery pack. I just anticipate the road ahead in my Mercedes B200 CDi AMG and rarely need to use the brakes. IE It 'freewheels' very well. And by the way although **_Sport_** Version very smooth suspension on ECO, change to **_Sport Mode_** in which case it's like a Go-Cart and goes beserk, only use it with Caution.* *I am well aware that in the UK ICE powered vehicles are to be 'discontinued' from production in the UK & Europe, and we will all have to go **_Electric,_** but until then most EV users are Guinea Pigs to develop the technology to get us there, but OK at an astronomical Price !*

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeisterÅr siden

    4:45 *You got to be kidding 55,000 lb (2½ Ton) what a 'bruiser' - enormous amounts of energy to simply get it moving, needs to shed at least a Ton (bit like me) to make it more athletic !*

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeisterÅr siden

    2:35 *What ICE Cars have you been driving recently to make those ridiculous comments, I have a Mercedes B200 CDi Sport AMG Line, 7 speed auto. Engine undetectable at 40 mph +, No Vibration, no 'shifting' seamless smooth imperceptible changes, plus up to 72.3 MPG and over 140mph (On German Autobahn Near Munich) Cost around £26,000 ($33k) including full Real Leather heated seats and all the tricks. Only watched this as in another comment parked by chance next to a Model X who **_forgot_** to buy a Parking Ticket for £1 ALL DAY, he got nicked he he*

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeisterÅr siden

    *Just by the way, parked next to a £100k Tesla Model X at Rushcliffe Country Park, Ruddington (UK) yesterday, and the owner didn't buy a £1 Parking Ticket (All Day) Witnessed security Guard taking pictures and slapping a Penalty Notice on windscreen. Are Electric Cars exempt from Parking Charges ?*

  • Tesla Broformance
    Tesla BroformanceÅr siden

    would you/anyone consider buying a usef 2016 version? I'm tempted to but fear there are too many kinks since it was the . first year released

  • denziiey
    denziieyÅr siden

    best electric, not best luxurious.

  • Pekirt79
    Pekirt79År siden

    Great video! Not sure on all the hate. I'd take a Model X over any other luxury SUV any day! Every other car company is 5-7 years behind Tesla.

  • jamesdewer
    jamesdewerÅr siden

    Great argument. I also would get a RAV4 for the occasional trip to Yosemite. You simply won't find many people driving to Vegas in one.

  • Anything Mike
    Anything MikeÅr siden

    Omaze is a scam!! You ain’t gonna win nothing!!!! They are gonna get your money and share it amongst themselves.. they claim to help people with clean water and so on, this dude comes on here and says they help girls learn how to code😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🚨🚨🚨🚨😂🚨😂😂😂🚨🚨🚨

  • Matthéw
    MatthéwÅr siden

    You're in this car you feel like you're in the future the most feature I love the most is the way the windscreen is

  • koruki
    korukiÅr siden

    The only luxury thing about a model x is the price.

  • Cool Kid

    Cool Kid

    År siden

    Thanks for killing my last brain cells

  • Anthony Coffey
    Anthony CoffeyÅr siden

    Jeebus, my 1997 tahoe weighs 6k lbs & 0-60 is eventually, could only imagine what it feels to do a 0-60 pull in a tesla

  • Apriel Phaskah
    Apriel PhaskahÅr siden

    Nah I don't want to drive luxury car that is also used as a taxi

  • Nathan Miller Video
    Nathan Miller VideoÅr siden

    This would actually be the best SUV for road trips to be honest lol. I take road trips very often in my Model 3 long range is it's amazing. By the time I'm done with bathroom brakes, getting food, and stretching after driving 3-4 hours to the next super charger I need to stop at, my car is almost done charging to full which is awesome! And it doesn't cost very much at all either. Average $20-30 round trip for a good long road trip.The cabin space in the Model X sounds beautiful for bringing people and their luggage, maybe even a good boi to.

  • Claude
    ClaudeÅr siden

    How many times did he say the word "Luxury"?

  • Yosef MacGruber
    Yosef MacGruberÅr siden

    So many supposedly-educated people think that electric cars are silly, and yet they will go blow money to let their children ride on traveling carnival rides or rides at a permanent amusement park, and ride on elevators, and every one of those is powered by - you guessed it, an electric motor. Even golf carts are commonly electric, and yet there is this disconnect in people's Big Oil brainwashed minds, that cars can not be electric?

  • Stephan
    StephanÅr siden

    Great video man. But how do your hands not get tired ?! Lol

  • Langolier
    LangolierÅr siden

    So, this is an SUV. A luxurious one. Why this is not the best SUV lies in the answers of two questions. 1) What is the maximum towing capacity? 2) What is the range of the vehicle when it is towing its maximum load?

  • Guillermo Martin
    Guillermo MartinÅr siden

    IDK for the price of these Tesla SUV’s I rather spend that in a Porche Cayenne

  • Kyle Green
    Kyle GreenÅr siden

    Can you do a video covering Tesla's switch to new motors for the Model S and X and the benefits and efficiencies of switching from an AC induction motor to a permanent magnet motor? Thanks, really love the thorough nature of your videos!

  • Dom Thomas
    Dom ThomasÅr siden

    i think these are pretty cool...but can we be real and NOT call this an SUV.

  • BroccoliQueefed
    BroccoliQueefedÅr siden

    These vehicles are amazing. Amazing horsepower/torque, yet they don't have "horses". And they look great.

  • Richard Anthony Media
    Richard Anthony MediaÅr siden

    Tbh. Internal combustion engines are going to phase out. In the end there are so many points of failure in a gas engine vs. electric. Once the prices start to equalize it’s game over for the other companies unless they invest heavily in electric. I want one myself!

  • Khalifa Alshehhi

    Khalifa Alshehhi

    År siden

    And the creation of the v8 engine on any car is so sophisticated that every car produce a different engine sound , the sound of the engine is a luxury that you will never see on electric cars, also ice cars produce lots of jobs in different sectors while electric cars will reduce jobs

  • Khalifa Alshehhi

    Khalifa Alshehhi

    År siden

    Well , internal combustion engines will never phase out and the tesla has no luxury features it's just high tech compare it to a rolls Royce , no scratchy plastic and high quality wood and leather and the creation of the v12 engine is so sophisticated and it's hand made, let's take another example that matches the model x price tag, the Mercedes s500 a very sophisticated v8 engine fitted with an IWC watch with plenty of leg room on the back now that's luxury.

  • A R
    A RÅr siden

    Tesla just increased range and added features to the x and s. I would have bought another model x except they took away the free supercharging for life from their flagship vehicles. Now they’re basically the same as the model 3 except they don’t get any updates first and the tech is outdated. Model 3 is the new flagship and a third the price of the x.

  • Meadmaker 452
    Meadmaker 452År siden

    Dang it!! Saw this too late to enter the drawing. Very cool of them to do it, and a good cause, too. Thanks for the review!

  • Danny S
    Danny SÅr siden

    It's fast, and it's pretty cool. But I just don't think the build quality and material selection make this a top contender for "Best Luxury SUV". There are far too many others that are just flat out more luxurious. Hell even the new Navigator has much more of a luxury interior and presence.

  • А
    АÅr siden

    Ok, I've seriously considered buying a model X and didn't, and I'll tell you why. I really wanted the autopilot and all the nifty tech features as I'm a big tech guy and absolutely love what Tesla is doing with the neural net aspect of their self-driving technology. However, I am coming from a Mercedes GL, which has become somewhat of a benchmark for comfortable SUVs, and Tesla, sadly, falls short of the comfort level expected of a luxury SUV. Compared to the GL/GLS, Tesla has poor sound insulation and the road noise gets uncomfortably loud, especially on the highways. The suspension is quite stiff resulting in quite a bumpy ride. Furthermore, the seats are firm, for no particular reason. I feel like more comfortable seats would've helped at least a little with not having to feel every imperfection in the road surface while driving. The fit and finish of the car itself is not quite on par with other luxury cars. I'm not a fan of its styling in general, but that has no bearing on the other points outlined here. To summarize, I really wanted to love the Tesla, but it's just not quite there yet when it comes to comfort and driving experience of other SUVs in its segment. For now, I'll wait for Tesla Model X2.

  • Will Reynolds
    Will ReynoldsÅr siden

    I think Beto O'rourke is a better Car reviewer than President

  • Chicken Soup
    Chicken SoupÅr siden

    How does this fit into the SUV category?

  • Garrett Rincon
    Garrett RinconÅr siden

    Been watching this vid every day for the past two weeks. This car is insane

  • J1k Trenches
    J1k TrenchesÅr siden

    I need that tesla x breh shii 😤😤

  • HoneyChai
    HoneyChaiÅr siden

    Too bad their color selection and interior choices are mind-numbingly boring. Volvo SUVs have the coolest and sexiest colors ever. Still, I wouldn't mind owning a Tesla X because of the doors.

  • HoneyChai
    HoneyChaiÅr siden

    Heepa air filtration? lol

  • Just a Dad
    Just a DadÅr siden

    Most lexurious SUV. ??? U sir need to check real cars in that segment

  • Doug F
    Doug FÅr siden

    Being alive and breathing fresh air should be a standard quality of life, not a luxury.

  • ParadiseofDarkness
    ParadiseofDarknessÅr siden

    Its to small. Need tahoe chevy size.

  • Ron Hartle
    Ron HartleÅr siden

    CLEF ?

  • Ron Hartle
    Ron HartleÅr siden

    2:15 Is that a G wagon?

  • Ron Hartle
    Ron HartleÅr siden


  • Daniel Balcan
    Daniel BalcanÅr siden

    Those back doors need a lot of space to open... Here in Europe the indoor parking lots are very small/short.

  • mravecsk1
    mravecsk1År siden

    Had it rented a few times (100D)...great car. No dif panel gaps than yo can find on Merc or Audi btw.

  • John Sadaka
    John SadakaÅr siden

    I do have a few critiques: First, this is not an SUV. We really need to come up with another name for vehicles that are not cars, and since people hate on minivans, we cannot call them that; although that is probably the best description of this vehicle. Second, as luxury vehicles go, I think this is a kitschy fad. The car is, in my opinion, rather ugly, the materials on the interior are nice, but not luxury, but like you said in the video, the Mercedes S class, ir Rolls are probably better in that aspect. Third, I am still not convinced that any vehicle with the ability to steer itself should be allowed on our public roadways. I just do not feel safe with them on my roads. Al that being said, there is something magical about driving a Tesla. The door handles open for you like the car is saying hello, you get in and go, no buttons to push or keys to turn, just put it in drive and go. And then driving, the look on your face says it all. Instant, unlimited torque, every drivers dream. I love your videos, you are enthusiastic and your passion for the topics is evident. Thank you for the good work.

  • Raymond


    År siden

    Hey John, respect your opinion, but autopilot is amazing and has a huge impact on quality of life. I had my doubts about safety, but after using it, I can say it's very very confidence inspiring. I drove other lane keeping systems, and you never know when they might not be able to handle a bend. Those are worse than driving yourself. I agree a model S/X isn't as nice in terms of material as s class and rolls, but the user experience is worth a lot more imo. You don't have to fish your phone out to use maps because the one on the dash is even better. It's like having a modern smartphone made out of aluminum vs a 20 yr old phone made out of 24k gold. I'd still pick the former if I had to use it. Just my opinion. Have a nice day.

  • V1Gibby
    V1GibbyÅr siden

    It isn’t at all, but it is the best suv.

  • AnitAReaSoN 1st
    AnitAReaSoN 1stÅr siden

    Tesla is a nice vehicle! I’m totally about thAt Tech Life & Tesla comes Thru💯💃🏽🥰 But Tesla interior design is waYyy too basic for my taste!!! I’m gonna need Tesla design team to step it up w/the Bells & whistles going forward🤷🏻‍♀️

  • 8est 8its
    8est 8itsÅr siden

    Would have to agree with you. It's a seriously accomplished suv. Makes all other suv's quite boring actually.

  • Rob Denaro
    Rob DenaroÅr siden

    How is this a SUV? It's just a sedan and very expensive. You guys are paying a lot of money for something that goes fast in a straight line .

  • Saideep Katragadda

    Saideep Katragadda

    År siden

    @Rob Denaro and more cargo space

  • Saideep Katragadda

    Saideep Katragadda

    År siden

    @Rob Denaro its bigger than an X5 bud

  • Rob Denaro

    Rob Denaro

    År siden

    @Saideep Katragadda An example of a SUV is the BMW X5.

  • Saideep Katragadda

    Saideep Katragadda

    År siden

    Its definitely an SUV. Have you ever seen one? They are huge

  • nn 0020
    nn 0020År siden

    Should not be considered luxury. Just newly costly tech with hype. Rather get a Toyota Avalon Hybrid for 1/3 the price. Tesla designs are not luxurious,...looks like a Mazda fuze with a Buick...

  • Mark Robert
    Mark RobertÅr siden

    You remind me of my cousin Kyle. You look like him, you sound like him, you seem to know everything about cars, your ... wait a minute

  • Sekai Ni Heiwa
    Sekai Ni HeiwaÅr siden

    LOL - I was sitting in this wooden carriage. Its lauder than my 15 years FX and you need a pillow under your ass, get soft as possible, Its a total disaster this car, for totally idiots.

  • Mikey C
    Mikey CÅr siden

    I'm more interested to know how Elon has managed to convince the public that wood grain on a dash is somehow "cool" again and not just for Buicks from the 1990's! But sorry: didn't work on me. That wood grain (Model X and Model 3) just make the dash look like garbage.

  • 4n0n1m0u3
    4n0n1m0u3År siden

    Everybody is complaining about the interior and that it isnt luxurious but you dont even have to drive yourself with Autopilot - that is TRUE luxury..

  • Hung Tran
    Hung TranÅr siden

    understand how dirty gas companies using additive that caused all sort of carbon deposit. Automatic transmission often exposed to torque conversion and other issues. Instant torque on EV is a safety. Using Electric motor to slow down is another safety. No Carbon leaks inside the car is another safety.

  • Yosef MacGruber

    Yosef MacGruber

    År siden

    @Hung Tran Even in fuel-burning cars, the improving technology has allowed them to eliminate at least a few parts that inevitably wear out and fail. They got rid of the distributor which wears out, and replaced it with a computer that decides when to fire the spark. They got rid of carburetors which were notorious for causing engine fires. Having a pool of volatile gasoline sitting atop of the engine and hot exhaust manifold, controlled by an unreliable float valve, what could possibly go wrong? Electric motors also have timing issues, but the technology just takes care of it so much better. It takes a complicated motor controller to run the motor at all of its various range of speeds, but I think such a controller is electronic, very reliable, and fairly efficient. Your self-charging idea makes no sense, and violates even a basic understanding of physics. Anything that increases drag on the electric car is going to shorten its battery range. Electric motors are extremely sensitive to the load upon them, and have to draw more current in order to maintain the desired speed. That is part of what makes the electric motor so incredibly efficient, because it draws but little current when it does not encounter much load. That is why electric cars are built so much more aerodynamic than fuel-burning cars. They have to reduce the wind drag. They have to, in order to get the range numbers to a level that is impressive enough to entice more people to buy their electric cars. Already, electric cars use regenerative braking, that greatly extends the life of the brake pads, since the electric motor can be controlled or wired to produce moderate drag to reduce the speed of the vehicle. Such drag turns the motor into a generator that conveniently recaptures much of the kinetic energy and puts it back into the battery for later use, helping it achieve better range in stop-and-go city traffic than would otherwise be possible. But this feature only works when the driver tells the car to slow down, by either releasing the accelerator pedal or lightly pushing the brake pedal. It is of no use when the car is cruising at constant speed or accelerating. Wind energy is of questionable benefit, has struggled being cost-effective compared to other more reliable options, and only works on stationary land, in which the difference in the wind speed and the stationary land can be exploited. You can't very well install windmills on a car, and if we could, the drag of the windmill would totally defeat the purpose. Now sure, wind can move sailboats, that is, if you think that traveling at up to 20mph is "fast". And controlling the direction of travel and proper set angle of the sails, well is somewhat complicated. You can not head directly into the wind, but "tacking" at 45º into the wind, does work. Those are some of the reasons why sailboats and sail-ships are not so much popular anymore. Ultracaps? You must mean super-capacitors. Super-capacitors seems to be interesting to replace the bulky and heavy battery of fuel-burning cars with a smaller "battery" that weighs a lot less. But aren't super-capacitors more expensive, unless you know of a good source to obtain them from? I saw a YT video some time ago where some guy replaced his expensive car battery with a bank of super-capacitors that seemed to work fairly well. Now they did not have quite the capacity of a normal car battery, but they easily produced the needed cranking amps, and also everybody wanted to know for how long he could play the car radio before the super-capacitors dropped significantly in voltage. If the video can be believed, it was for about 30 minutes, by which time the "battery" voltage dropped to 10.something volts I think. Impressive, but not nearly the performance level of the normal car battery. But if he got the super-capacitors from something else, perhaps for nearly free somehow, then why not? A nice replacement for a costly car battery that performs almost nearly as well. Of course leaving the headlights on would result in a dead "battery" a whole lot quicker. Now as to using super-capacitors for electric cars, depends on probably about 3 major factors, that I don't know if super-capacitors can deliver on. • How does their safety rank to the batteries that they would replace? If they become bent or something in a crash, will they more easily internally short out and burst into flames? Remember we are charging them up to about the full voltage that they are rated to be able to contain, so as to maximize the driving range. Also, what is their longevity? Will they last as long or longer than the car battery that they aim to replace? • How does their energy-to-weight ratio compare to the already-efficient lithium ion batteries or whatever that they are? • How well does their energy-to-cost ratio compare? Perhaps super-capacitors could be stuffed into some hole or void within the car, that otherwise that space would be wasted. In addition to the big flat battery underneath the floor of the car. But if super-capacitors are too expensive, then it is pointless. What good is an electric car that almost nobody can afford? Capacitors also have the very undesirable characteristic that as they discharge, the voltage plummets. At 25% "battery" a capacitor would only have but half the voltage, whereas batteries maintain their voltage pretty well until they are nearly dead. Can the electric car deal with plummeting voltage, or will it then struggle with climbing steep hills towards the end of its journey, as there is no "downshifting" availble as there is no transmission. A big plus of capacitors as an energy storage device, is that they are not sensitive to temperature changes, and capacitors can be recharged very quickly. Since the battery is a very big weakness of the electric car, how well any proposed alternative performs in the energy-versus-cost ratio and energy-to-weight ratio, is going to be extremely important. There is talk of using graphene or some sort of solid-state battery that could quite possibly charge much more quickly and not be sensitive to temperature extremes. That could be very helpful, because then limited battery energy would not have to be wasted maintaining the batteries at the desired performance temperature. Supposedly, those ideas may be right around the corner, but are needing more research. And they will be of little help if they can not get the manufacturing cost down on them.

  • Hung Tran

    Hung Tran

    År siden

    Yosef MacGruber absolutely correct timing chain/belt issue, oil leaks, oil burning so many parts that failed while spending time in trying to perfect for many centuries why not spend time in realizing advanced batteries, self charging while driving using air coming in Nikolai Tesla has many turbine can benefit from this generating dc Even Current EV can combining Ultracaps to release instant power and regen and store some short term juice in cold temp environment, this will help batteries last longer.

  • Yosef MacGruber

    Yosef MacGruber

    År siden

    Fuel-burning vehicles have all those problems, because burning fuel to power cars, has long been the inferior technology. It has so many problems, that they make the car ridiculously complicated trying to fix all the problems. They had to invent the muffler, because the internal combustion engine can not seem to exhaust its gases without very annoying pressure waves called obnoxious noise. Just look at how big and heavy an internal combustion engine is. And then look at how small the electric motor is to move such a big and heavy car. And the electric motor does it better, faster, without hesitation. I imagine you could probably lift the electric motor even without an engine hoist? What does it weigh? Maybe 30 pounds? I think I might be able to lift that even without a hoist or forklift.

  • Gregory Wills
    Gregory WillsÅr siden

    FORTRAN? I took a FORTRAN class in 1982!

  • Lyle Stavast

    Lyle Stavast

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    latecomer... lol

  • Dino Pappous
    Dino PappousÅr siden

    Especially if you like Falcon doors that don't actuate properly....if that's the case, this thing is "THE *HIT" !!!! FORZA ALFA BABY !!!!

  • Dino Pappous

    Dino Pappous

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    @Çommenter Person Self Righteous Sanctimonious Tesla Fan Boys Unite....

  • Çommenter Person

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  • Danskish World Champion
    Danskish World ChampionÅr siden

    That donation is not going to any young lady i can guarantee you that, it's going into the pockets of the world wide pedophilia network

  • smoguli
    smoguliÅr siden

    One drawback: it's not very good at towing. It has great capacity (5000 lbs), but from what I've seen even with a small 25ft caravan you end up with sub 100 miles range, and that was going at 50 mph. Who wants to go camping only 2 hours from home?

  • Saideep Katragadda

    Saideep Katragadda

    År siden

    Its very good at towing, unless you want to go longer distances. Then its very good at towing provided u take some rest stops to supercharge, which I'm sure you would take rest stops anyway

    TOM RASTÅr siden

    try porsche cayenne turbo s ;)

  • Jason Mckenzie
    Jason MckenzieÅr siden

    Claims it being fast wasn't one of the reasons it's the best but mentioned it being the fastest five thousand times