5 Reasons I HATE My Tesla Model 3


5 Things I Hate About My Tesla Model 3 - Tesla Makes Bad Cars!
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Here's five reasons why I hate my Tesla Model 3 Performance. When I bought the car, I didn't realize how little range it would have, how much maintenance it would require, what it would sound like, how safe it would be, and how slow it would be. That's because I don't actually think when I buy cars, I simply buy whatever I think will get me views on NOlocal.
It turns out, Teslas are great for that, but bad at everything else. I hate everything about my Tesla Model 3. In this video we'll go as in depth as you can imagine an influencer's brain allows for, giving you almost no detail as to why I think the way I do. Smash all the buttons and thumbs up, 10 million likes and I'll sell my Crosstrek. And buy nine supercars! I'm not compensating for anything, promise!
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  • ChulHee Ssi
    ChulHee SsiMåned siden

    All the Electric hating Karen’s got trolled like on Doug’s Model X video

  • Hana Swilam
    Hana SwilamMåned siden

    At least thank god u even have a car man, some ppl have old worn out cars but still don't complain

  • TheGP
    TheGP2 måneder siden

    Could it be that your extension cord isn’t long enough?

  • ᆞ
    2 måneder siden

    900miles from work lol

  • ᆞ
    2 måneder siden

    I hate it when 3.2k people cant get a joke

  • ᆞ
    2 måneder siden

    Number two was funny lol

  • One Germ
    One Germ2 måneder siden

    Idk, kinda lost in the video

  • 209John
    209John3 måneder siden

    Irony huh? That’s new

  • Cassette Walkman
    Cassette Walkman3 måneder siden

    "Run DMC & Jam Master Jaaaayyyyyy"

  • PeopleQuang
    PeopleQuang4 måneder siden

    “This car right here *sux* Because the maintenance sux” - Engineering Explained 2019

  • Ben Hardy
    Ben Hardy4 måneder siden

    loving Safety Sam. X

  • Richard Landis
    Richard Landis5 måneder siden

    what a nerd

  • Joe H.S
    Joe H.S6 måneder siden

    A moment of silence for the 3 thousand people who had the joke fly right over their head

  • Joe H.S
    Joe H.S6 måneder siden

    “Cars are not worth getting angry over" I love this man

  • Joe H.S
    Joe H.S6 måneder siden

    I wonder how many people didn’t get the joke

    VOLD GAMER7 måneder siden

    buying the model 3 or whatever it is, is like buying that one slow car for gta 5 races, you would be better off buying a real car

  • Kāne Momona
    Kāne Momona7 måneder siden


  • Oswaldo Jiménez Díaz
    Oswaldo Jiménez Díaz7 måneder siden

    2:23 As a native Spanish speaker I find this hilarious and I'd love to see the rest of the act with your Spanish-English accent.

  • Jerel Arcon
    Jerel Arcon8 måneder siden

    Just subscribed! So funny 😂

  • Seth Riggle
    Seth Riggle9 måneder siden

    Tesla sucks

  • L. Carroll
    L. Carroll9 måneder siden

    Great video, the Vlogger part made me laugh so freakin hard.

  • Mr. Hawk
    Mr. Hawk9 måneder siden

    Your just mad so you can't make money as a mechanic and just have a job for youtube

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept010 måneder siden

    I should’ve known this video would be a meemee

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    Apaulture10 måneder siden

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    Naranbaatar10 måneder siden

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  • Engineering Explained

    Engineering Explained

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    Yan Jia11 måneder siden

    I like this style 🤣

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    Jack D.11 måneder siden

    Really silly. Play it straight. Don't be a clown.

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    Insight11 måneder siden

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    Casey B11 måneder siden

    Loved it!

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    Ahmed YehiaÅr siden

    Alonso's part cracked me up :)

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    Mujahid RasheedÅr siden

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    bomb1stÅr siden

    Buy a protein shake.

  • Marium
    MariumÅr siden

    you lost me at 2 minutes. Boring video

  • Adobedirt Blues
    Adobedirt BluesÅr siden

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    Luc MoothiaÅr siden

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  • Victor Lopez
    Victor LopezÅr siden

    dude shame on you. your pal Lance Corporal USMC

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    Hiba997År siden

    this video saved me

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    BeetleythingÅr siden

    Jason WTF dude ..... stick to math please...

  • Beetleything


    År siden

    @Aidan Shoresh ahhhh right

  • Aidan Shoresh

    Aidan Shoresh

    År siden

    Beetleything Look at the day it was published

  • BC USA
    BC USAÅr siden

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    Mark HolderÅr siden

    Seeing this a few months late, best video on the interweb!

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  • Zaliah
    ZaliahÅr siden

    that moment when you dislike but then u auto disdislike so that u will see the full video and see what it has to say and then then ur pround of u ;)

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    April 1.

  • Toguro 100%
    Toguro 100%År siden

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  • liny2sd
    liny2sdÅr siden

    Its okay, I still for real hate your tesla. Internal Combustion Engines for life.

  • voidedwarranty
    voidedwarrantyÅr siden

    This was awesome. You were hilarious. We should be friends.

  • Wok
    WokÅr siden

    ok you got me damit

  • ben reber
    ben reberÅr siden

    I love Tesla so I was looking at all the reasons not to buy one... I shouldn’t have watched this. 😂

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    SherifGamingÅr siden

    ITS A CHARACTER GUYS! -_- ... Nice vid xD

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    Why do I have 6 neutralsÅr siden

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    Rohan IyerÅr siden

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  • Ilya Ginzburg
    Ilya GinzburgÅr siden

    My biggest problem with a Tesla is the charging time. Even at Tesla station it will be at least an hour. Don’t have that kind of time to spend on changing my car.

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  • TheMattbrownbill
    TheMattbrownbillÅr siden

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  • Scott Campbell
    Scott CampbellÅr siden

    Love your videos. I own. 2017 Model X. A new version is $25,000 less expensive. As an early adopter, I wanted to help Musk. Nice as batteries become cheaper he lowers the vehicles pricing. Most manufacturers would not do that. My Model X has 30,000 miles with no maintenance or service center visits. It is a very unique, overbuilt vehicle. No other manufacturer makes anything similar as the costs would be astronomical.

  • Hideaki Sakakibara
    Hideaki SakakibaraÅr siden

    You guys can say all you want about the model 3 tesla. Still ugly as a frog. It remembers me the nissan juke.

  • laxmannate07
    laxmannate07År siden

    I charge my tesla with potato batteries.

  • Ian Ian
    Ian IanÅr siden

    They just not fucked about renewables till i force them to with my Tesla.

  • Mick Crispin
    Mick CrispinÅr siden

    gotta keep that vlog life going haha

  • RemyRAD
    RemyRADÅr siden

    Okay, okay... I enjoyed watching your wonderfully boring, Engineering Explained. I think for well over a year. I hadn't subscribed. Until this episode! All right! Now you're talkin'. That was beautiful! It was brilliant! And I hit the subscribe button. And it's all your fault! I mean I was born and raised in Detroit starting in the mid-1950s. Dad was an advertiser and musician. Had a couple of car dealers. And a copywriter who was the voice of one of the big Detroit drag ways in the late 1960s. I grew up with cars. And my uncles were top mechanics. But my mom and dad were both musicians. So I really never got to have any fun with cars LOL. Though I accidentally totaled my recording studio partner's, Porsche 914. I wasn't used to that mid-engine.. I spun out coming over a hill. Whoops. It's okay. He had put the Porsche up for sale. And I asked if I could take it out for lunch. So the insurance company bought it that day. And neither of us drove Porsche's again. I went to a motorcycle. He went to a minivan. You have answered all of my questions without me ever asking a single one. And now. You're even more fun! Keep'em rrunning! Remy Ann David (No. Not like, Delco. More like the cognac because I'm really good. And combustible.)

  • Riding n Stuff
    Riding n StuffÅr siden

    'liquid pterodactyls' BAHAHAHhahahahhaHA

  • Riding n Stuff
    Riding n StuffÅr siden

    Hahahah, one minute in and friggen love this vlog style

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    cananeÅr siden


  • transnd
    transndÅr siden

    Well if you do ever need parts prepare to wait days, weeks, or months... What about replacing batteries when they no longer hold a charge (like a cell phone), buggy ota software updates, being tracked, and getting hacked while driving? Always lovable attributes. I think I'll be joing the skynet resistence for this fight.

  • transnd


    År siden

    @Nick DolanI'm not into blowing money on unecessary and fragile machinery, so no german cars for me. I'm not arguing electric cars aren't the future. Just as Ford's Model T fixed the horse waste problem in the early 1900's, electric cars will hopefully fix some of the emissions problems we are now faced with. Im just not into the current offerings and prefer not to be on the bleeding edge with something as important as transportation. Besides, electric cars have almost no resale value, something you either do or will understand being an audi owner.

  • Nick Dolan

    Nick Dolan

    År siden

    First, I can tell you have never owned a European vehicle. Every time my Audi needs service I HOPE the parts are just across the country, not in Germany. Second, the whole "battery scare" doesn't work with anyone who has done any research. It's the same boogy man people have been talking about since the Prius came out. There are a few Tesla batteries that have needed changed, well over 100k miles and at no cost to the owner. Third, if you have any new vehicle or any cellphone from the last decade I have bad news... You're already being tracked. And last, there isn't a single case of a Tesla being hacked without having physical access to the interior of the vehicle. Other manufacturers though have had their vehicles hacked though their OTA systems like OnStar and their basic phone apps.

  • Theran Oneil
    Theran OneilÅr siden

    Super goofy

  • fchanMSI
    fchanMSIÅr siden

    948 years? You a vampire?

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    S HedditchÅr siden

    Excellent stuff Jason.

  • sultanabran1
    sultanabran1År siden

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  • ColdWaterThrower
    ColdWaterThrowerÅr siden

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  • The Dominator
    The DominatorÅr siden

    AN actual question: will an electric car electrocute you and/or the fish if you drive it into a river?

  • Riding n Stuff

    Riding n Stuff

    År siden

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    Captain PicardÅr siden

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    The mad mechanicÅr siden

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    Dude Hilarious!!!

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    Jaden RichardsÅr siden

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  • Josemari Z.
    Josemari Z.År siden

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  • Aunt Martha
    Aunt MarthaÅr siden

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  • Aniruddh Khanwale
    Aniruddh KhanwaleÅr siden

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    Cristhian Alonso Batista CastilloÅr siden

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    Adam SmithÅr siden

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    iT RCÅr siden

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