5 Genuinely Impressive "Flaws" Of The C8 Corvette


The Brilliant Engineering Of The Mid-Engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8
2020 Chevy Corvette Driving Review - nolocal.info/have/video/d2pph8V8q4aoy4Q
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The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8. It's a supercar killer and it's headed to driveways for a fraction of the price. You know it's mid-engined, you know it's crazy fast But is it without flaw? Several "flaws" seem to be the main talking points: that it's brake-by-wire, that the C7 had more stopping grip, that it understeers, that it uses a two-valve-per-cylinder pushrod engine, and that it comes with all-season tires. But if look closely at the engineering behind any of these elements, you'll find there's actually a brilliant story to be told.

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained5 måneder siden

    *Important Note!* Much confusion in the comments regarding "brake-by-wire." The system shown is absolutely "brake-by-wire." Lots of comments suggesting this is electrically assisted brakes, or something other than brake-by-wire, which are inaccurate claims. I asked Brembo about the system, and here was their response: "In normal use, the pedal is engaging a master cylinder, but the system runs in “open loop” so the master cylinder doesn’t generate any pressure. Normally the system takes pedal travel data and outputs a pressure using the electric pump based on the calibration done by GM and Bosch. In the unlikely event of a failure in the electrical hydraulic pump, or the entire vehicle electrical system, the master cylinder then becomes the operational fail safe to generate pressure and make braking still possible." In other words, this is a brake-by-wire system, with a hydraulic failsafe in the unlikely event of electronic failure.

  • Conrado FMC_Ny

    Conrado FMC_Ny

    Måned siden

    You quit your job to do what? Be a pilot??

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    Måned siden

    This is really random, but what are those black shoes you’re wearing?

  • Fredashay Klavierstein

    Fredashay Klavierstein

    Måned siden

    Who drives a supercar in the snow?!?! (Well, except for _Daily Driven Exotics,_ lol.)

  • matthewbw111


    2 måneder siden

    Pp p

  • matthewbw111


    2 måneder siden


  • 8 year old
    8 year old8 timer siden

    Why every car hard brakes make steering wheel shaking , even you fight it i still see it shaking 4:22

  • Dan Lemke
    Dan Lemke8 dager siden

    To all you negative posters and GM haters, why do you watch the videos?

  • James McClane
    James McClane16 dager siden

    Stops worse than the C7...my C7 stops on a dime, not sure what you meant by that comment.

  • Dan Lemke

    Dan Lemke

    8 dager siden

    Being kinda picky, aren't you? Pretty sure you know what he meant and wasn't trying to shade your C7. PC police, who needs them...

  • Ponyo3816
    Ponyo381617 dager siden

    Wait. I notice you have the self adjusting work bench in the background there. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THE WORKBENCH PLEASEEEEEE REVIEWWWWW

  • Willy Wong
    Willy Wong18 dager siden

    6th flaw: dat steering wheel

  • Fulcrum
    Fulcrum18 dager siden

    Still an unsafe cardboard car, very poorly designed if you look closely at the different aspects of it ... and obsolete. This car should have been out 25 years ago, and they should have had a front-mid engine variant as well. The times provided by GM aren't real, nor are the specs they claim. Overall, a good kit car but not worth the paper it's made out of.

  • Dan Lemke

    Dan Lemke

    8 dager siden

    Don't buy one.

  • D.A.L.
    D.A.L.23 dager siden

    I like understeer. Brake by wire? That's not what I want to hear. I don't even like drive by wire throttle bodies. But, that being said, the C8 Corvette is the only new vehicle I would buy. If I could afford a new vehicle.

  • Daniel k
    Daniel k28 dager siden

    all season tires are a scam for a tire to be an “all season” just means the tire performs on wet roads and those tires are suicidal in any weather below 50 degrees

  • hvymtal
    hvymtalMåned siden

    Given Michelin is known in the 2-wheeled world for making sport-touring tires that grip as much as many supersport tires, I'm not surprised they can make all-season car tires that grip like sport tires.

  • hvymtal
    hvymtalMåned siden

    Pushrod engines are great. Simple, compact, inexpensive, and with the right valvetrain you can still rev them pretty high. Since it is old tech, you also have loads of modification options, as well, and with only the one camshaft it's much less expensive to go from a street-oriented setup to something more racey. And of course you have all of those options for pretty valve covers! Cammers are great, but for performance achievable for mere mortals, pushrods are here to stay

    JZX TRDMåned siden

    If there is complaint about understeer in the C8 i would assume (not having driven one) that they're not driving correctly, maybe? As you come into a tight corner you should be braking, you want to start turning while the nose of the car is still pitched down. Its the dynamic of Mid or Rear engine car, you need to balance the weight transfer to drive to its full potential. This is why Porsche 911 is considered such a purest drivers car (even though Porsche has tried to engineer out its unforgiving handling characteristics) Besides, mild understeer is what you want for any track focused car.

  • Ryan boyce
    Ryan boyceMåned siden

    Understeer is way scarier than oversteer. There's a whole motorsport about oversteering. Its the whole reason I hate fwd in winter.

  • scott roberts
    scott robertsMåned siden

    In my job, I have the perks of being able to drive "used" C-8's to clear emission codes. Yesterday I drove one for 4 hours, traffic, hwy, freeway, all different conditions. It's difficult I know but someone has to do it, (and get paid!) =)

  • James Holbrook
    James HolbrookMåned siden

    I just disregard anyone saying a pushrod car especially a v style engine is bad an you get a little more efficient engine with 4 times as many cams sure but I mean they will last longer with no major repairs or maintenance required because that's what they are going to call a timing belt or chain replacement but how many NHRA cars have pushrod v8s

  • Jan Ruud
    Jan RuudMåned siden

    The Corvette C8 is "Impressive" for finally joining the rest of the car world. -- And everything is amazing in america. When they give you money to say its amazing.

  • Marc D

    Marc D

    Måned siden


  • charlie McCutcheon
    charlie McCutcheonMåned siden

    I saw the 'pilot' on the side of the tires and instantly knew why they put on all seasons. Crazy tech and they work great in the winter.

  • madmotorcyclist
    madmotorcyclistMåned siden

    You missed the fact the two low front radiators don't have adequate grille protection from road debris. You have to get an aftermarket grille with smaller holes to address this design flaw.

  • Gold Beach Surfer
    Gold Beach SurferMåned siden

    How many people actually track their corvettes?

  • Andrew Kemon
    Andrew KemonMåned siden

    In my opinion a car that understeers is faster then a car that oversteers. Let me explain why. when driving fast grip(0° slip angle) is faster then sliding(about 7°+ slip angle). But that's not entirely true when at the limit you will actually be about 1-5° slip angle. So when ur first learning how to drive a rwd car fast tuning for oversteer will help u learn how to control the cars as it slides but as you get better u want less sliding and more grip so by tuning the car for understeer u can still make the car oversteer by trail braking thus you can go around a turn faster with less slip angle. I'm no professional by no means but I've been around simulators for 15 years and this has been my experience. If anyone with more knowledge on this I would love to hear how close I am or how far.😝

  • Steve Brooks
    Steve BrooksMåned siden

    Wow. And people pay this guy to do this. the entire video made absolutely no sense.

  • Dan Lemke

    Dan Lemke

    8 dager siden

    You're kidding, right?

  • Alpine Screencastify
    Alpine ScreencastifyMåned siden

    Brilliant comments!

  • Liberty
    LibertyMåned siden

    Chevy offers to do business with you and suddenly pushrod engines are cool

  • Ivan Moody
    Ivan MoodyMåned siden

    You should build it but build it with a manual transmission

  • Ethan Pryor
    Ethan PryorMåned siden

    The only flaw it has is being a gm product...

  • Maarten de Hoog
    Maarten de HoogMåned siden

    please remember that Chrysler opted for the pushrod V10 instead of 4 cams overhead in the Viper because its lower center of gravity (and lack of space under the bonnet). GM did what Ford did in the 60s with the GT40, pushrod V8 in the back and make a mid-engined car with lower center of gravity. Dynamic the center of gravity shifts when driving accros lines, keep that line as low as possible and you have less roll in the car, so you can use a smaller swaybar to get the amount of roll you want. nice videos your channel!

  • SuperHyperGrahic
    SuperHyperGrahicMåned siden

    So when turning the C8 give it more Barking Force and sticker tires and lighter rims then?

  • Ash Taafe
    Ash TaafeMåned siden

    Is there any chance an engineering expert like yourself could do a video comparing the Ford GT against the C8 Corvette? Despite the price differences, there is so much that is comparable. And some big differences. Would love you to do an opinion based piece weighing the pros and cons of the two against each other :-)

  • plan pitz
    plan pitzMåned siden

    I think the most impressive flaw of the C8 is putting the engine in the back. Who would think that a 911 with a front engine is sexy? That is my point.

  • C H
    C HMåned siden

    Awesome ... love it :)

  • Dallas Wood
    Dallas WoodMåned siden

    doing alright in the snow has more to do with being rear engine and actually having weight over the drive axle than anything.

  • RcHydrozz
    RcHydrozzMåned siden

    2:16 I hope adding the rest of the body panels strengthens up the brake pedal mount. Did you see the whole brake pedal frame move when he hits the brake pedal.

  • RcHydrozz
    RcHydrozzMåned siden

    You missed the main problem. The front radiators are prone to stone damage. The openings are too big. We get it, smaller screens would restrict are flow. But Ive seen these with just a few thousand miles on them with hundreds of little dents on the front cooling fins of the radiators.

  • Jimmy Wilson
    Jimmy WilsonMåned siden

    What about DFM?

  • Roland Rodriguez
    Roland RodriguezMåned siden

    Thank you ,on another note dealerships are selling c8 for over a hundred thousand they are ripping people off ,can anyone stop this , you buy a vette and the dealer gets 3/4 of one free ,madness

  • rolling acres farmstead
    rolling acres farmsteadMåned siden

    So me how any of the oil companies are better then one another. You cant tell by the oil samples, ROFL

  • Dan K
    Dan KMåned siden

    Look at that surprising amount of chassis flex when brake pedal pressure is applied @ 1:08!

  • Robert Hubbard
    Robert HubbardMåned siden

    Celebrate that turd

  • Robin Priester
    Robin PriesterMåned siden

    Inexperienced driver should be buying high performance cars cuz they're ignorant just like if you're a millionaire doesn't mean you can handle the Ferrari dumbass I have a 1990 Lamborghini Countach 25th anniversary and I never crashed it cuz I know how to drive but is your niece. Schreiber you shouldn't buy a high-performance car because you deserve to eat the guard rails just don't kill anybody in the process

  • Dan Lemke

    Dan Lemke

    8 dager siden

    You don't have to wreck your car to be a jerk...

  • Robin Priester
    Robin PriesterMåned siden

    look I have an engineering degree University of Hartford you're not supposed to press the brake pedal you're supposed to pump it like you do your girlfriend

  • Manny C Weiss
    Manny C WeissMåned siden

    Congrats Chevy just made a Ferrari 355 replica from 1995...maybe 360 Modena from 2000?

  • Dan Lemke

    Dan Lemke

    8 dager siden

    Don't buy one.

  • Nick Mazz
    Nick MazzMåned siden

    I used to ignor these Chevy's as a bit of joke frankly, I take it back, its hell of a car for the money, congrats from the U.K. well done chaps

  • Road Odyssey
    Road OdysseyMåned siden

    Great help and reality check... Thanks.

  • Jay S
    Jay SMåned siden

    Those are some big ass headers that would never work in a front engined car If I were buying one I would definitely get the all season tires

  • Ted Tedness
    Ted TednessMåned siden

    I can see why the car would not come with neg 3 front camber, but neg .5? Why not give the car a safe neg 1.0.

  • scrubby Bard
    scrubby BardMåned siden

    Built by an American for an American

  • Iconhulk
    IconhulkMåned siden

    Video on vette.. lol Just scrap it.. smh

  • The Servermonitor
    The ServermonitorMåned siden

    That's why low profile tires suck, they can't soak up unsprung weight.

  • Steve 23464
    Steve 23464Måned siden

    Can I put that in MY garage? Chevy: Hell no.

  • Fritz Fondona
    Fritz FondonaMåned siden

    The New C8 corvette, is nothing more than a fat Ford Ford GT wannabe

  • Larry Schwartz
    Larry SchwartzMåned siden

    Long live the pushrod engine. I'll take torque over high RPM any day.

  • Schalk Pienaar
    Schalk PienaarMåned siden

    C8 is a piece of sh*t compared to other cars in that class, seriously it is like a person is buying old tech

  • jgrantnb
    jgrantnb2 måneder siden


  • Matt Clegg
    Matt Clegg2 måneder siden

    Great video! During the tire portion, I couldn't help but hearing a Les Schwab tech insisting that these tires still need to be carved up and siped for "safety" lol

    CPS CPS2 måneder siden

    Didn't even address the shortage of cupholders in this thing...

  • Hugo Glenn
    Hugo Glenn2 måneder siden

    Great engineering of car by GM ..... wait is that Bosch, brembo or someone else’s design. I can tell you a massive amount about the engineering on a car by how difficult is is to replace a headlamp bulb. I just replaced a headlight bulb on a 2007 Buick(GM) for an older lady. It just showed why GM went bankrupt by 2009.

  • My Name
    My Name2 måneder siden

    60/40 weight distribution. But when the top secret, Skunk Works all wheel drive system comes out, it will be 50/50 once again.

  • Hilton End
    Hilton End2 måneder siden

    flaws do seem great when u get payed to say so

  • Peter Martin
    Peter Martin2 måneder siden

    In terms of engineering these are not really big problems. To me the fact that the A pillar is not solidly connected to the C pillar is the biggest problem. If they had done that that car would have been able to have more torsional rigidity, be safer and as an added bonus it could have been lighter because all the stiffening down below would not have been necessary. If I want a sports car I will buy one that is constructed in a sound way from an engineering perspective. In other words, I will never buy a car with a removable top.

  • James Svos
    James Svos2 måneder siden

    Sorry to many commercials to want to subscribe.

  • zzmoore
    zzmoore2 måneder siden

    Just curious.....i could never afford a car like this.... Why did Chevy not want Overhead Cams.?

  • This is Largemouth
    This is Largemouth2 måneder siden

    I also have a see through C8. You can see ALL the way through mine. 😂

  • Rampage
    Rampage2 måneder siden

    tecnicaly they are not ''all seasons'' they are summer tires with a slightly softer blend and snow grip tecnology. they work for climates where it don't get that cold in the winter. they whould not work as all season tires in places where it actualy get's fairly cold in the winter becaus they are only designed to run in milder cold conditions. so tecnicaly they are only all season in som parts of the world

  • Reel Tech
    Reel Tech2 måneder siden

    When computers glitch... People died.

  • Fernando Pessolano
    Fernando Pessolano2 måneder siden

    It just Has to be Barry Allen reviewing fast cars :P. I kid, I kid. I just thought the ressemblance is funny. Respect!

  • Dennis Cliff
    Dennis Cliff2 måneder siden

    OMG! In this car the door trim is way off from aligning from the dash board trim. One of these just sold for 90K on BaT.

  • Dave M
    Dave M2 måneder siden

    The point is that the C8 is intended for drivers of average ability and knows it. All kinds of videos out there of drivers finding out that they have a high performance car but don't have high performance driving skills.

  • Steve's Speed Shop & Classic Cars
    Steve's Speed Shop & Classic Cars2 måneder siden

    Pushrod engine is not a disadvantage.

  • Rob C
    Rob C2 måneder siden

    Sounds like a lot of excuses for lack of ability to build this car properly. Some manufacturers just never get it right. That said, I would still love one.

  • Noah A
    Noah A2 måneder siden

    It’s nice Chevrolet is participating in helping us all to learn why they did things

  • Master Of none tv
    Master Of none tv2 måneder siden

    I know a guy who has one of these and he's very happy with it!

  • Ed Baker
    Ed Baker2 måneder siden

    I have driven formula and other track cars, so I do have an appreciation for something really good. I can afford this new Corvette. But even if I were a billionaire and could afford exotics that cost hundreds of thousands, I'd still buy this Vette.

  • Dujuan Love
    Dujuan Love2 måneder siden

    What color is that Corvette and is it a convertible?

  • Cypress Thunder
    Cypress Thunder2 måneder siden

    Gonna be honest. I came here to disagree about the car but after watching the whole video you've basically debunked all my complaints about it.

  • Spiral X
    Spiral X2 måneder siden

    72k sticker for a chevy? 100k+ if you really want one? well, at least they quit using leaf springs. Took them long enough.

  • Jimmy Lee
    Jimmy Lee2 måneder siden

    Great video. Too bad NOlocal put commercials in every 30 seconds.

  • Samber500
    Samber5002 måneder siden

    Ahh yes the Ferrari of Americans

    JHONSON MOJICA2 måneder siden

    #1 it's a GM product

  • Ghost Shadow
    Ghost Shadow2 måneder siden

    Had "FUN" driving my dads corvette home in February in Alaska with formula 1 summer tires, a drive that normally takes 2 hours took nearly 4 hours, got to the house and car was sliding sideways down the driveway.

  • Alessio Sangalli
    Alessio Sangalli2 måneder siden

    Is there a manual version of this car?

  • martin carroll
    martin carroll2 måneder siden

    great video.

  • Chris Braid
    Chris Braid2 måneder siden

    Whatever happened to downshifting to slow down? Too many people depend on Brakes to slow them down instead of driving in the right gears. Using your foot brake to slow you down changes the cars posture through a corner and tends to make you go slower through the corner. I tend to minimise my braking pressure to maximise the design of the tyres. I’m often 20% faster on track than a Brake jockey, and many of them don’t get why ....

  • Joshua Owen
    Joshua Owen2 måneder siden

    Great video! I just got my C8 two weeks ago and it was super cool to see the cutaway version of the car. Keep bringing us the good stuff :*)

  • Slydesdale
    Slydesdale2 måneder siden

    This was so sick! How the hell did you get a cutaway of a c8?? In any case, I appreciate the engineering perspective. It helps me realize WHY Chevy did what they did.

  • gheumann
    gheumann2 måneder siden

    Yet another great job. Real engineering content, clearly explained, no B.S. Back around 2000 I had a Porsche Turbo that I drove at some track days at Laguna Seca. (Lifelong dream fulfilled!) - anyway - I went with 2 year old brake fluid and managed to boil it -- that is a sinking feeling to be sure! (Lesson learned!) The Corvette system is brilliant in that regard - great job of explaining it!

  • Federico Riggio
    Federico Riggio2 måneder siden

    I don't see any flaws, really. I don't like the squared steering wheel, but that's just me.

  • Jacob hauenstein
    Jacob hauenstein2 måneder siden

    needs a de esser.

  • manstersr
    manstersr2 måneder siden

    Could you dive into the design of the transaxle? I understand that they require more fluid to be added for track use but if you remove the wrong (fill plug look-alike) bolt it could destroy the transaxle.

  • icawn
    icawn2 måneder siden

    Did vtech kick in yet?

  • Cannot Say
    Cannot Say2 måneder siden

    So, maybe 100 Corvettes are raced on a track, I prefer a Jag more of a man's car...

  • Brett Houle
    Brett Houle2 måneder siden

    Another flaw: its not a Mosler.

  • Josh Long
    Josh Long2 måneder siden

    I like this dudes channel, but it’s starting to feel like Commercials Explained. 4-5 commercials in a 12 min vid... does he decide this or NOlocal?

  • F100 FE390
    F100 FE3902 måneder siden

    Ugly and slow AF.

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell2 måneder siden

    Wasn’t the previous corvette front Mid engine vs present rear mid engine

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell2 måneder siden

    European cars must go through a 25 emergency stops, one after another, with no brake fade. The world follows Euro tech even emissions with Euro 6 emissions on car/Euro 5 motorcycles. Of course, European vehicles have been designed for the high speed autobahn both with safety and durability.

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan2 måneder siden

    I'm still stuck back on the "No Stick Issue". Yep, so bad I went out and purchased a new 2019 GS Manual 7-speed. Couldn't be happier.

  • Ian Crossley
    Ian Crossley2 måneder siden

    Is this your normal voice?

  • Greg Warner
    Greg Warner2 måneder siden

    Understeer while braking on a wet road is necessary for inexperienced drivers. If you do not understand this try driving downhill on a packed snow covered twisty road in a 65 Beetle. The problem with this video is the host cannot speak without yelling. Most annoying. Oh, I own a C-6 Coupe. Great car.

  • Claus Rauhaus
    Claus Rauhaus2 måneder siden

    No track test that has not gone to the "green hell" is a track test. Call me...

  • rs4race
    rs4race2 måneder siden

    1. Change your damn brake fluid.