5 Driving Hacks To Save Money On Gas


5 easy ways to save fuel while driving. These are real driving techniques for better gas mileage. Sponsored by Progressive.
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Most lists about how to save money on gas suck. They tell you to buy a different car, or remove all the weight from the back of your car. These solutions are either not realistic or painfully obvious. That's why I created this video, to offer driving techniques (which are free) that allow you to get better fuel economy in your own car, regardless of which car you drive. Often times, you don't even need to slow down, and some of these driving techniques are not only more efficient, but they'll get you to your destination faster as well.
We'll discuss how to approach stoplights and heavy traffic, how to handle hills, and whether it's better to accelerate lightly, or with moderate throttle while short-shifting. We'll also discuss how to properly incorporate engine braking into your driving, which uses no fuel at all, and can extend your brakes' longevity. Check out the video for all the details!
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  • greeneking77
    greeneking773 dager siden

    I heard on a forum that when engine braking the fuel only shuts off when the rpms are above 1200 or so? Is this generally true or does it perhaps vary in different vehicles?

  • riyo kar
    riyo kar16 dager siden

    I have been doing these for everyday driving because I get lazy and bored driving slow. Now I know I'm at least saving fuel for when it really matters.😂

  • Nadeem Sadeia
    Nadeem Sadeia18 dager siden

    So what is the best speed vs drag force for 30 Min highway driving?

  • AlGoreRhythm
    AlGoreRhythm20 dager siden

    You can really feel the inefficient use of fuel going up and down hills if you leave your cruise control on. The first time I did that I thought "wow I would never take the hill like that manually, what a waste" and from then on I turn off the cruise lol

  • Luke Delehanty
    Luke Delehanty22 dager siden

    Reduce braking and RPM and you will reduce gas consumption

  • PS2Damon
    PS2Damon25 dager siden

    coasting makes other people tailgate you really bad.

  • rudy torres
    rudy torres26 dager siden

    I think for the first time ever, I heard him say his name. It's Jason. Note taken. I've always thought of him as the engineering explained dude.

  • Wm. Srite
    Wm. Srite26 dager siden

    Best way to sum it all up is: keep your feet off your brake pedal AND your gas pedal except when absolutely necessary. You convert energy of momentum to heat when you press the brake pedal and you use gas anytime you press the gas pedal. Obviously you have to press the gas pedal to get anywhere, but anytime you can avoid pressing the gas you should and anytime you can avoid pressing the brake you avoid converting movement to heat.

  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez27 dager siden

    Eff that if you're in the left lane keep that speed up!

  • Matt Knill
    Matt Knill28 dager siden

    Hey Jason, I love the video, a lot of these techniques I learned early on as a driver from a few sources. One was my Driver's Ed instructor, one was from The Kim Commando show about how to be a "Mileage-mizer", and one was from when I attended CDL school and drove for Prime Inc. which limits their trucks to 62mph and 65mph to save fuel economy. I would like to see a video about Engine Brakes like the Jacob's Brake.

  • vvacazul
    vvacazulMåned siden

    You could talk about coasting or sailing idle, and coasting stop.

  • shadowboy813
    shadowboy813Måned siden

    That's not an exponential increase in power needed. It's a cubic increase in power needed as your speed increases. But fuel needed only increases quadratically. Sure you need 8 times as much horsepower to go twice as fast, but you're covering a given distance in half the time, You only need that 8-fold increase in power for 1/2 the time, so you only use 4x as much fuel.

  • Jason .R
    Jason .RMåned siden

    Would you recommend increasing speed before a hill, so that less power is required to get over it? and if I have a stick shift is engine breaking using less fuel than leaving it in neutral?

  • Sahelium D
    Sahelium DMåned siden

    I’ll try all of these tricks on my next trip and see how it effects my economy, great video!

  • It’s bob
    It’s bobMåned siden

    What gear should we leave it in for coasting, for exampl what if I’m in 5th gear at 40mph do I leave it in 5th whilst the speed comes down to 20mph?

  • Overwatch 17
    Overwatch 17Måned siden

    8:31 that's a good way of making people behind hate your guts.

  • Zero Brownies
    Zero BrowniesMåned siden

    In other words just remember people get mad if you go 2 mph under the speed limit. Or take too long getting to a red light just so you all can wait at it. People are really just something special.

  • 38_515_sagar
    38_515_sagarMåned siden

    Sir is it beneficial to push the clutch , let off the throttle and just roll the car if in front of you have to make a stop?

  • Rec Lee
    Rec LeeMåned siden

    does AT cars have engine brake? when we let go of the brake pedal, the car moves...

  • Ramón
    Ramón2 måneder siden

    I don’t mind annoying other drivers. 😋

  • Jailan Rayvon
    Jailan Rayvon2 måneder siden

    If you coast to stop lights you have money on brakes and gas, it’s a win-win

  • Jailan Rayvon
    Jailan Rayvon2 måneder siden

    Nobody: Me: me driving a gas guzzling V8 mustang

  • Keith W.
    Keith W.2 måneder siden

    I've been doing all these things for a while. And not to sound like a genius, but it was obvious to me that these work better. So many times I see people race me to a red light. They're in a hurry to beat me to the light and stop first. It's pretty funny as I coast in and smoke them off the line going 20 mph as they're starting from a stop. Most people think fast all the time saves the most time. Incorrect.

  • Emanuel Herrerias
    Emanuel Herrerias2 måneder siden

    At a stop light would it beneficial to sit in neutral with automatics ?

  • Ostsol
    Ostsol2 måneder siden

    I was filling my 2006 Focus every 10-14 days and now I'm filling my 2020 Kona every 21 days. I'm pretty sure that the difference is not just a more efficient engine, but better driving habits -- the latter owing to the Kona's fuel economy meter making me more conscious of how I'm driving.

  • sparkyindahouse
    sparkyindahouse2 måneder siden

    on boost most of the time...i think the worlds economies are not well anyway.....

  • András Szabó
    András Szabó2 måneder siden

    good tips, I have one more: accelerate dynamically from torque (but not full throttle) for a shorter time - lets say in 3rd gear, up to close to the speed limit and then put in the high gear for cruise. I have rarely higher consumption over 5 l/100km or 47 mpg.

  • True Mordecai
    True Mordecai2 måneder siden

    Personally I don’t give a damn about the people around me taking offense with my driving skills. They may not even be smart enough to comprehend simple physics anyway. By doing these things I know I’m not breaking any traffic laws so I don’t care. They don’t pay my bills either. Oh and by using these techniques with people behind me I’ll be helping the planet in general if they stay behind me because they will be doing the same as me. Bless their hearts.

  • János Dobszai
    János Dobszai2 måneder siden

    "In modern cars" Is a 2006 Ford Focus a modern car?

  • Amber57499
    Amber574992 måneder siden

    Coasting is fine, and I do it, too. But it pisses me off when people do it when I need to turn somewhere and my stoplight is green. That's just egoistical. I always make sure I'm not in the way of anyone in any situation.

  • Desmond Joyner
    Desmond Joyner3 måneder siden

    I live in Houston and I can personally say this will piss off everybody on the road driving like this, could get your car hit,shot or worse. Sad though lol

  • Muhd Ariffin Mansor
    Muhd Ariffin Mansor3 måneder siden

    #4 scenario really testing my patient.. when a lot cars are doing that it causes traffic jam

  • Jazzy Penn
    Jazzy Penn3 måneder siden

    Engine braking is best used when you think about the distance between yourself and other cars. It’s hard to do if you’re riding someone’s tail but if you keep the 3 second rule you can definitely pull it off. The only time I brake on the highway is the tight exits that are significantly reduced speeds because of the curves.

  • Victor Conrat Fuentes
    Victor Conrat Fuentes3 måneder siden

    isn't tyre pressure a cheap fuel economy boost?

  • Fernando M
    Fernando M3 måneder siden

    Hi! What's the best speed to cruise in a Volvo T6 engine to get the most fuel efficiency? Same for the QX60 2.5L hybrid please!

  • pebewiu
    pebewiu3 måneder siden

    What about "fuel pills"?

  • Sami ur Rehman
    Sami ur Rehman3 måneder siden

    Why am I watching this I don't even know how to drive.

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown3 måneder siden

    Only thing i gotta say is please don't be that person that slows down every time you go up a hill if you have a line of cars behind you. If you are by yourself, go for it.

    COLTRON3 måneder siden

    Well, I’ve actually been using all these techniques he said soooo🤣

  • Mustafa Shamsi 18BME013
    Mustafa Shamsi 18BME0133 måneder siden

    2 things - Just Engine Braking - No rushing

  • Miguel Agawin
    Miguel Agawin3 måneder siden

    I’ve always wondered at what point does driving longer, because of lower speed, becomes less efficient. My guess is it’s very minor because the increased MPG to get to your destination sooner will always cost more, but I wonder what the equation is and I’d like to see that visually.

  • Rohit Chanderpaul
    Rohit Chanderpaul3 måneder siden

    AHHHH, FINALLY! I've been asking this question for years, researching for years, only NOW, I get an answer. Thanks SO VERY MUCH

  • Zekai Fan
    Zekai Fan3 måneder siden

    I think the overarching assumption is minimal traffic. In reality, most fuel is wasted when accelerating at a traffic light. If everyone maintains their speed at the speed limit for as often as possible, more cars can pass through an intersection at a time, thereby reducing congestion, travel time, and thus fuel to consume. Remember, traffic lights aren’t a constant natural phenomenon but a feedback to all the road users.

  • TrAsH
    TrAsH3 måneder siden

    If you are going to annoy everyone by your efficient driving just so you can save couple of bucks... then dont drive!

  • Trym Hammerstrøm Gisiger
    Trym Hammerstrøm Gisiger3 måneder siden

    Finally, there are so many videos with bad tips. There are so many people that does not say that engine braking is better for economy

  • Vistan Bence
    Vistan Bence3 måneder siden

    Basically just use brakes as few times as possible and don’t run at high rpms…

  • Christian Rubio Farías
    Christian Rubio Farías3 måneder siden

    funny how i use a couple of these and some people get mad but a couple of lights after im in front of them and the chill behind me.... the real nut jobs do stay in front jajaja but only those really in a hurry. Mabe not at rush hour thou

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone3 måneder siden

    STOP signs are fuel efficient killers

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff3 måneder siden

    How can I do this when everyone is tailgating my assss?

  • Tim Bo
    Tim Bo3 måneder siden

    Please do a video on why EVs are so efficient. What’s the contribution of regenerative braking? No energy wasted during braking and at stop? Will adding some kind of regenerative braking to ICE vehicles make a distance? Why have none of those designs?

  • Elias Eskelinen
    Elias Eskelinen3 måneder siden

    I'd like to see the maths behind engine braking vs driving in neutral gear. Obviously engine braking means zero fuel consumption but also slows down the car. Could there be a situation where it's more economic to drive in neutral gear with small fuel consumption and without the engine slowing down the car? Just interested in the maths

  • xxxYYZxxx
    xxxYYZxxx3 måneder siden

    If you drive like this in L.A., you'll get passed by about a dozen cars every block.

  • MD Williams
    MD Williams3 måneder siden

    hypermiling !

  • Oxidized Olive
    Oxidized Olive4 måneder siden

    I just bought a 02 Ford Ranger 3.0L because my 03 Dodge Dakota 3.9L wasn’t cutting it on fuel mileage (averaging 15.6mpg under good driving practices) mostly due to it weighing 5500lbs and having a V6 with an outdated engine design and fairly wide tires (245mm). When I first got the Ford, I drove it semi-hard to get a feel for how it handled, and on that tank I averaged 17.5mpg, which was terrible given the rating was 17-21mpg, but still an improvement over the Dodge. However, following the next fill up, I used most of these techniques listed here and averaged 21.3mpg, which is higher than the max highway efficiency rating. I’m going the same distance every week on a single tank of gas while spending $10 less at every fill up. 🔥

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX174 måneder siden

    I drive a car with a CVT, so I don't have to worry about shifting :D

  • Syl
    Syl4 måneder siden

    See it's hard because I'm not able to multi-task very well. I have adhd. So my first priority is paying attention to what around me, and if there isn't watching for that to change. I don't really have the ability to be conscious of that, and conscious of opportunites to be more efficient with my fuel. It's just too much for me to juggle. Although there's definitely some bad habits I have like I know i accelerate too fast when the light turns green and I've noticed other cars lag behind me so that's one thing I could easily drop without inconveniencing others.

  • Syl
    Syl4 måneder siden

    So is it a good thing I never bothered learning to use my cruise control? Seems like a waste to have the car automatically accelerate and break to stay at a certain speed

  • West Springfield
    West Springfield4 måneder siden

    i can't drive 55

  • lowpostz
    lowpostz4 måneder siden

    It is obvious that being slower will be using less gas, being kinder to the throttle etc. And that is very clearly explained with reasoning. But what we really need, are ways to drive to be being "more efficient" while achieving the same productivity as you normally would, as the word efficiency defines.

  • Jean-Pierre Jr Dubuc
    Jean-Pierre Jr Dubuc4 måneder siden

    The easy solution ... Let's eliminate taxes on gasoline so gov no longer synchronizes lights ... red !!

  • Roger Koppert
    Roger Koppert4 måneder siden

    Have not needed brake service in 100,000 miles of driving in my 5 spd. mustang GT.

  • Kurwanjan
    Kurwanjan4 måneder siden

    I did not get that RPM vs load(throttle) graph... as you increase throttle, RPM will increase, they are proportional, so I found it confusing. Or it should be explained with what gear you are at (for the same RPM: lower gear requires more throttle than higher gear , so to get that effective region, one has to use lower gear?). My habit is, i control the speed with gear, and whatever gear I am at, i try to keep the rpm between 2.5 to 3 k rpm, is this wrong (in terms of fuel economy)? Thanks!

  • Brian Ganger
    Brian Ganger4 måneder siden

    Use a manual and shift early - I get between 10-20% better MPG in city and highway.

  • scyntl
    scyntl4 måneder siden

    Q: I have an automatic and often use engine braking (by pushing the "overdrive" button") when going downhill towards a stop light. But I seem to get better mileage when I just use the brakes. (Pretty subjective, but I've tried for several years.) Does pushing the overdrive button cost fuel?

  • Volken Gaming - Alex Bogdan
    Volken Gaming - Alex Bogdan4 måneder siden

    awesome,. helps me as a beginer!!! and i always do that, especialy on stops, when i see its red or i go near like 100m like i let gas pedal and when i feel it req i brake slowly trough the first car i see

  • Yak
    Yak4 måneder siden

    SO many idiots speeding up to red lights.

  • Justas Griškevičius
    Justas Griškevičius4 måneder siden

    the only thing i'm slightly confused about right now is i can't understand why increasing engine load would somehow make the car more efficient, wouldn't you want to make sure the engine does less work and burn less fuel?

  • Offset YRN
    Offset YRN4 måneder siden

    1# drive manual

  • Julio Christian
    Julio Christian4 måneder siden


  • A.C.
    A.C.4 måneder siden

    The thumbnail looks like: sAvE mOnEy On GaS bY nOt UsInG yOuR bRaKeS!¡!¡

  • Les Paul Ballesteros
    Les Paul Ballesteros4 måneder siden

    Best tip to save gas "Dont use your car"

  • Nate 1
    Nate 14 måneder siden

    I'm not driving slow to save gas

  • A 777
    A 7774 måneder siden

    the golden rule - don't drive to places where you actually don't need to

  • Kevin Sutton
    Kevin Sutton4 måneder siden

    75 mph is “slow”? The speed limit in my country is 62 mph (100 kph)...!

  • Baz za
    Baz za4 måneder siden

    Your intro woke up my baby, can we tone it down a level there turbo?

  • Jacob
    Jacob4 måneder siden

    The BMW driver behind you will be like o_o

  • LW
    LW4 måneder siden

    I just did this ! And got my new Mondeo to go 4km. More per. Kilometres !

  • Emanuel Moreta
    Emanuel Moreta5 måneder siden

    I have read that most standard transmissions can wear out faster shifting early, and it's even worse for turbo engines. Then by applying that last technique you are ruining your transmission. I wouldn't mind a correction if I'm wrong.

  • Robert Slegers
    Robert Slegers5 måneder siden

    I drive 55 MPH on the freeway to save gas. Everyone tells me I am number one as they pas me.

  • Nacknime
    Nacknime5 måneder siden

    x^3 is NOT "exponentially"

  • Your ass ain't safe
    Your ass ain't safe5 måneder siden

    Almost every light I get to I dont have to use brakes because they decided to build roads on hills

  • Midnight Mystery
    Midnight Mystery5 måneder siden

    Remember though, driving too slowly between lights will increase your chance of the next light going red before you get to it, not to mention, it's rude to those behind you.

  • joshybpotashy
    joshybpotashy5 måneder siden

    LYFE HAX!!!!!!!!

  • Plebasaurus Rekt
    Plebasaurus Rekt5 måneder siden

    When the legal speed goes from 60mph to 50mph and people use the brakes to slow down... omg just freaking let off the gas and save a bunch of fuel and wear. Nobody will kill you for not going 60 in a 50 road for 50 meters

  • Plebasaurus Rekt
    Plebasaurus Rekt5 måneder siden

    I guess theres a point where youre going so slow that its actually less economical than going a bit faster. Where is that point?

  • well as an expert I'd say
    well as an expert I'd say5 måneder siden

    "obviously thats a silly idea and you shouldn't do that" why is drafting dangerous? Besides the whole stopping distance thing

  • hanspeter2210
    hanspeter22105 måneder siden

    3:30 nope. thats cubic, not exponentiall. ist's speed^3, not something^speed

  • Sir Prize
    Sir Prize5 måneder siden

    What was the difference between 1 and 3?

  • dsteinhil
    dsteinhil5 måneder siden

    You should let off the brake a bit right at the end of the braking area so that you don't get an "Omph" at every stoplight. I kid...

  • Nathan Conway
    Nathan Conway5 måneder siden

    Taking ALOT of liberties with the hack word here. You can get a clean cut when eating steak with A STEAK KNIFE. thats... Not a hack ..

  • Chxstnxt
    Chxstnxt5 måneder siden

    It frustrates me to no end when I drive with somebody and they don't slow down until they're only a few meters from the stopping point. Not only is it more wear on brakes, wastes more fuel, it's also just plain uncomfortable and jarring for passengers! I'm glad that I didn't listen to those who taught me driving - "why are you slowing down so soon?" Or that time my instructor asked why I stopped and I just pointed at a stop sign she missed, lol

  • Shreyas Kumar Agarwal
    Shreyas Kumar Agarwal5 måneder siden

    Why don't you teach IIT JEE Physics??

  • Rajdeep Dhara
    Rajdeep Dhara5 måneder siden

    You made me a better driver... Thank you

  • 1966johnnywayne
    1966johnnywayne5 måneder siden

    I've been gradually reducing my speed to save fuel and vehicle wear for years now. I believe I have started a trend in my area...everytime I look in my rear view mirror I see a whole bunch of other drivers practicing this same fuel conserving driving. It warms my heart to see the driver behind me cursing his vehicle because it doesn't return the maximum fuel economy that he desires...but he's trying.

  • 1966johnnywayne


    5 måneder siden

    @Tuna ; )

  • Tuna


    5 måneder siden

    I'll be honest, had to read it a few times to make sure you weren't being serious😂

  • hebrews11vs5
    hebrews11vs55 måneder siden

    This is how I drive. It's also how I time trial on a bicycle. It's the same principles.

  • assai74
    assai745 måneder siden

    Top tip. Do not drive

  • 1966johnnywayne


    5 måneder siden

    That works fine for the guy that mooches a ride off everyone else.

  • arun553
    arun5535 måneder siden

    Alternatively, if you're just on the cusp of light changing from green -> red, you could accelerate (uses more gas), but then not have to idle at a red light at all.

  • 1966johnnywayne


    5 måneder siden

    But if your objective is to save fuel and wear on your vehicle then you've defeated the purpose as you'll inevitable catch a ticket for running a red, and increase wear and tear on your vehicle with the hard accelerating and braking that will be necessary at times. Also, idling at most lights will not consume more fuel than you have wasted to punch through the intersection.

  • Madness Method
    Madness Method5 måneder siden

    i just try to time the traffic lights so i never have to come to a complete stop, it doesn't always work but i think if you do this, you'll always get the best gas milege possible. i'm getting around 38-41 mpg in my 2012 Chevy Sonic doing this.

  • bazoo513
    bazoo5135 måneder siden

    3:33 - Jason, Janon, Jason! "Exponentially" does not mean "a lot", it means proportional to a constant raised to the power of your variable. It is _not_ the same as polynomial, regardless of the order of the polynomial. v^3 is _not_ the same as e^v. Don't be so loose with math terms; we expect precision from you.

  • Jakob Jonsson
    Jakob Jonsson5 måneder siden

    Fantastic video!