2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S Review - Big Beautiful Glass!


The 2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S Brings Back Big Glass!
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The 2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S, priced over $180,000 as equipped in this video (starting MSRP just over $135,000), is the most expensive Porsche I've driven to date. It's based on the 8th generation Porsche 911, and positions itself between the Coupe & Cabriolet, with an electronically folding soft top, and a vast rear windshield. The 8th gen 911 features a 3.0L twin-turbocharged boxer six-cylinder engine, with new, larger turbos and clever asymmetrical variable valve lift system. Is it worth the price tag? Check out the video to learn all about it!

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained5 måneder siden

    A plastic oil pan!? What gives! Keep in mind this is a dry sump system and the sump is not the lowest point under the vehicle. But, if you're curious about plastic oil pans, and whether they make any sense, I found this article pretty fascinating: bit.ly/2DEwGx4. Also, apologies for the audio which seems to deteriorate towards the end of the video. I had the car for one day and on that one day my mic decided to get a little finicky. I've already replaced the mic (see previous video in my supercharged MX-5, which was filmed after this was) and resolved the in-car audio issues. As always, thanks for watching! If you're curious about the boring life a NOlocalr leads, you can follow my Instagram: instagram.com/engineeringexplained/

  • Nick Eckemoff

    Nick Eckemoff

    5 måneder siden

    I have a concrete mixer that's seen lots of use. The barrel is made of plastic. Aside from discoloring from sun, its still very solid and pliable. You can wack it really hard with a shovel and it hardly gets a chip. The iron mount and aluminum stir blades show more wear than the plastic. All engine seals are a type of plastic and they handle heat cycling fine.. Main downfall of plastic is UV from the sun makes it brittle eventually...hardly a concern for something under a car. Nonetheless this new 911 isn't that impressive...all the electronics that make is 'refined' or 'comfortable' are doomed to fail. Porsche is going to stick electric motors in it next model cycle and its going to get even heavier.

  • Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur

    Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur

    5 måneder siden

    Not sure how to feel about it, it seems to me that it's to cut cost on their side and make something that is going to break and will need them to take out a lot of things out of the rear to get to it so they can replace it thus increasing costs. I think it's planned obsolescence, like the thing that holds the glass looks very flimsy when many soft top cars have way sturdier things to hold less weight.

  • wobbly sauce

    wobbly sauce

    5 måneder siden

    What happened to the sound...

  • Texantroll


    5 måneder siden

    I don’t care what my oil pan is made of as long as it doesn’t rust out in the salt belt

  • Phill M156

    Phill M156

    5 måneder siden

    Hambert and some not so. A friend had a 335xi, the breather valve broke off. The internal piece broke into the camshaft & bearings....totaled.

  • Jackson Gil
    Jackson Gil18 dager siden

    Im looking at porsche website all 911s have turbo? Like 911 carrera $99,200

  • LegendaryWaterBottle
    LegendaryWaterBottleMåned siden

    There is a dead animal at 9:08 on the left side :/

  • VVG 916
    VVG 916Måned siden

    bruh, when you drive a porsche, you decide whats best time of the day for you to do things, you know ~ especially when you can a buy a Porsche that means YOUR TIME HAS ARRIVED -_- !! $$$$$$$$

  • Marty GT3
    Marty GT3Måned siden

    I guess we wouldn't hear you very well if the top was stowed while you drive and talk... but it was a Targa and a beautiful summer day. I think a C2S and a Subaru for the same money would be more my speed.

  • FiveDirtyCats
    FiveDirtyCatsMåned siden

    is it too much before petrol engines go the way of the dinosaurs we can get a ceramic engine or two, graphite pistons? maybe ceramic metallic piston boosted?

  • ytyehyeh
    ytyehyeh2 måneder siden

    Wow, for a > $180K car, that's some pretty bad carpet in the back when the seats are flipped down. Looks almost like the seat backs are held in place with Velcro such that flipping them down is ripping the carpet up.

  • recon forsales
    recon forsales2 måneder siden

    Why dont people go to Germany to buy this car, you can buy it for a fraction of the price as they are made there.

  • jose zavala
    jose zavala3 måneder siden

    Nice review. I was expecting your comments about the drive experience with an open roof. Manny reviews indicate heavy wind noise/buffeting problems.

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis3 måneder siden

    It's absolutely beautiful, but sweet baby Jesus that is an eye-watering price tag. I don't care for the cloth material on the top either. I don't see why it couldn't be matte black like the arch over the seats. I think that would give it a cleaner look. Hopefully it's an option.

  • CarreraLicious
    CarreraLicious3 måneder siden

    Wait, no targa top down driving during the whole video?! 😆

  • Bernard Chu Piek Yong
    Bernard Chu Piek Yong4 måneder siden

    Extra 40kgs weight for that thick glass ?

  • Fue Thao
    Fue Thao4 måneder siden

    i don't know why he's so obsessed with what's going on in the back lol

  • Alun Jones
    Alun Jones4 måneder siden

    It's almost the same as the glass in the Jensen Interceptor

  • Kosmic Kitchen
    Kosmic Kitchen4 måneder siden

    too many adds on this video :-(

  • SoCalFreelance
    SoCalFreelance4 måneder siden

    Probably $20K to replace that giant glass piece if it becomes cracked.

  • Glen Werline
    Glen Werline4 måneder siden

    Hands-down, the most egregious targa video ever.

  • gtb5
    gtb54 måneder siden

    Can that rear glass be tinted with one single sheet?

  • Patrick Madigan
    Patrick Madigan4 måneder siden

    The large rear glass makes the car interior to be very hot when the sun shines. Not a fan... =/

  • S F
    S F4 måneder siden

    Great car! Love this car but Not worth the money! So many choices at that price!

  • DroneXFun
    DroneXFun4 måneder siden

    I heard a guy on an auto based channel say something about too much horse power and I almost threw up.

  • shingnosis
    shingnosis4 måneder siden

    All I see is an overly complicated top heavy car with a 20k repair bill somewhere down the road once the warranty has expired, I am seriously unimpressed.

  • MrWindmad
    MrWindmad4 måneder siden

    And differences with respect to the cabrio?? Torsional rigidity? Weight?

  • Wak Job
    Wak Job4 måneder siden

    As an American muscle car head... I just love & respect Porsche. I'd like to own a few vintage 356 and 911's... and a mechanic to work on them ;-)

  • Xavier
    Xavier4 måneder siden

    Would not trade my NA miata... nothing good after 993 imho. Aesthetically and regarding engineery. (Kiss)

  • Steve Kuiper
    Steve Kuiper4 måneder siden

    I hear Star Trek has developed transparent aluminum gorilla glass. Maybe you should get the formula and become the transparent galactica glass globleutrotter glass gleniologist! LOL

  • US americans
    US americans4 måneder siden

    Any chance you'll get a Taycan to review?

  • Scott
    Scott4 måneder siden

    Does that big beautiful glass have any sort of a defroster? I don't see heat element lines in it.

  • january161992
    january1619924 måneder siden

    Get a Racedeck tile floor to greatly improve the look of your garage and videos! Not that expensive.

  • Carl Spackler
    Carl Spackler5 måneder siden

    BIG GLASS MAN!!!!!!!

  • Alpaca Lies
    Alpaca Lies5 måneder siden

    Isn’t glass much more expensive to manufacture, especially with curves like that?

  • World Traveler东北
    World Traveler东北5 måneder siden

    2:05 🤣

  • Matt W
    Matt W5 måneder siden

    Hi there Can you explain why almost all car mfgs have a 1.5" flat lip around all four wheel wells? Is it due to them all being made by the same fender making machine? Or is it done for strength? Take care

  • Car Guy Jeff
    Car Guy Jeff5 måneder siden

    hey Jason do you have a video of boxer engine vs flat engine about their Pro and Con? one of them just basically a 180° V engine with 2 conrod connected to the same journal

  • Edysin Simon
    Edysin Simon5 måneder siden

    Wait...WHAT!? 4180K LARGE? Damn...For that kind iof cash I'd look over the base 911 "turbo" the real turbo model! Not this model of "turbo". Yeah..I'd rather have the 911 turbo model with the 3.6 liter displacement!

  • Apothecary Terry

    Apothecary Terry

    4 måneder siden

    4180K large? Large meaning 1000 so that's 4.18 billion, this car is only $180k!

  • Stefan Weilhartner
    Stefan Weilhartner5 måneder siden

    it is nice to see that porsche still builds porsches. i think the mass market will shift to EVs very fast now. but for that kind of a car i think we will see ICE versions for longer. a high performance EV like the taycan will make sense too, especially because they get cheaper but that raw ICE feeling still makes sense too. it does not matter if we still have 3% of cars in ICE versions and drive it every now and then.

  • Simon Matthews
    Simon Matthews5 måneder siden

    That roof! WOW!

  • Kiran Ali
    Kiran Ali5 måneder siden

    do a video on the gma t.50

  • badbeatking80
    badbeatking805 måneder siden

    First prerequisite (for me) when buying a sports car is a manual transmission.

  • Mike
    Mike5 måneder siden

    Can you give an educational video about Brake Boosting?

  • Dead Talk Live
    Dead Talk Live5 måneder siden

    Great clip ♥♥♥! As a fellow NOlocalr, I am always looking for creative ideas! Nice Job!

  • Rob Murrant
    Rob Murrant5 måneder siden

    I'd be interested in a video on how you can have different final drive gear ratios. I presume it is because the rear wheels are wider so if its the same tyre wall ratio front to back, the back will travel further on one rotation so need a smaller diff ratio. Would also be interested in the effects of this if there are any (2 props spinning at different speeds;what happens when cornering)

  • Arav_2005 EBF1
    Arav_2005 EBF15 måneder siden

    Imagine the Sheer power of that hydraulic press controlling the roof system

  • Mimoun Zahote
    Mimoun Zahote5 måneder siden

    Please do a video about microwave ignition technology.

  • Vasilis Chatzipanagiotou
    Vasilis Chatzipanagiotou5 måneder siden

    Here is a really serious question, please answer: Why torque is still a theme for discussion since the following things happen: 1) Not one serious person gives a damn about torque because Power is what matters for every 14 year old good at high school physics. 2) The word "torque" has been used with passion for years from people who think the heavier thing falls faster wich is 100 times easier to understand that it is not true rather than understand the meaning of the word "torque". 3) What is going to happen with these poor guys if the word "torque" is missing at any electric car specifications? They may start asking about how an engine can do 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds with no torque at all. I think you got it. Please stop talking about torque and even stop trying to explain torque to the 99,9 of people who will never get it

  • Jakub Rubinowski
    Jakub Rubinowski5 måneder siden

    Excuse me, Jason, I couldn't help but notice there is no whiteboard in this video... Are you slacking on science?

  • Kuromurasaki Zero
    Kuromurasaki Zero5 måneder siden

    so he doesn't like the RF which is basically a targa, but likes this. I think they played the yellow sports car card to subliminally positively influence the 'influencer' :p What about the 2nd gen RX-7 convertible? It is both a targa and a convertible!

  • Cosmic Possum
    Cosmic Possum5 måneder siden

    Have you ever driven a genesis coupe and would you consider doing a video on it?

  • Zachary Zarko
    Zachary Zarko5 måneder siden

    Nearly $200,000, 3.3 seconds 0-60, top speed of 188 mph, and you didn't even get stopped by the cops. Disappointed.

  • Antistio Labeo
    Antistio Labeo5 måneder siden

    Nice yellow Beetle you tested there. I think I saw a similar one back in 1963. Seemed pretty much the same to me.

  • Antistio Labeo

    Antistio Labeo

    4 måneder siden

    @Apothecary Terry I'll try other joke as soon as they'll change their design.

  • Apothecary Terry

    Apothecary Terry

    4 måneder siden

    I fully support mocking Porsche (and everyone else) but that one got old a few decades ago.

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b5 måneder siden

    No lambos for me this is my dream car

  • elektrinis
    elektrinis5 måneder siden

    So you're a Top Gear now?

  • A Popov
    A Popov5 måneder siden

    @11:26 Jason please don't put hands into the steering wheel. This is very unsafe.

  • HiddenWen
    HiddenWen5 måneder siden

    It's so fascinating looking beneath a car. On the top, it's so sexy and sleek, but underneath... It's like flipping over a horseshoe crab.

  • Norbert Lukács
    Norbert Lukács5 måneder siden

    America 2020: Black Lives Matter 0:52 Jason 2020: Visibility Does Matter

  • Çommenter Person
    Çommenter Person5 måneder siden

    too expensive; get a model3p instead.

  • Flavio Werneck
    Flavio Werneck5 måneder siden

    Porsche, not Porscha

  • Tim M
    Tim M5 måneder siden

    It hurts my soul to know I will likely never own this car

  • Toms Zulkis
    Toms Zulkis5 måneder siden

    He likes big glass and he cannot lie.

  • 9596 Guest
    9596 Guest5 måneder siden


  • Tamara Maschan
    Tamara Maschan5 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who doesn't like how targas look?

  • Schnorbitz5000
    Schnorbitz50005 måneder siden

    Why didn’t you have the roof down when you were driving!?

  • Emil Johan Majani
    Emil Johan Majani5 måneder siden

    Visibility is cool but glass roof are not. Ever. Don't put glass where is not needed.

  • J PR
    J PR5 måneder siden

    So the stock 911 is now with turbos?, or is this a 911 turbo targa?

  • Jonathan Engler
    Jonathan Engler5 måneder siden

    Hey can you do a video on the new elantra?

  • Grinders and Gears
    Grinders and Gears5 måneder siden

    I've been trying to learn more about sleeveless aluminum engine blocks (Alusil), doesn't seem to be much info out there, would be awesome if you did a video on them. I didn't even know they were a thing until the past year when I bought a car that has one.

  • Curtis Carté
    Curtis Carté5 måneder siden

    My favorite Porsche version second to the 996 4S!

  • social3ngin33rin
    social3ngin33rin5 måneder siden

    I like big glass, but I'm scared of it breaking from vandalism. I like rear visibility though :)

  • Simon Trieu
    Simon Trieu5 måneder siden

    Best looking Porsche in years.

  • Omar Craviotto
    Omar Craviotto5 måneder siden

    Porsche has been killing it. The new GT4, the 718 Spider, and now this. Three beautiful cars. And they all drive great.

  • Jake Rogers
    Jake Rogers5 måneder siden

    Hi Jason! Looks like there isn't anyway to PM you on NOlocal anymore, but I wanted to ask about auto start stop (ASS) systems on Turboed engines. I'm sure most car designers have probably thought about it but your video on what not to do on turboed cars you mention letting the car cool down before you turn off the engine. With an ASS you can't do that if you let the car turn itself off. What are your thought on this? Is the potential 8% fuel savings worth it in this case, or is it better to think about the turbo?

  • Andrew
    Andrew5 måneder siden

    I was hoping you would talk more about the Targa roof and the mechanism behind it.

  • David mc
    David mc5 måneder siden

    Could not work out why the glass does it for me then I remember how as a child I loved the Jensen FF this way back in the 60's. This by far the best review on this car big thanks.

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind5 måneder siden

    7:06 Want.

  • Amaroq Starwind

    Amaroq Starwind

    5 måneder siden

    Also, banned by the FIA.

  • pectorialis
    pectorialis5 måneder siden

    Visibility is really important: it's so easy to miss that cop parked on the side of the road!

  • B B
    B B5 måneder siden

    All that heavy, complicated garbage just to take that little roof panel off? No.

  • Chuck Stroke
    Chuck Stroke5 måneder siden

    That car looks horrible. It's ugly AF.

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind5 måneder siden

    I want a car with a "back bone" like on that one Corvette from a long time ago

  • TenaciousBulge
    TenaciousBulge5 måneder siden

    who the hell pronounces Porsche as porsh-uuu?

  • Apothecary Terry

    Apothecary Terry

    4 måneder siden

    ​@TenaciousBulge The world is a crazy place. Some people get very upset if you pronounce Porsche "Porsh" but apparently BMW doesn't have to be pronounced "Bay Em Vay" even though anyone saying "Porsh-uh" should also say that! Since I now own a Porsche though, I should probably make it less obvious that I'm doing it just to annoy them at the dealer though...

  • TenaciousBulge


    4 måneder siden

    @Apothecary Terry thats just crazy

  • Apothecary Terry

    Apothecary Terry

    4 måneder siden

    Quite a lot of people...since that's how the word is pronounced. Well, not "Porsche-uuu" but Jason is correct. Admittedly, I don't pronounce it like that because I'm lazy but most people do.

  • Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson5 måneder siden

    Ann Arbor, MI is gorgeous in the summer! Says the guy staring at brown in Phoenix.

  • Mythix2
    Mythix25 måneder siden

    i hope you can get that back window tinted

  • Keith Jackson
    Keith Jackson5 måneder siden

    I like these but, but, $180grand! You're not being cheap if you say, I will just take a new Corvette convertible. I used to love 911's. I could get one, with no options. Their not worth this price?

  • Robby Seay
    Robby Seay5 måneder siden

    Thanks for the good review. Hope you'll test the Turbo S also.

  • omnipresent video
    omnipresent video5 måneder siden

    My wife has "wet mode" too. But I have to enter it manually.

  • Apothecary Terry

    Apothecary Terry

    4 måneder siden

    Presumably you don't need electronic assistance to tell you if you need it...

  • David P.
    David P.5 måneder siden

    Second gear tops out at 65. I need this car.

  • zuilok
    zuilok5 måneder siden

    If your are driving through water and need your car to tell you that you are..... well you are probably the average driver holding a smartphone in front of your face I meet on the roads every single day...thats just sad. Leave that thing in your backpack while you are driving, if you want to kill yourself, find some other way that wont endanger others.

  • MegaAndroyd
    MegaAndroyd5 måneder siden

    I don't think you will get out of a ticket in that car.

  • Mateusz Troka
    Mateusz Troka5 måneder siden

    Yo Jason How tall are you? Would I fit into this beast since I’m 6’4”? Regardless I won’t be able to afford one, like ever 😂

  • Malinkadink
    Malinkadink5 måneder siden

    Could be a good deal second hand maybe, otherwise when configured its nearing the still to be released Tesla Roadster money which would really blow your socks off.

  • Perry Elyod
    Perry Elyod5 måneder siden

    Wow - a car in an actual colour, and not silver or grey.

  • Perry Elyod
    Perry Elyod5 måneder siden

    Personal choice - delete the 911Targa 4S script on the rear.

  • Adriel Tampubolon
    Adriel Tampubolon5 måneder siden

    Imagine if the same police busting you again..

  • the bright side⛥✔
    the bright side⛥✔5 måneder siden

    Hello sir i have a problem related to exhaust manifold. The research project title is “The cfd analysis and optimization of SI engine exhaust manifold.” WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITIES FOR OPTIMISZATION ?? Thank you so much in advance for your help 😇😇😊😊

  • D Majumdar
    D Majumdar5 måneder siden

    Please make a video on Hyundai's new wet clutch DCT in the new i30 N. Cheers!

  • Pedro Santos
    Pedro Santos5 måneder siden

    MY DREAM CAR!! Omg

  • Rene Robes
    Rene Robes5 måneder siden

    If you want a metal piece, you can get a after-market oil pan that adds 2.5 quarts to the capacity, at least for the 991.2, just have $2.5k ready to pay. As to the choice of manual and PDK, you used to save money by opting for the manual, no more, so thanks, I guess. Compared to my 991.2, a comparably equipped 992 is $10 to $15k more, as long as they sell, they can raise the price. The steering wheel in my 991.2 also blocks gauges, but there is a screen in the instrument cluster multi-function display that you can have all the engine readings very visible. Truly, the Targa top is too complex, puts weight at the wrong place and adds to the cost of the car, but they still sell.

  • Daxton Brown
    Daxton Brown5 måneder siden

    3700 lbs! My 67 Camaro convertible is 3100 lbs.I have a naturally aspirated 327ci (5.7l) engine which by spec should be around 400 hp. I think the Porshe was around 430 horsepower. So the Porshe hp/weight ratio is .116 while my 63 year old Chevy is .129. PROGRESS! (PS you can by a tricked out 69 Camaro with a 427 on Craigslist for under $45k)

  • God Was Bored
    God Was Bored5 måneder siden

    I'm so surprised that the $180k+ car was nice to drive... amazing.

  • Wolfen Wings
    Wolfen Wings5 måneder siden

    Data glass

  • Warren Nelson
    Warren Nelson5 måneder siden

    Nice that cop wasn't around on this ride