2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Review - 10 Best Features Of Ford's EV


2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Review - Does Ford's Electric Car Impress You?
Top 10 Coolest Features Of Ford's Take At An All-Electric Crossover
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The Ford Mustang has gone electric! The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is an all-electric crossover, offering options with RWD or AWD, and two battery pack options. This video will focus on the 10 best features of the Mach-E, including exterior features, a large central touchscreen, unique door handles & locks, artificial sounds, and a frunk filled with chicken wings.
Ford's Press Release:
"For the first time in 55 years, Ford is expanding the Mustang family, bringing the famous pony into the electric age with Mustang Mach-E, an all-new, all-electric SUV born of the same all-American ideals that inspired the best-selling sports coupe in the world.
When it arrives in late 2020, Mustang Mach-E will be available with standard and extended-range battery options with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive powered by permanent magnet motors. Equipped with an extended-range battery and rear-wheel drive, Mach-E has a targeted EPA-estimated range of at least 300 miles.1 In extended-range all-wheel-drive configurations, Mach-E is targeting 332 horsepower and 417 lb.-ft. of torque2 - with the standard all-wheel-drive variation targeting quicker times to 60 mph than the base Porsche Macan series.3
Ford also will offer two special performance versions. The GT is targeting 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds, making it faster off the line than a Porsche Macan Turbo. The GT Performance Edition, meanwhile, is targeting a comparable 0-60 mph in the mid-3-second range to a Porsche 911 GTS. Both GT configurations are targeting an estimated 342 kW (459 horsepower) and 830 Nm (612 lb.-ft.) of torque.
Mustang Mach-E will be available in both standard-range (75.7 kWh lithium-ion battery) and extended-range (98.8 kWh battery), which has a targeted EPA-estimated range of at least 300 miles in rear-wheel-drive configuration.1 These advanced batteries feature 288 lithium-ion cells in the standard-range version and 376 lithium-ion cells in the extended-range. Designed for ease of manufacturing, the battery is located on the floor between the vehicle’s two axles - and tested at temperatures as extreme as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The batteries are secured inside a waterproof battery case surrounded by crash-absorption protection. They are liquid-cooled to optimize performance in extreme weather and to improve charging times.
As electric vehicle owners do 80 percent of their charging at home, Ford offers a Ford Connected Charging station that can add an estimated average range of 32 miles per charging hour on a 240V outlet, based on extended-range, rear-wheel-drive configuration.7 The Ford mobile charger, included with the vehicle, can add an estimated average range of 22 miles per charging hour on a 240V outlet,7 the same used for a conventional oven. Ford is teaming up with Amazon Home to facilitate easy customer home installation by a licensed electrician."
Source: mustang-mach-e.fordpresskits.com/?p=multimedia
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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained16 dager siden

    **Hello all!** First disclaimer: when the rear door bumps out, it can't go back in unless it is moved. But as you can see at 5:30 in the video, if you do move it out of that bumped position, it can now go back to closing. To me, this leaves the possibility of pinched fingers. Door handles eliminate that, which IMO is worth the tiny sacrifice in drag. Why do the front doors get handles but the rears don't, if handles aren't useful? Your opinion may differ! That's fine too! Next week I'll have a comparison of this Mach-E vs my Model 3, and include differences vs Model Y, and that will also include a driving portion of the Mach-E. Happy New Year everyone!

  • Nicki Martin

    Nicki Martin

    6 dager siden

    I was concerned with the lack of handles on the back doors as well but was relived to see that they had a safety feature to keep the door from pinching your fingers. I will say that I noticed that you were pulling the door open from a much higher section of the door then I’ve seen before. Might that have contributed to your feelings of unease? Also, I will say that my husband loves his combustion engine Mustang and one of the things he loves about it is the engine noise it makes. Something about that being part of the muscle car culture I suppose. Overall this was a great video!

  • Paul Kolby

    Paul Kolby

    10 dager siden

    No offense but I also didn’t grab the rear door in the right spot, ur supposed to stick ur hand at the outter most point in the door and there is like a pad on the other side, either way works but I think that’s what Ford says 🤷‍♂️

  • Will Berman

    Will Berman

    10 dager siden

    Please do a video on how carboartors work but not float type suction/vaccum type I can't find a explanation video any where

  • Doug Robinson

    Doug Robinson

    10 dager siden

    @For The Love Of Noise Me too. When it was time for summer tires on aftermarket rims, I went wider, but same diameter as stock. 225 width 17" tires are easy to find, and generally cheap when you do. Also, unsprung weight is lower, and ride is generally better, especially over expansion joints.

  • Doug Robinson

    Doug Robinson

    10 dager siden

    @BOT_ROCKET We just had a snowfall that turned to freezing rain. My wife had to find a strong guy to help her open the rear liftgate. She couldn't get the sliding side doors open either. Cover those buttons with 1/8" of ice and none of it will work until you break the ice off. That's probably the case for many new cars, though. I doubt a Tesla retractable door handle could punch through that much ice, but I could be wrong about that.

  • QuebecTerreaTerre
    QuebecTerreaTerre17 minutter siden

    That's not a Mustang. It's a Ford Tesla !

  • Andrew Cross
    Andrew Cross14 timer siden

    From the side it looks quite a lot like an i-pace.

  • Balo Lozano
    Balo Lozano2 dager siden

    The keypad is the best, I have it in my F-150

  • John Newlin
    John Newlin2 dager siden

    Car review where the car isn’t driven....

  • Marci 25
    Marci 252 dager siden

    Fun fact: but it's not a mustang! This is a ford suv & nothing to do a mustang

  • Hazel Greene
    Hazel Greene3 dager siden

    Meet "Mocky", the latest monstrosity from Ford.

  • John Barbero
    John Barbero3 dager siden

    Initial though was: "Hey that frunk looks neat for storing some extra engine oil and coolant"

  • Andrew Gallagher
    Andrew Gallagher3 dager siden

    I can image the women holding their keys whilst pressing the door button and scratching the hell out of the black plastic.

  • jungan lee
    jungan lee3 dager siden

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    jungan lee3 dager siden

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  • Mario Carb
    Mario Carb3 dager siden

    Love the video just don’t move the camera move then it needs to be moved and don’t make it to perfect leave some mistakes in there filled by the correction a joke or to would be nice

  • Mac_Raymond
    Mac_Raymond4 dager siden

    I like!!!

  • Richard Nedbalek
    Richard Nedbalek4 dager siden

    You had me at “Silver”! I love the color. Hopefully, Tesla will bring it back for both the 3 and the Y soon.

  • GTS Scientific
    GTS Scientific4 dager siden

    What great and informative content! As a company who recruits within this field it is great to see this kind of work being done. Also, if you like our channel make sure to subscribe.

  • RoyalGobah
    RoyalGobah4 dager siden

    What Camera Are You Using

  • RoyalGobah
    RoyalGobah4 dager siden

    Can it auto drive yet no

  • Nimrod Szakacs
    Nimrod Szakacs4 dager siden

    Ladies and Gentlemen.. the Ford Prius.

  • Scottie Winfrey
    Scottie Winfrey5 dager siden

    Honestly holding the camera didn’t bother me in the least bit. I’m bummed in this video you didn’t talk about charging the car or doing road trips and charging.

  • amaroudis
    amaroudis5 dager siden

    Vidéo looks fine. So why do car makers not include spare tires anymore ??

  • Clay Fanni
    Clay Fanni5 dager siden

    Hey there bud, the filming was actually pretty good.

  • leborde
    leborde5 dager siden

    Thank you for the metric!!!

  • The Casual Citizen
    The Casual Citizen5 dager siden

    It takes 12 hours to charge to get 270 mile range. It is a commuter car not a car to drive across country.

  • Peter P
    Peter P5 dager siden

    So, Mach-e Long Range is using 88KW battery and SHOULD get 270 miles EPA range. TESLA MODEL Y long range is using 75KW battery with EPA range of 326 miles range. So that's about 15% less battery to be charged with 20% more range for Tesla Model Y. Mach-E is charged with max 150kwh charging speed/rate, which is VERY SLOW! Tesla Model Y is/can charge with 250kw. Mach-E in 10 minutes charging can get 58 MILES of range. Tesla Model Y in 10 minutes charging can get 150 MILES of range. So, it looks like Mach-E is LESS efficient car than TESLA MODEL Y by more than 50%. It will cost more than twice to charge Mach-E to get same distance/range as TESLA model Y. That is pretty bad !! What's is the catch/benefits here to spend all that money on the Ford Mach-E ?

  • Никита Иванюк
    Никита Иванюк5 dager siden

    No spare tire? Wtf, how am I supposed to travel with this car

  • drunkredninja
    drunkredninja6 dager siden

    way to overcomplicate things with needless electronics

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan6 dager siden

    Its ugly, who wants this crap its so fake, its junk same goes for tesla, and that fake noice its useless if you need sound get s real car with proper engines not this crap ev garbage that only should go is junk yard.

  • ScryTv
    ScryTv6 dager siden

    ... arg i kinda like this car the only thing that really annoys me is that they call it a fcking mustang...

  • sbblakey777
    sbblakey7777 dager siden

    Mustang Mocky.

  • Shake Hands with Danger
    Shake Hands with Danger7 dager siden

    Can you turn off the traction control for leaving car shows? Asking for a friend

  • Emile Brousseau-Vaillancourt
    Emile Brousseau-Vaillancourt7 dager siden

    Nice video, Iliked how you film it. But I wish you could have included a rolling shot

  • Tea Jay
    Tea Jay7 dager siden

    My only issue is calling itva Mustang, if they wanted to make an electric mustang then make a mustanf electric, dont make an electic crossover and call it a mustang A mustang is a 2 door sportscar

  • Francis Page
    Francis Page7 dager siden

    Wait, you lock your car when it is in the garage?

  • Zach T
    Zach T7 dager siden

    A regular Mustang GT has only a quarter inch less ground clearance than this

  • Barney Barret
    Barney Barret7 dager siden

    The propulsion noise should be mandatory on the outside as these things sneak up on you as a pedestrian! I would have a Lamborghini V12 engine noise one day and a V8 muscle car the next if I could choose.

  • Jackey Chen
    Jackey Chen7 dager siden

    The App just crashed @13:06?

  • Clay Bearman
    Clay Bearman8 dager siden

    No. Tesla is still kicking legacy automaker's ass when it comes to EVs.

  • randy daudt
    randy daudt8 dager siden

    They should rename it the Mule, as it looks like a pack mule!

  • Jeremija Krstić
    Jeremija Krstić8 dager siden

    14:16 - Ford could have done anything to be better than Tesla. And they still fucked it up the same way.

  • Stormbringer Workshop
    Stormbringer Workshop8 dager siden

    “Looks good and Functional” are not words I associate with the Mustang brand. IMO, the Mustang should compete with the model S, not the Y. So like maybe this is better off as the the Ford Edge - E. . . . . ;)

  • Eric Rovelo
    Eric Rovelo8 dager siden

    I really enjoyed this video! I think the handheld look made it feel like we were just hanging out in your garage. 10/10

  • Cesar M.
    Cesar M.8 dager siden

    It's too high and bulky to be a Mustang, it looks like it's chubbier younger cousin

  • Gunter Brunk
    Gunter Brunk8 dager siden

    A clumsy looking vehicle.

  • Brian K
    Brian K8 dager siden

    what was in the trunk? is that a ford supplied air pump and snow brush? it looks like storage molded to those, what are they?

  • BlueRainJacket
    BlueRainJacket8 dager siden

    The propulsion sound should provide options....and the default should be a '93 Fox Body Mustang Cobra.

  • Rick Hayner
    Rick Hayner8 dager siden

    Filming was fine. BTW they are narrow tires not thin tires. Keep up the good work!

  • Sal Abate
    Sal Abate8 dager siden

    Image quality: image and sound are acceptable.

  • Smarter Than You
    Smarter Than You8 dager siden

    nobody and I mean nobody will ever drive an electric crossover SUV off-road once and even if they do, they certainly never do it again

  • s1283
    s12838 dager siden

    Your front fridge idea wouldn’t have to be terribly expensive if they dropped the electric heater and went with a heat pump like Tesla uses.

  • Nvidious
    Nvidious9 dager siden

    I'm itching to know the purpose of the IR lights on the dash seen at 19:31 . Reminds me of some eye tracking hardware like the Tobii. I wonder if that's the case.

  • Eric Arias
    Eric Arias9 dager siden

    In short.. i dont like it.

  • Dbf Crell
    Dbf Crell9 dager siden

    If they pipe in fake sound, why not pump in fake views out the window or color enhancement? Maybe fake smells and fake "reality driving scenerios". Fake food, fake life, fake President. Oh, we have the last one, sorry.

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S9 dager siden

    Noticed the different filming style right away, I'm not a fan. Reminds me of NOlocal videos of bros filming whatever with way too much enthusiasm to make up for their lack of actual content. However, if it's the difference between a video like this or no video, I'll take it.

  • Eazy Mango
    Eazy Mango9 dager siden

    Brain problems get off the sound effects JESUS !

  • Angry Dove
    Angry Dove9 dager siden

    Ugh, does anybody actually LIKE the grille?

  • ak2112
    ak21129 dager siden

    Zoom out a little, amigo

  • ymefg
    ymefg9 dager siden

    filming ok but 2 close 2 your head. peace

  • Google Sux
    Google Sux9 dager siden

    Video quality is great for watching on my phone, as I do 90% of the time. Didn't notice any difference. May be a different story on my 1440p monitor.

  • Daniel López Ramírez
    Daniel López Ramírez9 dager siden

    My God!!! The app crashes when he started the vehicle. 😦 12:56

  • Brent Massingale
    Brent Massingale9 dager siden

    Please, please, PLEASE Atlis make the XT a reality! Don't make me buy a Ford!

  • Lost Child
    Lost Child9 dager siden

    yeah what is with the new cars not having a spare tire...

  • John K
    John K9 dager siden

    The doors have kickstands when they first open. You would have to pull the open to release the kickstand then close it to pinch your fingers.

  • Journey 101
    Journey 1019 dager siden

    I've made an insane ford compilation with real ford cars and not this new EV wave. Pure american power, that u should check out :D FORD POWER ALL THE WAY!!

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young9 dager siden

    EDIT: If this is a "Mustang" I'm the President of the united states. It's an electric CUV with a slew of pony badges, I'm happy to see it come to fruition, but Mustang it is not. The lower ground clearance is a plus in my book, it could honestly lose another inch or more (~4" GC for instance) and I'd be happy; I hate crossovers. Alternatively, give me the 4dr small pickup version at this ride height - it's not going to work hard often so the range won't suffer frequently, it's going to do homeowner stuff; ~1,500lbs payload capacity every now and then, but mostly just HD/Lowes runs worth of materials; occasional towing of a utility trailer. Shouldn't have anything larger than an 18" wheel if it clears the brakes. I want Teslas batteries, motors & controllers in a legacy auto manufacturers vehicle, with a Lotus-esque approach to weight reduction (still going to be heavy because of the hardware, but it could be much lighter than it currently is).

  • Kevin Bender
    Kevin Bender9 dager siden

    Hate it. Not a mustang. Sad.

  • Legend Ronk
    Legend Ronk9 dager siden

    9 sound, I think you missed the sound of the driving note..it definitely does have that futuristic sound and feel..

  • Google Sux
    Google Sux9 dager siden

    Canadian winter will not play well with these doors. If they freeze shut they will be impossible to open from the outside.

  • Flash Jones
    Flash Jones9 dager siden

    Good video no issues with camera setup

  • Tom C
    Tom C9 dager siden

    Skinny tires are frictionally equal to wide tires according to the laws of physics, Friction is completely independent of contact patch or surface area.Perhaps you could explain this surprising fact to us in more scientific detail

  • - Luiz
    - Luiz9 dager siden

    14:20 deconstructed doug's channel

  • Puja Kumari
    Puja Kumari10 dager siden

    Love from India 🇮🇳 ♥

  • Gonzo Ayres
    Gonzo Ayres10 dager siden

    Still not a mustang

  • Sally Snowball
    Sally Snowball10 dager siden

    I had no problem with this filming.

  • Adam Petten
    Adam Petten10 dager siden

    i love the keypad so much my GMC now has one.

  • EntropyFan
    EntropyFan10 dager siden

    Love it, but it's not a Mustang. Would've been cool just as the "Mach-E" IMHO. It's from a reputable company with dealerships in every corner of the globe. I've driven a model 3 Tesla & liked it, but their lack of corporate infrastructure scares me bc I don't live in CA. BTW ground clearance be damned; how many people drive even their SUV offroad, let alone a crossover? Very few, again IMHO.

  • Theprfesssor
    Theprfesssor10 dager siden

    11:46 The mach E weighs nearly as much as my Escape I believe that's going to be the biggest obstacle for electric vehicles ICE vehicles have for over a century now to get off efficient and drive better electrics don't need to do this nearly as much weight is there main problem which I what kills there range the batteries are still so heavy

  • Rehmanpa
    Rehmanpa10 dager siden

    Here I am with my Corvette with 4" of ground clearance...

  • Alex Hutcheson
    Alex Hutcheson10 dager siden

    I'm convinced that the door keypad is the most underrated feature in the car industry. Never have to carry your keys in your pocket, a safe place to leave your phone/wallet etc etc. Every single car should have it

  • Mike Chiodetti
    Mike Chiodetti10 dager siden

    Perhaps if it made sounds like Chrysler's turbine car reving up, that would be better. And once you passed a large object, you'd get the whoosh sound similar to the Indy turbine car that almost won the Indy 500 years ago!

  • Grzegorz Kapica
    Grzegorz Kapica10 dager siden

    Looks better, than TM3

  • DW Dino
    DW Dino10 dager siden

    i like this style. It is clean and simple to know about this new cool car. I'm looking forward the similar kind of presentation style for ID 4

  • Ivan Tierney
    Ivan Tierney10 dager siden

    Now tell everyone where the mE is made. Mach-E will be produced at Ford’s plant in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico. That’s right it’s not made in the USA they’re supporting other countries not the USA. Ford can’t even replay the over $3 billion it out of the government. On the other hand tesla is all made in America giving American people thousands of thousands of jobs. Thanks

  • Yogi's Garage
    Yogi's Garage10 dager siden

    Leave it them to cut costs the way they did. No rear door handles. WTF? Narrow tires? Sure. Previous gen technology? Definitely. Include lame features like fake exhaust? It's got it! Need a spare tire? Uh... Overall the "car" is a meh.. The fact that Ford calls it a Mustang is what triggers me. It's purely a marketing ploy.

  • NT4XT
    NT4XT10 dager siden

    Film style feels dynamic and engaging. Audio was completely acceptable, more than adequate given that I watch NOlocal on my Galaxy phone. Great video! Very cool car. I would bet I would prefer it over a Tesla.

  • Seriksy
    Seriksy10 dager siden

    So how do you open this car if the doors are frozen in cold weather?

  • Will Berman
    Will Berman10 dager siden

    Please do a video on how carboartors work but not float type suction/vaccum type I can't find a explanation video any where

  • Julio Solis Galvez
    Julio Solis Galvez10 dager siden

    No one: Americans: It would be cool if my car had a Fridge.

  • Marcus Fleuti
    Marcus Fleuti10 dager siden

    Huuuuuge car but hey, it's got an aerodynamic door handle!

  • George Jin
    George Jin10 dager siden

    Got just a tiny naucious. But overall okay. A gyroscope might help

  • Chris Borland
    Chris Borland10 dager siden

    The ugly giant touch screen sticks out like a sore thumb..sheesh. Where's the flow?

  • City Lock a polytechnikey llc company
    City Lock a polytechnikey llc company10 dager siden

    LOVE the channel. I like how you generally have no dog in the fight, and focus on educating the layman in the science of the technology, and examining how well it is executed. I believe you will find vehicle inhibits you from locking the proximity device (FOB ) in the vehicle. Most cars now do. Did you try locking the FOB inside ? A copper mesh shielded bag for the remote might hack that feature, if car indeed tries to prevent you from leaving car with key in it, something the manufacturer's insurer would have an issue with. )

  • Con Petersen
    Con Petersen10 dager siden

    the vehicle is growing on me but 4800 lbs. damn thats heavy.

  • sasja de vries.
    sasja de vries.10 dager siden

    So in 2021 we will have a white guy in an electric mustang, and a black guy in an LS swapped Tesla. Yeah, 2021 is not too bad...

  • Miguel Mondragon
    Miguel Mondragon10 dager siden

    Partner up with Super Car Blondie Alexandra Mary Hirschi

  • Miguel Mondragon

    Miguel Mondragon

    10 dager siden


  • David Tuerk
    David Tuerk10 dager siden

    That app crash at 13:00 tho

  • Waimea Canyon Blues
    Waimea Canyon Blues10 dager siden

    Its still a Ford...

  • Piers Denney
    Piers Denney10 dager siden

    Wish they'd just give us a negative sound generator to blank out wind/tyre roar and transmission whine. I'll have music playing just about all the time, so fake engine noise is just a distraction...

  • Tom Harkins
    Tom Harkins10 dager siden

    I actually really liked this format

  • andré Martin
    andré Martin10 dager siden

    The handheld camera work is perfectly fine, as long as you avoid parkinson. One point thought, living in a cold country, the electronic interface gadgeterie look flimsy and doomed to fail. You dont't need a lot of nano corrosion on nao circuiteries to make you go balistic.

    MOBELEASH10 dager siden

    Love the car, electric, awd etc ... just find the name confusing, is Ford diluting the Mustang Brand? mobeleash