2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Review - The Most Powerful Ford Ever


The Shelby GT500 Is Ford's Most Powerful Production Car
Detailed Technical Review Of The 760 Horsepower Shelby GT500
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The 2020 Shelby GT500 produces 760 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque, making it the most powerful production car Ford has ever built. The car was designed with three goals in mind: dominate the road, track, and drag strip. The 5.2L crossplane V8 engine shares an upgraded block with the Shelby GT350, as well as plasma sprayed cylinder liners. On top sits a 2.65L supercharger, with a clutch that never decouples, encouraging endless boost in the manifold.
I had the opportunity to try out the GT500 on some curvy Nevada roads, as well as on a drag strip, and a race track. On top of this, I had discussions with Ford Mustang chief engineer, GT500 chief engineer, and a cooling systems/aero engineer for the GT500. Check out the video for all the nerdy details about the engineering of this car, as well as how it drives!
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  • Mr. Papalaka
    Mr. Papalaka4 dager siden

    I've watched a TON of reviews on the GT500, I can honestly say this was the most comprehensive, in-depth technical review of this vehicle. Nicely done!

  • Darin Pearson
    Darin Pearson13 dager siden

    The Engineering Explained guy won't share his weight?! Credibility deduction bud.

  • Daniel Vinyard
    Daniel VinyardMåned siden

    Why does this engine have a lower red line rpm that an atv? (Yamaha Raptor 700 red lines at some 9,000 rpm)

  • G
    G3 måneder siden

    Why have Mustangs always been squirrelly? They have an unusual tendency to break the rear loose, badly, in a way that removes any chance of recovery.

  • Joel Remland
    Joel Remland4 måneder siden

    Would you spring for the CF track pack or just get the base GT500? Any options ?

  • Joel Remland
    Joel Remland4 måneder siden

    What would you choose as a “daily” driver the GT500, GT350R or GT350?

  • Anton Roux
    Anton Roux4 måneder siden

    I think Ford did just fine with the gear ratios. You might be overthinking it 😉

  • Bob Kermit
    Bob Kermit4 måneder siden

    Everyone: That's a cool car, Ford. Can I buy it in a manual? Ford: No. Everyone: Ok, Roush it is.

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz4 måneder siden

    Just bought a 2018 Mustang GT with the track package, can’t wait to get it, but i’m watching this review cause this is probably going to be my upgrade in 2 years!

  • Phil C
    Phil C4 måneder siden

    My 2019 GT with thte pp1 package came with a factory oil catch can. I had to buy it from americanmuscle and then install it after they shipped it to me but thats it.

  • Steve Boyd
    Steve Boyd4 måneder siden

    $106000plus 20k additional markup at the dealer i work at

  • D B
    D B5 måneder siden

    “Some random pedestrian”😂😂😂

  • Anvar Paul Sh
    Anvar Paul Sh5 måneder siden

    Did u tried the Germany 🇩🇪 cars?

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez5 måneder siden

    You had me at " hello everyone ". I'll have the red one with white stripes please. 😁

  • Nader Alqam
    Nader Alqam6 måneder siden

    It’s just like my 2004 Toyota Celica GT!!!

  • Joseph Bentley
    Joseph Bentley6 måneder siden

    Just too bad it looks more like a Fusion than a Mustang (2015 + model) :/.

  • Piero1940
    Piero19406 måneder siden

    I read that its engine is limited to 180 Mph,that means that without engine power limitations this car could reach 220 mph or over 350 Km/H according to me,that's cool!

  • TheTbet
    TheTbet6 måneder siden

    Audi front

  • TheMattc999
    TheMattc9996 måneder siden

    @ 3:00 it's only "waste" heat if you don't throw a turbocharger on it 😁

  • DucatiDan
    DucatiDan6 måneder siden

    Does the transmission have a mode where it will NOT shift gears for you, like a true Ferrari DCT where it will hold the gear as long as u want it to.

  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy6 måneder siden

    It's amazing how heavy the Mustangs are. They say these are track cars but I seriously doubt that. After about 10 laps, the brakes would be glowing cherry red and the motors would be stinking hot...I won't mention that the tires would be completely worn out. It's more likely these are quarter-mile machines. That doesn't take away from the cars though. It's good o' American horsepower and just imagine the amount of flexing you could do on the street.

  • J C
    J C6 måneder siden

    No doubt about it, Ford builds the coolest cars...

    ONE THIRD MAYO7 måneder siden

    I believe half of the hard work developing this car goes to how to persuade those EPA people instead of making the engine powerful enough.

  • Vishan Herath
    Vishan Herath7 måneder siden

    3.27 Another One?????????????????????????????? 😮😮

  • Rigg Amore
    Rigg Amore8 måneder siden

    The car review channel we didn't ask for, but glad we got.

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson8 måneder siden

    Paddles all day !! Plus & Minus and you can Rev. Hold the Minus and you can downshift to the lowest gear. Damn near a Stick !!!

  • Kurio71
    Kurio718 måneder siden

    700hp manual is a lot to handle

  • Geo Synth
    Geo Synth8 måneder siden

    Very thorough, thanks for sharing!

  • Bri-man Hunter
    Bri-man Hunter8 måneder siden

    I am very jealous of the fun you get to have. Must be nice😡

  • Anuj Bhagwan
    Anuj Bhagwan8 måneder siden

    why you not work for Le Mans Car as a engineer ?

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson9 måneder siden

    350 ALL DAY, To bad they are discontinuing the 350's and Bullitt's BUMMER FORD F THIS AUTO BS !!!

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson9 måneder siden

    Hands down best review EVER !!!

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson9 måneder siden

    Stick shift or nothing at all

  • Rishabh Shah
    Rishabh Shah9 måneder siden

    different story same ending "i cant afford it" 😅😓😔

  • Tony H
    Tony H9 måneder siden

    Always love the GT350/500 👍

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez9 måneder siden

    Great video !!!💨💨

  • Lucien Paulsen
    Lucien Paulsen9 måneder siden

    his driving on the wrong side of the road ahhhh

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas10 måneder siden

    Idk a lot about the cars but could you just swap the transmissions if they share the same engine ?

  • TheWhiskeyCowboy
    TheWhiskeyCowboy10 måneder siden

    "This one I don't get to shift my own gears..." 2 seconds later shifts his own gears. ;)

  • Andrew Yang's Hologram
    Andrew Yang's Hologram10 måneder siden

    3:26 It's always nice seeing another Stang in the wild.

  • Rez
    Rez10 måneder siden

    You have to state your name at the beginning of every video. Your are the man and deserve that kind of recognition with the new audience.

  • William Driver
    William Driver10 måneder siden

    In about 3 years I will have one I have to pay off what I have now

  • Otto Knabe
    Otto Knabe10 måneder siden

    Now I'd like to see how a real muscle car would turn out with a transmission like a Regera, the engines certainly become powerful enough to do stuff like that

  • Russell Notestine
    Russell Notestine10 måneder siden

    You're the second reviewer I've heard complain about the lack of supercharger whine. IMHO there is no more annoying sound than a whiny supercharger

  • Loren Taylor
    Loren Taylor10 måneder siden

    This guy talks to much!

  • bowedfloor
    bowedfloor10 måneder siden

    The 4.0 Twin Turbo in the Audi S6/s7/s8/rs7/rs6 features an air oil separator.

  • WTI Trader
    WTI Trader10 måneder siden

    Such a detailed review! Very informative. WOW! I'm really torn between the GT350 and the Corvette C7 Grand sport, or wait for the C8.

  • Engineering Explained

    Engineering Explained

    10 måneder siden

    That's a tough choice! All great cars. Personally, I'd opt for the GT350. Incredible engine, great manual transmission.

  • RedondoBeach2
    RedondoBeach210 måneder siden

    6:54 Fifty MPH in first gear. Eighty MPH in second gear. Think about that for a moment.

  • J L
    J L10 måneder siden

    @3:26 wave to your homie passing by!

  • Timur Selcuk
    Timur Selcuk10 måneder siden

    Ts 61

  • Larry Z
    Larry Z11 måneder siden

    I agree with you on the gears that's why I really believe the 2014 is the best mustang and if you can buy one now it will be a bargain the six speed tall hearing you can control through manual 2014 gt500 is special if anyone else has one... I've seen fee for sale go get one for many 35 grand less with lesser than 12,000 miles is a steal and such a bargain..!

  • Larry Z
    Larry Z11 måneder siden

    The 2014 was 5.8

  • Larry Z
    Larry Z11 måneder siden

    Can you explain the 2014 gt500 it same 0 to 60 as this one you tested and it went 202 mph.. thoufh6this has more horsepower is it because this new 500 is heavier? Please explain! Best bargain I see is a 2014 gt500 with 6000 miles on it

  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus196711 måneder siden

    Love your commentary. Unless you are a cyclist, its time to start eating and lifting weights. A little muscle will look great on those long limbs.

  • Jaime Ramirez-Perez

    Jaime Ramirez-Perez

    29 dager siden

    Let him be himself

  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus196711 måneder siden

    Ah. So 7th gear is for California, where there are 70 mph speed limits on 4 lane freeways, and you can cruise at 80 mph without interruption from CHP.. 90 mph in the express lanes.

  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus196711 måneder siden

    What color is that? Twister or Fury? What color is the 1st drag strip car? Looks like Wind Veil. What color is the car at 14:17?

  • Luis Altuve
    Luis Altuve11 måneder siden

    GT500 or C8

  • Skeptical Skeksis
    Skeptical Skeksis11 måneder siden

    I love how big blowers have gotten. 2.5! It has the same displacement as my STi. Haha.

  • FK P
    FK P11 måneder siden

    GT500 or the Corvette Stingray? I like the GT500's looks.

  • Blumountian
    Blumountian11 måneder siden

    I don't know how many others have said this but the gt500 is NOT a track car it's been made for the strip since it's inception not that you can't it's just that's what the gt350 is for, so having the extra overdrive with that much power is for drag time.

  • Mike Schafer
    Mike Schafer11 måneder siden

    Great review and I love the car!

    HYDRA DYNAMIC11 måneder siden

    As a long time Chevy Corvette fan, I’m curiously drawn to the 2020 Ford GT [500] and it’s making me rethink how I feel about Mustangs and now I’m very confused

  • gmax876
    gmax87611 måneder siden

    With the added weight I wonder if they considered a trans axle and putting the gearbox over the rear axle..

  • Justin Orlando
    Justin Orlando11 måneder siden

    Fantastic job dude! Review is entertainment and education....awesome!

  • Marcus Pacheco
    Marcus Pacheco11 måneder siden

    how does it drift in the stock footage.... you can't do a clutch kick and the wheels don't slow down so no e-brake..... its it just pure power?

  • Yong Ling

    Yong Ling

    2 måneder siden

    No TC + extra throttle = oversteer initiation

  • Howard Luther Gilson IV
    Howard Luther Gilson IV11 måneder siden

    You sure you're in Nevada? It looks like you're on Utah 12.

  • Alejandro Escobar
    Alejandro Escobar11 måneder siden

    I’ll take a gt350 over a 500 for a fun street car

  • JP
    JP11 måneder siden

    Eh this is more of a long wheelbase , GT car. 60% you’d be cruising with friends on the highway from the garage to the event then back to the garage ... the 7th speed will improve on the fuel range complaints the GT350 has

  • FRANCISCO Tejeda
    FRANCISCO Tejeda11 måneder siden

    MY 2006 Bmw 3 series came with the the oil catch can stock.

  • Russell Notestine
    Russell Notestine11 måneder siden

    I'm thinking the reason car companies are totally abandoning manual transmissions is that they kill a lot of novice drivers. Yes kids high power cars get very squirrely if you downshift inappropriately. Do that in a corner and you're backing into the woods.. essentially doing a 'hand brake spin". Remember: Take YOUR chances... don't make others take them with you. Only one in the car..? Only one on that road...? Have at it

  • Celebrity Watch
    Celebrity WatchÅr siden

    Stop it, no demon has ever reached that fake 9.6 quartermile time dodge claims. The best time I've ever seen from a stock demon is 10.29@ 133.... that's using the demon crate with slicks and skinny's with no rear seats plus sunoco 104 race gas. I've seen the gt500 run 10.6@131 with stock Michelin's with full interior running 93 octane.

  • Leonel Ramirez
    Leonel RamirezÅr siden

    Once I finally get money to afford this, I'm buying 3 Honda civics

  • Jeff McClain
    Jeff McClainÅr siden

    I kept waiting for Jason to get to the track, and suddenly rescind all of his comments about the lack of aggressive gearing once that 760hp started working in tight conjunction with that DCT...but didn't see it. Personally, I would buy a GT-350 in a heart beat if they had a DCT option...LoL... P.S. please take me with you next time you get a GT-500 press day...SMH... Good to see you're great engineering based videos are earning you exclusives like this. :)

  • Juraj Zamek
    Juraj ZamekÅr siden


  • b m
    b mÅr siden

    350 every day

  • Ghost Ridah AK47
    Ghost Ridah AK47År siden

    They should have made the GT500 AWD and it really would have been the ultimate Mustang!

  • watcher someone awake
    watcher someone awakeÅr siden

    Awesome review! Oh, and nice car too!

  • Dávid Kertész
    Dávid KertészÅr siden

    The 350 is for smart people who know what they are doing and the 500 for the idiots who only care about numbers.

  • konrad hass
    konrad hassÅr siden

    Is there an official lap time at Nurburgring for this beauty ? Or they chicken out in front of the ZL1

  • Antoine Swans

    Antoine Swans

    År siden

    @konrad hass You're crazy if that's what you think! That's the dumbest excuse I've ever heard and evidently you don't read much. Everyone knows that it's the lack of sales, and they even dropped the price to try churn up some business.... and all we hear are crickets. Nobody wants it and your only hope to beat the Mustang GT500 is the Corvette C8, but the GT500 waxed that ass too! Come back and talk to me in 2021...until then your dismissed. I don't waste my time with people who don't read and have the facts while producing receipts. And by the way... Ford's main vehicle is the Mustang, but the Mustang is damn near essentially its own brand that can hold its own name. What about Camaro...no! Corvette...no! And it never went out of production like some of the others... cough cough! World's best selling sports car... Mustang. Largest car club... Mustang Most Instagram car... Mustang. The car most reviewers want... GT350R Mustang. Bahaha!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • konrad hass

    konrad hass

    År siden

    @Antoine Swans Camaro was discounted because it was so good it was hurting the Corvette sales. You can see as many Camaro on the street as Mustang's. It was not a sales issue. Ford doesn't have another sport car but Mustang.

  • konrad hass

    konrad hass

    År siden

    @Antoine Swans ...i bet you don't own a Shelby, maybe a Lincoln with 22' spinning gold rims and a subwoofer in the trunk and work on the line at Ford . That,s how your car arguments sound like.

  • Antoine Swans

    Antoine Swans

    År siden

    @konrad hass look Dorothy...if you ever make it to the land of Oz please let me know... until then it's just wishful thinking with no red slippers.

  • Antoine Swans

    Antoine Swans

    År siden

    @konrad hass A dud would be the Camaro my friend. Everyone so-called Rants and Raves about it...yet no one buys it. To the point of it being discounted just to be discontinued. It lost to the 2020 GT500 and now it's in third place behind the Dodge Challenger in car sales... That's what I call a dud! Bahaha!!

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis GarciaÅr siden

    Lmao is it just me or does everyone passing by have a Mustang GT

  • brandonburchell8
    brandonburchell8År siden

    GT500 is cool, but the GT350R is my dream car, in my opinion, it looks so much better than the 500, I think the 350 is the best looking car ever built

  • KGD16
    KGD16År siden

    Great video and very comprehensive. I have seen this car do the 1/4 mile in 10.66 sec on another channel. Phew, that is awesome. Thanks for the vid.

  • Steve
    SteveÅr siden

    Jason. Wish you had discussed the difference in the engine crank. The 350 is flat plane, the 500 is not. I understand it has to do with the supercharger.

  • Spam Can
    Spam CanÅr siden

    Car show cardinal sin: when referencing the exhaust talking and/or playing music over the sound. Let me hear the damn thing! That's why I love Bozzy's channel.

  • Spam Can
    Spam CanÅr siden

    What was the real reason for maintaining bore/stroke? You can change them within the same block. Also wondering why there is a clutch on that super charger if it's never used.

  • David Williams
    David WilliamsÅr siden

    0:10 mark is a glam photo of the exhaust and the performance X-pipe. Time to upgrade to Kaleco's U-pipe or O-pipe.

  • Atrrocitus
    AtrrocitusÅr siden

    Im watching a video about a car that I'll never be able to afford lol.

  • Anders Eriksson

    Anders Eriksson

    År siden

    Agree. Even if I could though I would have to force myself not to buy it. It's an irresponsible purchase but then the YOLO factor must be considered Haha..

  • Shubham Shewale
    Shubham ShewaleÅr siden

    What GT stands for???

  • [TheWhitePearl]
    [TheWhitePearl]År siden

    I don’t know where to ask this so I’ll do it here. I have a 2000 Subaru Outback. The stock engine is a 2.5 L flat four. The usual. My question is would upgrading to one of Subaru’s 6 cylinder engines (ez36 specifically) change how much power I need to cruise on the free way? For example, right now, to stay at a constant speed of 65 mph, the rpms sit around 2,500. If I were to put the new engine in there would the rpms needed to stay at that speed be reduced? My thinking is that there’s more power available to get the car going so it won’t take as many rpms to keep a constant speed. Like maybe I could sit around 2,000 or even 1,500. My current engine is leaking oil and I can only assume it’s the head gaskets since there’s 184000+ miles on that engine and I’d rather put in a newer engine if I can. Thanks to anyone with an answer.

  • Richard Cranium
    Richard CraniumÅr siden

    This guy even looks like he knows everything geeezzzz

  • Jack Poage
    Jack PoageÅr siden

    I have watched dozens of you videos. This is your best, and that saying something. Great job. Too much car for me though. I couldn't come close to handling my friend's 850hp Viper. Being a passenger was enough for me.

  • BR549
    BR549År siden

    Make sure Caroll is sitting down, Depends in place, drink in hand, when you tell him about the Mustang Mach E.

  • Dean Azmi
    Dean AzmiÅr siden

    Is it a flat plane crank?

  • hissinggoose
    hissinggooseÅr siden

    So it won’t overheat like a GM and it’ll handle way better than a dodge. Nice.

  • M9A1 MAN
    M9A1 MANÅr siden

    Hey this was filmed 20 minutes from my house. I love Mt. Charleston!

  • Rich Miller
    Rich MillerÅr siden

    @16:15 you about smoked that rabbit!

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpeÅr siden

    go electric

  • avman1339
    avman1339År siden

    Nice review! Demon supercharged HEMI = 840 Horsepower... nice 2nd place Ford...

  • snake3276120
    snake3276120År siden

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  • Jimmy Kim
    Jimmy KimÅr siden

    This headlight SO much better than the newer ones