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How do cars work? It's a simple question, without a simple answer. That's what this channel is for! You could search the web endlessly for consumable information, or you can watch my simple to understand videos. I'm a graduated mechanical engineer with a passion for cars, and my goal is to help other people passionate about cars learn how they work. Hope you find my videos enjoyable; feel free to ask questions! \n\nNew videos every Wednesday.\nJason Fenske - Channel Owner - Engineering Explained


  • Jarrod Durant
    Jarrod Durant5 timer siden

    Great video

  • john wickk
    john wickk5 timer siden

    Hm. Tricky

  • Zak Srdanovich
    Zak Srdanovich5 timer siden

    A speed bump seems like it would be this things worst enemy

  • Tyler Dingle
    Tyler Dingle6 timer siden

    Idk about you guys but I drive a manual 2006 mustang gt (it’s obvious fuel injected) and when I start this thing and just try to take off I can feel the difference in driving it drives completely different when its not warmed up and for that reason I will always warm up my car

  • leftcoaster67
    leftcoaster676 timer siden

    Tell me you're going to teach engineering? You're an outstanding teacher.

  • TryHardGamers
    TryHardGamers6 timer siden

    What are the chances we'll see a turbo version... I mean, its already on the ascent..

  • Ben Dooley
    Ben Dooley6 timer siden

    The real question is, can you spin the ascent engine up to 7500rpm in a reasonably reliable way?

  • Blu Keed
    Blu Keed7 timer siden

    Side by side the Tesla is one ugly-looking car🤠

  • Shadow_AquilaX
    Shadow_AquilaX7 timer siden

    no wonder some people just dump their luxury cars when it comes time to do repairs...

  • Graeme Holmes
    Graeme Holmes7 timer siden

    I have a Toyota Celica ZR Manual, revs to almost 9000. LSD, great fun around corners

  • Brizzix
    Brizzix7 timer siden

    another video on the nd miata :)

  • David Milhous Carter
    David Milhous Carter7 timer siden

    I'm not sure that the Toyota Supra does exist. The BMW Z4 exists.

  • Tom c
    Tom c7 timer siden

    Had a 2015 FR-S for 4 years, fun car. Did the UEL header and tune to wake it up , must do mods for these cars! Traded it in for a 2019 ND2 Miata. Although power numbers are similar the Miata feels faster. Not tempted to do any mods beyond the Borla axle back I added which is a good thing because the aftermarket has yet to come out with any type of FI for this car. Problems cracking the computer I’ve heard.

  • Ari and Ashley playz this
    Ari and Ashley playz this7 timer siden

    of course it does, it is gutless!!!

  • Scott MacDougall
    Scott MacDougall8 timer siden

    Sounds great. I thought the 2 stroke Detroit was a good engine also.

  • John Matthew
    John Matthew8 timer siden


  • Garrett Slabach
    Garrett Slabach8 timer siden

    I’ll never buy another mustang. My MT82 5.0 broke within two weeks of ownership

  • jjohnston94
    jjohnston948 timer siden

    What's the function of that little pointy sword piece projecting out of the rod cap on the demo engine? Whatever it's goosing is just out of the bottom of the picture. 0:35

  • Meton2526
    Meton25268 timer siden

    Jokes on you, I drive an all electric.

  • Abraham Noriega
    Abraham Noriega8 timer siden

    Guys, I just love the way you make it look so simple regarding the difference in both areas, but more important is that you both realize how much both areas rely on each other, the just graduated is supported by the technical expert and technical expert learn some methodology as well! Cool humble video, congrats!

  • 8 year old
    8 year old8 timer siden

    Why every car hard brakes make steering wheel shaking , even you fight it i still see it shaking 4:22

  • technicolorProducer
    technicolorProducer8 timer siden

    I get the fact that the young guys want the turbos -- and bells and whistles and gadgetry -- but at 50 I drive my cars to 200k and I LOATHE turbos. Many more problems and no longevity without expensive bills. The Ascent is Subies least reliable car...

  • Brenton Riggs
    Brenton Riggs8 timer siden

    Why doesn't the second equation take into account the pressure drop? It's still there, just not figured for... The twin scroll turbo is still only splitting the pressure that a standard turbo would see in half, with each "scroll" getting exactly half the pressure, right? Please someone teach me, or correct the equation and then convince me. I mean, with a compound turbo setup, the full amount goes through the small turbo to build boost quickly, then the full amount gets diverted to the big turbo (at higher rpms). That makes sense to me, but sending half and half throughout the entire rpm range seems to me like it would cause both turbos to operate far outside of their efficiency range.

  • IlpeeklI
    IlpeeklI8 timer siden

    “Don’t coast in an automatic because u don’t have too” thanks man very helpful🤦🏿

  • Broken Psu
    Broken Psu9 timer siden


  • Gold Replicant
    Gold Replicant9 timer siden

    Love this video! *thumbs up

    DILYSI9 timer siden

    Am I the only one wondering how that genius is able to remember every result before writing it? I have a question! (I have plenty of them if someone has time and knowledge to answer) having a heavy back provides a better start for rwd (and probably awd as well). But does that mean having a heavy front helps braking? I mean: more load on the front, front tyres will only block at higher braking force? Is this true? Thanks in advance! Btw, Jason you made me understand so many things about cars. I love science and now even more. Keep going!

  • Nick D'Angelo
    Nick D'Angelo9 timer siden

    It's a good thing you drew pictures

  • 8 year old
    8 year old9 timer siden

    Forgot changing oils 🤣what kinda lady question is that ! Simply answer ; Use bicycle

  • iEuropa
    iEuropa9 timer siden

    I’ve got those tires on my car here in France, drove them in oven hot south temperatures and snowy cold north climate as well... no compromise :) they’re the most expensive, but they’re ACTUALLY no compromise tires 👌

  • Patrick Kerner
    Patrick Kerner10 timer siden

    Continental DWS Extreme, my choice as best All Season tire!

  • TracknTrail Offroad
    TracknTrail Offroad10 timer siden

    Good points but I wish they would offer two engine options. The 2.4L Boxer and the WRX turbo

  • Adam Lockington
    Adam Lockington10 timer siden

    Hey Jason, interested to know why you went for a roots over a twin screw for the MX-5? Oh, sorry, the Miata. Was it due to availability options or something else?

  • johnny rotten
    johnny rotten11 timer siden

    or you can stab the throttle like senna used to to keep it up with no surprises

  • Oscar Lopez
    Oscar Lopez11 timer siden

    I don’t want to wait to charge. Get up and drive. Refill and drive. It sucks when you forget to charge your phone. It is going to suck when you forget to charge your car.

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert11 timer siden

    I'm a little sad to realise that this car loses more horsepower through the drivetrain than any vehicle I have ever owned has at the engine.

  • Oscar Lopez
    Oscar Lopez11 timer siden

    Say you go off road. Driving to the site might drain the battery a quarter. You off road and now you have a quarter. Yes, you bring the portable charger with you. Now I have to wait until you charge so we can leave. Why??

  • Mitchell Yorston
    Mitchell Yorston11 timer siden

    Part 2?

  • dustin arthur
    dustin arthur11 timer siden

    can you do this same lesson with CNG(methane) vs gasoline? it doesn't make sense to me why we don't use more natural gas with the infrastructure we already have.

  • Mike C
    Mike C12 timer siden

    Jason, the Maquis have much faster models than that...

  • MyDogWorriesALot
    MyDogWorriesALot12 timer siden

    I like how the free valves are tied to the turbos no cams and also the ability to tune the valves electronically for air flow wonder how a similar concept would work for a propellor airplane the HAL effect type ignition is a big huge deal in older engines as well as new ones just to compare concepts thank you nice presentation stuff like this has a way of getting around.:)

  • Lucien P
    Lucien P12 timer siden

    Unfair: Since the Ascent seems to have Atkinson cycle characteristics, there's good chance to be more efficient (economical) & somehow more pleasant on normal driving (with plenty of torque)

  • Ray Spencer
    Ray Spencer12 timer siden

    Frequency Inverters are now the new automatic transmissions.

  • Scott Evans
    Scott Evans13 timer siden

    Those engine kits are endless money pits.

  • Norm Simpson
    Norm Simpson13 timer siden

    Where and how are you coming up with this gibberish? I've been driving manuals and taking them apart for 50 years. And I have ALWAYS used the shifter as a hand rest. There ISN'T ANY EXTRA WEAR...damn dude, they aren't made out of plastic. Of course, your driving a Z, so maybe it does have a Lot of plastic inside that trans of yours...but America Cars use STEAL in yeah...maybe, just maybe after about 300,000 miles you might start to see some wear....

  • p0xus
    p0xus13 timer siden

    Just found out I need new tires.... Guess I know what Im getting lol.

  • Jamie Green
    Jamie Green13 timer siden

    Mines comes in two more sleeps , abarth auto version with the paddle shifts, Edinburgh Scotland .

  • Vlaadik
    Vlaadik13 timer siden

    This video is not about when to shift, it's about what gear to choose going with a steady speed. Your conclusion are wrong. If you whant to save fuel while acceleration , just accelerate to the target speed as fast as you can using less gears and higher revs, then shift to the highest gear you can use. In that case your acceleration period will be very short. Average BFSC will be lower then if you accelerate with low rpms and use short shifts. It's good only for cheating on econorms.

  • Steve Ketterer
    Steve Ketterer14 timer siden

    That M256 would be a great motor for a small MB sports car.

  • Steve Ketterer
    Steve Ketterer14 timer siden

    Hmmm. The brainiac from E/E drives the same car as me.

  • Luis Sweet
    Luis Sweet14 timer siden

    Premium gasoline is called premium for very good reasons. Premium is always better than regular 87 octane gasoline. Premium gasoline keeps the car injectors clean and functioning well for life, the car gets about 10 to 15 more horse power, the car gets better mpg, the car is more agile when accelerating fast and the best of all, you don’t have to keep fixing your car for unnecessary repairs. 87 octane regular gasoline is junk, the very minimum for a car to run; over time, it clogs the injectors, ruins the valves, ruins the catalytic converter, ruins the muffler, over time the car looses horse power (if your car had 130 horse power when new, over time the car will have only like 80 horse power or less), when using your A/C on the summer and going up hill the car starts making a horrible valve noise and has no power going up hill. Of course there are people that not notice any difference because are cheap by default and they will never admit that premium gasoline is better over regular 87. Of course over time they end up paying more money on unnecessary repairs and services like cleaning the fuel injection system, replacing bad injectors, valve adjusting service, replacing a catalytic converter, replacing a muffler, not passing the smog check and many other problems caused by simply using a cheap fuel. I have never had a problem of the ones mentioned above with all my cars, I always use premium gasoline. I compare this as eating a $25 rib eye steak in a nice restaurant vs eating a $5 hot dog in the street. Both may fill you up equally but the rib eye steak is way much better than the $5 hot dog.

  • Dean Marsh
    Dean Marsh14 timer siden

    Just go electric..

  • Hhvx Sueus
    Hhvx Sueus14 timer siden

    Vw is the best

  • Joe Trinidad
    Joe Trinidad14 timer siden

    Hi There very informative.. But here's a loaded question. No doubt that Gasoline has much much higher energy density than batteries. But when you compare Energy Consumption on both Gasoline Engines vs Electric Motors and consider the efficiency of Gasoline engines. What percentage is used from the total KJ of Energy is actually turned to tractive work.. aka turning the wheels, and measure that from the engine through the drivetrain. Now compare the same losses relative to the Electric car. I'm totally curious, pretty please.

  • Ignorance
    Ignorance14 timer siden

    Would rather the flat 6 subaru engine as an option than a turbo. I like turbo subarus, but having now helped with 2 complete engine rebuilds for turbo subarus, I am convinced that the stock subaru turbos are too prone to early failure.

  • Zatiti Cherry
    Zatiti Cherry14 timer siden

    Very close to the K20 and K24 geometries; did you use them as semi starting points when you did this?

  • Ian Griffiths
    Ian Griffiths15 timer siden

    Looks like the Batmobile.

  • Ganga In Denial
    Ganga In Denial15 timer siden

    I know I know, lots of people would hate it, most would hate because they couldn't afford to... but I would just 2JZ swap the new one anyway :P

  • Roy Liles
    Roy Liles15 timer siden

    We need more engineers like you thank you for all your work

  • peter Butler
    peter Butler15 timer siden

    I’m a Subaru tech and I wish they used the direct/port system on all their engines. These direct engines can cause problems without cleaning the valves

  • AyKira
    AyKira16 timer siden

    your face is bad, Hydrogen is future

  • Ridge Altman
    Ridge Altman16 timer siden

    Do you know the GVWR?

  • LordPickl
    LordPickl16 timer siden

    I hope the 29k people who disliked this thinking this was actually a serious video Realise this is a joke

  • Kevin Beacham
    Kevin Beacham16 timer siden

    No close caption because I am deaf how am I supposed to understand what you saying

  • Mike Chiodetti
    Mike Chiodetti17 timer siden

    I'm glad you explained this. I didn't know the difference between synthetic and conventional, now I know! THANK YOU!

  • Jens Ericson
    Jens Ericson17 timer siden

    God knows I truly hate manual shifting.

  • Jens Ericson
    Jens Ericson17 timer siden

    Simplicity is usually better.

  • Nicky458itl
    Nicky458itl17 timer siden

    full diff lock mean 1:1 mean 100%front/100%rear.

  • Front Wheel Drip
    Front Wheel Drip17 timer siden

    *Subaru would like to know your location*

  • flyingmonkeyofus
    flyingmonkeyofus17 timer siden

    I know this is Engineering Explained, but I feel you should discuss a manufacturer's desire to not cannibalize their other products. Chevy has done this for years with their oh-so-beloved Corvette.

  • Steve Ketterer
    Steve Ketterer17 timer siden

    Turbo or additional displacement? Basically, it comes down to weight and cost: the two enemies of an entry-level sports car. Well-said, Jason.

  • 10bouvier
    10bouvier17 timer siden

    ...just stupidly good, and getting better

  • Shadow7EV3N
    Shadow7EV3N17 timer siden

    I was here to find what makes the flat earthers so retarded.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown18 timer siden

    Pre-Silver Jason

  • Kirk Smith
    Kirk Smith18 timer siden

    They just don't want something cheaper that will be faster then an STI, that's why there is no turbo.

  • Not_Real
    Not_Real18 timer siden

    It need to be v6

  • Shawn Allen
    Shawn Allen18 timer siden

    Hey Jason, how do the battery day revelations change this scenario?

  • Ready72000
    Ready7200018 timer siden

    This has the best styling of all EVs at a reasonable cost. Ford is going to sell millions of these.

  • f no
    f no18 timer siden

    i can cobble together a junkyard 2bbl sbc that gets 30 in a box caprice for about $0. whatever happened to body side molding?

  • Cam Dunlap
    Cam Dunlap18 timer siden

    the only people that are mad are people that wanna tune the car and with a turbo you get alot better number